Come Eat Mr. Bunny Rabbit


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Fleming Giant rabbits—— one of the largest breed of rabbits in the world.

They can reach up to 1.8m in length, worthy of being a giant among rabbits.

But no matter how giant a rabbit is, they are still rabbits. With their bodies several times bigger, their need for a feeling of security would be several times bigger.

The rabbit teacher outside the nursery school getting on the bike ready to get off work, Wen Ming, was a textbook standard of that.

Born in a family with many children, and also taller than friends the same age in his childhood, Wen Ming, all this time, was never given the role of being spoiled and playing coy.

Not obtaining any satisfaction from the needs of love and care, after Wen Ming grew up, he went off to become an early childhood educator that cared for others.

All that he hoped for his entire life was extremely simple, he hoped that there would be one day his wish of being spoiled in his lover’s embrace could be realized.

The Wen Ming of today still rushes about on the broad, great path of blind dates.

Barbaric gong X beautiful shou, giant wolf X giant rabbit.

After Wen Ming met Jiang Rui:

Wen Ming: Hello.

Jiang Rui: How did you know I’m 196?

Wen Ming: …… I don’t.

Jiang Rui: Oh. (196)

Wen Ming: ?

Jiang Rui: Want to eat a meal together tonight? Dunno what is suitable to eat for a 196(cm) guy.

Wen Ming: ……

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mynak lin
New mynak lin rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: --
Since the description told me nothing, I went blindly to this story hoping it'd be cute. It certainly tries to be cute, but that depends on your taste. I particularly didn't like it all that much. So, to those who want to know what the story is about:

It's a world where everyone has animal characteristics (though the novel doesn't really explain how this works, it's just kinda out there). The MC is a giant rabbit who is a kindergarten teacher. The ML is a giant wolf high schooler who is... more>> a gang leader. Yes, there is a questionable age gap (MC is 25 and ML 18). ML is violent and seems to act solely on his wolf instincts, he treats MC like prey or a plaything, while MC tries to act responsibly but is actually very naive and treats the ML like a child he needs to guide to the right path.

I didn't really like the ML because he just decides MC is going to be his and does whatever he wants with him. His mentality is "this bunny is cute, I'm going to take him home" (like MC is a pet). Meanwhile, MC tries half-heartedly to avoid him, but doesn't take real action when he could be doing something to make this high school boy go away.

Also, if you plan to read this be aware that parts are missing in some chapters and the translation is very confusing sometimes.

OBS: I think I would like the ML better if he was aspec, his actions could totally be read as autistic sometimes - like how he has trouble understanding other people's emotions and words -, but actually he only acts like that because he is like an "untamed wolf". Anyways, that's just my opinion. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New shinichilove rated it
May 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Ngl I was kinda turned off at first since ML and MC first meeting was the worst, ... more>>

but their relationship gradually developed even though sometimes they are not on the same page lol. I like how they always tried to talk out their problems (mainly MC at first but ML soon followed when he realized his feelings). ML is refreshing as well, I thought he'd be black-bellied turns out he's just super blunt and honest with his feelings towards our dense MC. I also like that MC didn't try to run away from his feelings once he realized it. There were some plot points that I wish were fleshed out more, like about each of their families but it's not really relevant to the story. And the story ended at a good point imo.


Straightforward and Honest ML X Empathetic and Nurturing MC makes for a good fluffy (literally) story. Would recommend this one if you're feeling burnt out from amgsty dogblood drama. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tuzi rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a sweet story.

Although, ML scares me a bit at first but things changes slowly.

I was concerned the whole time whether the ML have mental issue or MC. Because the way they both behave doesn't seem quite right.

But then I realized, it's animal setting world. So it's normal for ML or MC to behave the way they did. Nothing wrong with their brain.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kahka rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This is just straight up boiled down fluff about a relationship between a pushover of a mature rabbit and a young wolf who only knows to act on instinct.

The relationship and its development is fairly normal compared to others that can only be described as roller coasters of emotion and absurdity- none of their backgrounds matter, progression is independent of other people and very much focused in the present. Each person here leads their own lives, and not everyone and everything about a person needs to be tied into the... more>> story, which is sort of refreshing when a lot of stories eventually like to bring up anything that threatens or brings doubt into the relationship. No clingy exes, love rivals constant vying for attention, or obstructions from family and friends, just people acting their own ages, with overall light-hearted tones throughout the story.

This fluff is no longer healing, prepare to die from cuteness. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
playeratfault rated it
March 17, 2022
Status: Completed
A sweet, literally fluffy story. I read the raws so some things might have been lost in reading raw. Translation up to the current chapter js really, really good! I'm hoping it would be completely translated so that I can come and reread this fluff!

... more>>

Age gap: 7 years. Highscool ML x Kindergarten teacher MC


MC is a kindergarten teacher, who seeks to find a lover who would spoil him, all his life he has taken care of others so he yearns for maybe his own special 'care'.

ML on the other hand is

a high school kid, about 18yo, an absolute gangster. By no means their first encounter was romantic.


Their relationship didn't start off too smoothly, considering thatvour dear MC is a rabbit, and ML is a certain predator, hehe. Natural animal instincts, you know ;)

The whole read was nice, and sort of like slice of life. There weren't any drama or misunderstandings. It was filled with patient MC and partially obedient ML.

Definitely suggest reading this, except not as MTL. Haha, a lot of things might be mistranslated and ruins the flow :')

Thank you for the translation! And also come read you fluff yesrning people! <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NotSoProud rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Fluff fluff story with a bunny rabbit shou MC x big wolf gong ML.

MC is the kind of person who is used to taking care of others and soft hearted, while ML is quite self centered and doesn't care about other people or how his actions affect them (until he meets MC).

At first their relationship starts quite tense - in a dark alley... Later they keep on meeting each other at first due to coincidences, later due to ML's initiative and slowly come to understand and care for one another... more>> as their relationship changes.

At first the ML made me feel a little uneasy, but you can see him trying to change his bad habits for MC little by little. Hold back his violence and replace it with... Eating tofu?

I sincerely recommend this novel. It's quite short, and warm. I don't want to spoil anymore of the fun so just give it a try! <3 <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lenniax rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: c53
The cutest little story one MUST read when in a bit of a low mood. Characters were very well thought out with the animal characteristica being the cutest and realest part of the story
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BobChan rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: extra
Enjoyable novel with great progression. I love how the author slowly gets you intrigued in the small events in the rather mundane-looking plot, and by the time you know it you’re too engrossed.

The MC is so mature and although it says that he’s a pushover, he’s not a flat road. It’s especially funny when you can see the changes in the relationship between the ML and MC, and the small changes in their interactions and the dynamics of it. The ML is so cute, once you get to know more... more>> about his character.

In the end, what I really liked about the novel was the character interactions and the characters themselves. There was so artificial fuss or drama, the characters were interesting and fun to read about, and the progression of the story was neither too fast or too slow. If you’re looking for something short but sweet, I would highly recommend reading this novel! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
neuxxx rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: extra
good translation + good writing = delightful reading time. If there’s an embodiment of a lovable fluff in literature, it’s this one. It should be taken to an account that they are shapeshifters and even in their human shapes, they retained their instincts.
But I obviously forgot about that and didn’t like the way ML acted animalistic towards MC in the beginning of the story but without even noticing I started to yearn for a relationship that MC and ML have.
Definitely recommend giving it a go.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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