Cold Light


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Fujishima’s wound he suffered from protecting Tooru has healed and he’s finally been released from the hospital. Their life together starts again once more. Tooru wants them to live together as lovers, but Fujishima refuses, saying “I have no intentions of loving you.” Is Fujishima afraid of Tooru remembering something in particular if he regains his memories? The bonds of the past are finally becoming clearer…

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Shio rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: v0c0
Why the low rating? (´−`) ンー This volume is rather meh since there's too much drama, but considering the whole series it's not that bad. Plus it's completely translated.

So this is the second volume for the cold series, and the volume where the sh*t really starts. It explains a lot of question from the first volume like; what's fujishima and tooru relation before the amnesia? While reading, you might think:Whoa wait. That's criminal, isn't it? Somebody call the police ∑ (O_O;). All I could say is screwed up dads, screwed up... more>> crazy mother, all of their family have problems in their head. Poor Tooru. Poor Fujishima. But in the end the power of love wins and this got resolved. Or do they? There's still another volume that's even heavier after all. This volume is still the most mind boogling with all the drama and twist tho. <<less
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