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One day, poor college computer science undergraduate Lee Yong-Ho goes to Mt.Jiri to have a fresh start for his last semester in college. But he gets struck by lightning on his way down. He then wakes up in a hospital but realizes that something’s different. He could see words floating in front of his phone. He realizes later that it is program bugs. Follow Yong Ho as he uses his debug window to solve his problems.

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코더 이용호
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keklel rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: c55
This novel should be renamed Code Monkey Lee Yongho.

Null pointer reference errors, how exciting. Tell us how to fix them senpai! Oh wait you can't because it's fixed by MC's f**king MAGICAL ABILITY. I don't think I have to go into computability theory to explain why bug fixing is impossible in general (I'll invoke Kleene's theorems if necessary), but that ability is so f**king DUMB it's unbelievable. Not only do you make something completely impossible (even in theory) but it's also incredibly boring and limited in use. You literally... more>> have to be an Android developer to make use of it. An ability that is only good for debugging apps. And I don't think it fixes errors in program logic or design either, seems like it just fixes errors caught by the compiler or run time errors, which makes it even more useless. EDIT: Now it seems like it can solve problems like cold start too which just makes it even more ill defined. It seems like the author can just stretch it to make it do whatever he wants.

Story plot lines: companies doing stupid sh*t to save money, claiming to do agile when not, etc. If I wanted to get depressed I'd look in the mirror. I don't need a novel to do that.

Endless lines describing him talking to his parents and colleagues about nothing important over dinner. It's like watching a boring soap opera on TV.

1. X problem happens
2. Nobody can solve it
3. Lee Yongho knows how to solve it because he has magical powers
4. His boss doesn't believe him and bullies him some more (the bosses that this Lee Yongho guy has to deal with are some ridiculous morons for sure. Look at this: His first boss tells him No internet access, no IDE, and ctrl-c and ctrl-v prohibited. It's like one of those disposable gangster minions you come across in a sh*tty 3rd rate xuanxia novel)
5. Situation finally explodes and some higher up gets Lee Yongho to fix it
6. He fixes it
7. Goto 1

That's basically the story in a nutshell.

>“Oh! So, I have to add this AddVMOption-Xmx256M thing.”

Thanks for telling us. Also explain how solve the blue screens on windows 95 and how to debug DOS and CP/M programs whilst you're at it. It's incredibly interesting and helpful for everyone to know these amazingly useful pieces of information.

Let's face it. Pretty much everything this Lee Yongho guy does is code monkey work. Setting up the configuration, watching the server, fixing permissions problems, installing programs etc.

Also, I f**king hate how the author throws technical terms around like singular value decomposition when he doesn't give any explanation for it and expects the reader to just understand it. Like what the f**k, you should at least give a basic intro to matrix decomposition before throwing around terms like that without any explanation as to why it's relevant in this case. Furthermore the author omits all the interesting details of how a problem is solved... lame. It's obvious that he doesn't know how the problem is actually solved. I mean, for christ's sake, just go read it up on wikipedia. No need to invent something that sounds weird, vague and stupid when you have problems and solutions already made for you. One of the problems described in the novel was getting a high rating in the Netflix challenge. If you just go on wikipedia you will find a ton of interesting solutions to this made by teams who won in the past. Yet the author has to go away and invent something completely different and then not explain it at all. Why?

>Content : The system performance is not meeting up to the user’s requirements due to the first-rater problem or the cold-start problem which is a problem in collaborative filtering.
>Result : Various algorithms, including classification and singular value decomposition should be used in combination.

Uhmm what is "classification" supposed to refer to? There are a sh*t ton of classification algorithms. I'm going to assume he meant a content-based classifier to deal with the cold start but... what's with the vagueness? If you're going to get technical and mention SVD then at least go the full way and explain how you're going to solve cold start. Don't just drop a name and expect us to understand. SVD is just a dimensionality reduction technique and doesn't solve cold start at all so you might as well not even mention it to begin with. Most of the "solutions" are like this which is why it's so annoying.

And why is Android renamed Indroid whereas Eclipse stays Eclipse? Why is Stack Overflow called Stack Overfly? Netflix becomes Netflax? These are the lamest excuses for names ever. <<less
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nikomaru rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
the main problem in this story isn't about how the protagonist solving programming problem, but about how he solving the problem surrounding the project itself. This story explaining about stuff that often appeared wheen people start programming Java. Lets see if there is other stuff like Linux too
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Ark-End rated it
June 24, 2016
Status: c38
The coding premise was very interesting, but I just found the story to just be depressing.

Pretty much every time he uses his power, the end result is him getting into more trouble. In fact, it's basically been him getting bullied nonstop by his superiors the entire time.

I can see that this story may be going somewhere, but reading this story now has just caused me to finish with a very heavy heart.
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ZhaWarudo rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: --
I'm a CS student and even though I understand some of these bugs and technicalities I skip them because why read those unimportant details. It's like Jules Verne back in 19th century when he wrote 20 000 miles under the sea and described every **** fish the characters have seen (and they have seen a lot of fish...) Besides that I'm annoyed by the unecessary change of names like Indroid instead of Android and Koogle instead of... yeah you get the picture.
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Rosver rated it
December 6, 2016
Status: c103
I started okay, then just become so boring.

I've studied Computer Science and has experience, so that cheat debugger is very interesting for me. And it was very great at first as he explores the power of the debugger.

Then he decided to stop using it because it is stunting his development as a programmer. I go... WHAT?

It's a debugger! How is something like that be stunting you! Are you really going to find all those bugs from a program with millions of lines by yourself?... Why are these supposedly "smart" protagonist... more>> so prone to making extremely stupid decisions.

And now you are getting bored to death as the impossibility of the task of debugging the software manually become apparent. We are given details of Lee working out his problems without the help of his cheat. Then what the heck is the cheat for? The author might just as well write about a normal person if the cheat isn't going to be utilized anyway.

Then we are bombarded with technical details of computer programming.... If you are not versed with computer programming and computer science, you'll be bored by the details. If you do know these things, you'll be bored because the story is just wasting your time.

And the characters are so damned boring. Lee Yongho, you are the most boring protagonist I've ever meet. The other characters are boring as well. And the worst part? The story decides to focus on them. For character development or some sh*t. That would have been great, if the characters aren't hellishly boring!

This is an epitome of boring novels. It just becomes more and more dreary as it goes on. My head has gone numb from reading all of it. <<less
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ZedOud rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
CS major here, this story is great. Super realistic depiction of how useful this cheat would be for someone. The power is not "absurd" or "comedic", it's probably one of the most effective and awesome psychic-type super powers you could have in this age.

Pacing is fine if you enjoy/understand the tech descriptions while the tech porn shouldn't actually trip anyone up if you have just a general knowledge of how programming works. (Learn Language -> Write/Code -> Compile -> Run It)
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atlasbeings rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c76
I don't know why people found it weird and funny in being able to see bugs in a program. They can read every badly created epistemological and dimensional and nonsense, but introduce something new they are like 'what the hell is this bullsh*t power'. Many have problems with him being a pushover even after getting an awesome cheat, but the fact is before getting the power he was an average student in a third rate college. His parents were living frugally and he constantly felt guilty for not being able... more>> to deliver results. He was mediocre and he knew it. Why do they assume that getting power will automatically make him some sort of xianxia character that will kill the arrogance of baddies in the 5th chapter just after getting power. This novel is a story, not just a guilty pleasure or a common JP or CN novel with all of the cliches included. There are no girls without any personality, and are just there to be the harem member of MC. Side characters are treated as character's here, they have a purpose to be there. Everyone has a reason to behave they do, and you don't exactly hate them for being that, because that's how things are in real life. MC even questions his power which by the way i've never seen any character do before. He don't know where it came from and he fears that it will go just as it came, so he tries to learn without relying on his power.
MC character will take time to grow spine, and you'll be confused when all the terminology of programming will be used, and starting chapters are so depressing. It's not a novel for you if you're looking for instant gratification, but when you reach around ch70 you'll feel 'woah it's a masterpiece'. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
July 25, 2016
Status: c55
A novel about a computer programmer (/nerd) with a (customized) cheat.

The cheat itself gets explained in the story. It's basically a code breaker. (couldn't help myself, had to say it, lol)

So far the novel isn't so much about dealing with the coding problems, but with managing the problems that the people around it cause. In other words 'social obligations', 'work pressure', 'deadlines', 'work atmosphere'. Those type of things. It's almost all work-related.

You're pretty much getting informed about the workings of the Korean working life. Which is simply different compared... more>> to how 'western/american/european'... work... But not something you would be entirely unaware of, if you've just read or seen manga and anime before.

A couple of few negative (bugs) things:
- The writing is sometimes a bit confusing. And I actually don't think that's the translators fault, it's entirely the authors issue. It feels like the author is skipping small steps of the thinking progress and simply assumes you're grasping the connection between them. (That's how it feels anyways).
- Due to the 'Korean nature' of the novel, you might get a bit annoyed at how much the Main Character gets pushed around during the start of the novel. Although not entirely negative, since it's simply part of the story, it may still influence your reading pleasure. (it's still happening at c55)

Anyways, You can still read the novel (and enjoy it) even with zero knowledge of computer problems/programming. You might even learn a little about the computer world instead.
I'll still rate it a 4 star, cause I enjoy the story. Despite the few minor bugs in it. <<less
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wolfepenguin rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c14
I agree with the other reviewers that this is not your typical fight/power up style web novel. It is simply a guy using a small cheat to solve everyday problems (at least so far). It's definitely worth your time if you want something that's a little different.
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Spoon rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: --
Breath of fresh air. I don't code so I don't care much about that part. Instead I enjoy more the inner workings, politics and drama with the firms.
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Big Boy
Big Boy rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: --
Even though this novel is probably meant to be a super-serious SciFi novel, I still found myself laughing at the absurdity of it. Currently, it has only been TLed up to chapter 6, so I may have to revisit the novel once more content is provided.
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ljin75651 rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c80
I don't this is a bad novel per se, but it definitely takes some getting used to. It's hard to describe what exactly is good or bad about it, but there's something that keeps me reading.

Probably most important to me, is that I actually get really invested into the characters, where I even start to feel a little depressed when I read it. The MC and most other characters in this novel aren't in great situations in society, with unforgiving jobs, demanding bosses, and overall bleak life choices. I always... more>> felt like the characters were walking on tightropes, especially the MC. Even with his "gold finger helper" helping to improve his value in other peoples eyes, so that he is not as easily tossed away as other normal company workers. But he is still forced into other situations where he has to continue to improve himself even more. And it isn't the improving slowly scenario. So far, I've never read about him taking any breaks. Every time, he is pushed to the brink both by others and himself. This dude is literally the epitome of workaholic. Originally, it is the company forcing him to work longer and harder, but even when he gets more freedom, he just does the same thing...

But there's also something inspiring about reading his struggles. Even when he has this "system" that helps him complete work quickly and brings him into a position where he shouldn't have to struggle, he is pushing himself constantly to learn how to do his work without the aid of the system. He isn't trying to rely on outside help and instead wants to improve himself. I don't quite understand it, but every time I see him push himself a little more to improve his abilities and try not to restrict himself, I just can't help but keep reading. <<less
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rdawv rated it
June 23, 2016
Status: c28
There is heavy emphasis on the MC using his gift for coding and solving bugs in software and programming. It can be quite technical and yet, the story-telling thus far is compelling. Perhaps it's the character interaction, the small but realistic drama between various people in the stressful environment of a company. You get to read about petty office politics, overbearing customers, helpful supervisors and seniors, disrespectful juniors and so on.

While 30 chapters in and there isn't a real sense of the story's direction, it has the feel of a... more>> short, daytime soap opera, just that it deals with the hard life and daily grind of a gifted programmer. Even if one skims past the coding language in the text, the reader might still find the rest of the chapters to be interesting as it gives a glimpse into the Korean work culture. <<less
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yamikage rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c76
Most people don't get that this is a fantasy novel so they disliked the IT terms either because it's confusing or it's wrong. The focus of the story is the character progress of the MC, which is at it's best after 60 chapters and more. Before that it was struggles after struggles that the MC have to face, and the impact is shown after 70ish chapters and it's brilliant. Definitely a must read.
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Polokrik rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
I kind of agree with Big Boy on his review.

I mean how can you seriously follow without laughing a guy with a superpower which consist in finding bugs in programs ?

It reminds me of anime about food foot and tennis where the guys are using super secret technique it’s way too ridiculous. However the story looks okay so far (c9) and the translation and story are well written so if you are not against following a programmer solving bugs it might be for you.

[Edit] Currently at c26, once I stopped... more>> laughing at this "superpower" the story is indeed interesting even if I still find it weird to apply a kind of xianxia logic to informatic world.
Anyway, the read is enjoyable so 4/5 <<less
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iceyguardian rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
So first off I like it, its a new spin on things and interesting to boot!

Now the downside for me, being a CS major with a fairly advanced level of knowledge in the IT industry and pretty decent in programming I find the explanations for somethings to be nonsense, basically either it was improperly translated (not likely given the grievous difference between explanation and function or the author is writing on a subject he has little knowledge on and neglected to hire someone to proof his writing).

Now on the upside... more>> from what I've observed this lack of due diligence has little to no impact on the entertainment value of the non IT reader, and only slightly affects it for us IT guys and is still well worth reading. The explanations on a finer levels (where the oversights are) is of no real value of the story thus far. And could be removed with no ill effects In My Opinion taking that in consideration I'll not count it in my rating.

As of chapter 7 the story has a lot of potential and I feel although it could be very interesting, based on this I'm giving it 5 stars at least to that to chapter 7. Let's hope for the future! <<less
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introparadox rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: c59
I wanted to encourage this story as I'm a programmer but I can't lie most of the time either I'm angry or bored aside when it gets technical, I read until know as I'm interested in the field with the original idea of bug windows, and as the MC is nice guy. But seriously the story suffers greatly in many ways, first there is no comedy nor a romance not even a hint until c59, other major problem is the MC he is unambitious at all while he gain a... more>> super ability, he just kept obsessed about working at a company while he could create his own and gain all his merit, ok at a company he could gain some experience but he got an ability that really make any experience pale in comparison, if it only detect errors that's unimaginable help for a developer let alone when it gives solutions, so gaining experience can't justify him accepting suffering in companies with unpaid excessive overtime work and bullying, they said that there is romance and MC awakening later but I'm fed up. I might give a shot again later but as of now I'm gonna rest my nerves. <<less
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doomeye1337 rated it
November 30, 2016
Status: --
Not all unique stories are a good read, even with a fresh factor. Although the MC does seem to grow a bit, the types of people he comes across are pretty much more competent reskined copies. Author does do a good job varying their motivations, but when it comes to interactions with the MC, it seems monotonous. Also, for anyone actually having studied a decent amount of com sci, there is a ton of "wut?" moments. Things he later learns in America are pretty much educational standards for 3rd... more>> years at least if not earlier. While some of the things required for him to know earlier in the story jobwise are indeed bewildering for newlygrads, others are pretty basic. Also the bug noticing power's issue was already noted by another reviewer. Reminds me of the difference between hackers portrayed in movies and hackers irl. It's so different you would never think they were supposed to be doing the same job. Anyways, aside from an interesting premise and somewhat fresh topic, this story has nothing much to offer. <<less
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Frique rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c62
Though I'm much more into adventure when it comes to novels with game elements, I didn't have any problem enjoying this one. It's just like GoC, having a cheat advantage but still goes to the process of having a somehow decent progress to it's story. The details about the stuff they do might be a bit confusing which leads to other readers to lose interest in this one. Thumbs up (for me) :)
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Skool rated it
July 1, 2016
Status: c43
Okay, The premises gives a lot about real world problem on his part of the world workforce, that just like real lives, you're not supposed to be smart while other people is stupid.

Just like a Japanese proverb that says "A Nail That Stand-out Will Get Hammered", this story told us about what happen when you get an ability, that gives you edge over something, but still have to bow down to the politics of company and normal people.

MC's got trouble everywhere he goes, just like a manga about a detective... more>> boy, wherever he goes there would be murder, whilst that might not be good, but I think it's the novel attraction in itself.

From the chapters out so far, the MC's not really experienced, even with his special abilities, in his learning process, he got beaten a lot by obstacles that most of it comes from human in his part of the world, unlike the other part, which if you have skills, you will get everywhere.

Yeah MC's got sh*t on a lot of times.

I am calmly waiting him to go on a dark side, and become a notorious hacker, that will destroy his enemy, pretty sure how his special abilities will help him in it, finding bug equal finding holes within system isn't it? That's what his power purposes, that's why being a good guy he is, that special abilities isn't leveling up. <<less
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