Closer Little Spy


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Having a strong sense of justice is really very vexing.

Always lending money to others, and never having anything left for savings.

Helping her neighbors, she was left saddled with a debt of 10 million TWD!

The only way is to sell the B & B, which she’d put her heart and soul into.

But the buyer showed disdain for her beloved B & B.

She had no choice but to sneak into his company, to find some leverage.

Then she would use that as a bargaining chip, forcing him to buy the B & B —

Before coming into contact with him, she thought he was an unscrupulous businessman who was a mental nutcase.

Growing closer, she discovered that he is actually very kind, and also very concerned about her……

She thought, he must never find out she is there to spy.

Sneaking into enemy territory and failing to steal anything confidential.

But ended up losing something more valuable instead……

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7 Reviews

Jun 11, 2016
Status: epilogue
Good story to read to pass time. :)
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Jul 27, 2017
Status: epilogue
This ones a short, breezy read. Nothing too complicated or requiring emotional investment. Although I find it crazy irresponsible that a father asked his daughter to be a 'spy' in order to clean up his royal mess. Apart from that piece of senselessness, it was quite adorable to see the main couple interact.


I can only say its lucky she turned out to be his childhood love. I'm not sure who would be willing to be with someone who was out to blackmail them at the outset.

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Dec 07, 2021
Status: Completed
Almost dropped this novel after reading the first chapter because MC was unlikeable but I endure till last chapter because the story only had 10 chapters and also because I want to give a fair review. But till the end, MC throughoutly disappointed me.

MC portrayed herself as a righteous woman who had a strong sense a justice but there she was, trying to find a material to blackmail ML so he would buy her family's B&B. And she also had a prejudice towards a rich person.

... more>>

She despised the rich for buying an expensive thing when they could use it to help people in need. Really, MC? It wasn't your business as how the rich spend their money. So what if they bought expensive things? It's their own hard-earned money and sometimes, price was equal to quality, right? Also, buying expensive things didn't mean they never donate to anyone. It's just they didn't report it to you (I mean, who was she?). No wonder she always stayed poor; because her mental was like that.

She also accused the rich of never knowing the hardship of peasant. Well, there were indeed many businessmen who inherited the business from their family but there were also businessmen who built their own company from the starch. They definitely had a different mental from MC because they tried hard to improve their living while MC was comfortable with being poor but secretly despised the rich.


Her dad was no better than her. He was supposed to be a good guy who loved to lend money unconditionally to whoever needed it but he forced her own daughter to steal ML's information so he could clear his debt. And when the things got worse, he left behind the B&B to avoid the debt collectors, leaving MC to cleaning up his mess. He's really despicable.

As for ML, I really don't know why he fell in love with MC. Just because she was his childhood sweetheart? I mean, people changed. Look at MC's dad. He used to be a warm and kind-hearted B&B owner but now he was a despicable person who unhesitatingly used any means to clear his debt, including using his own daughter while MC herself wasn't that good either. <<less
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Apr 09, 2016
Status: --
Conned into a crippling debt, the female lead is sent by her father to spy on the male lead as a last resort. Only to fall for him as they interact more. The female lead is not the smartest (which is why she ends up in awkward situations) but she is a good person with sound morals and a headstrong personality, without coming off as too sharp/stubborn. While the male lead acts outwardly cold due to his position and past but is actually a gentle and caring person. Their relationship is cute and affectionate and their interactions are mostly lighthearted.

As long as you don’t expect too much, the story delivers what it needs to, placing likeable characters into a short and silly scenario. It’s not the most outstanding but it does cover all the essentials of a good story without dragging it out.

Given her strong sense of justice, it was a little weird how easily she decided to try (and fail) at setting up the male character, though any really deep emotional struggles wouldn’t really fit into the tone of the story.

However I was impressed with how they handled the lecher – usually Asian stories just ignore them, or make a deal that’s suitable for the characters, leaving the lecher free to mol*st other people.
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Nov 06, 2020
Status: c8
It started okay but meh... so disappointed in this novel.

... more>>

So in c8, FL tries to seduce ML, then bam, ML no self-control, they have ***, not even married, not even boyfriend/girlfriend*. I accept only bed scenes with no detail, meaning it says they just did it and that is all, like this one. I just don't accept characters like this ML and FL who have *** with no marriage even with saying that they did it, for me the novel falls apart, I just don't like it, plus with the wine stuff, really this author just like any other Chinese/Korean authors with exaggerated sexism who uses the wine stuff then lets the FL and ML become beasts... It's just... sour, disgusting, it is only my opinion though.


P.S.: Bed scenes, not detailed, just beasts.

1 star for translation 1 star for the caretaker of that orphanage first chapters, if I have to think of someone who is normal.

Good night. <<less
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Nov 26, 2017
Status: --
I finished it. It wasn’t bad. Very well translated also. The end got kind of cheesy though. At some point the male love interest said “you have stolen here” while pointing to his heart completely unironically. I mostly read yaoi and so this is exactly the type of heterosexuality I don’t want to have shoved in my face. The thing that really got on my nerves is that the epilogue seems like a setup for an equally mundane sequel of another group of childhood friends.
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Aug 06, 2020
Status: Completed
Yes. This is a cute heart warming story and very well translated.

Best part of it.........

“What did I steal?” Qiao Xuan was dumbfounded.

“This.” Yu Heng took her hand and placed it on his chest, “you stole my heart.”
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