Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the Classmates


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“Your stats are lower than that of your average person.”

The weakest by a mile among the otherworldlers of class 1-A, Takatsuki Makoto.

The Heroes and Sages who had cheat skills in his class had went off, and the base set lifespan is 10 years?

The Great Demon Lord is going to revive soon?

I am a Mage Apprentice?

Isn’t the balance way too bad? This damn Isekai is a tr*sh game!

“Want to be my believer?”, the Goddess that told me this has zero believers!

Aah, this is bad…I don’t think I can clear this. The Goddess with zero believers is an incredible beauty, and she is telling me she is imprisoned somewhere and is waiting to be saved. My last and hardest mission is to save the Goddess.

Clearing this Isekai that only has adversities, the story of the weakest mage.

Associated Names
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Shinja Zero no Megami-sama to Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku ~Classmate Saijaku no Mahou Tsukai~
Weakest Mage
信者ゼロの女神サマと始める異世界攻略 クラスメイト最弱の魔法使い
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Not Red Yet
New Not Red Yet rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: --
I guess the people who rate this highly are people that are like the MC in this novel.

Seemed like author just read a couple of isekai novels then decided to mash them together but since their writing skill is tr*sh they made the novel into tr*sh.
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New DimaShishandra rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c102
It's a story about MC without balls with plotarmor superpower. The most OP power which can make a hero from the weakest person.

Overall story is ok... MC is saving girls and they are falling in love. He also is super weak but at the same plot armor helps him defeat anything. His hard work looks ridiculous when he can get ten of profiency points after one magic cast. The situation when Hero is another guy, not MC is also not new. It's a bit unexpected that hero looks like a... more>> decent guy but in the end he is even worse beta than MC and probably he will become useless or bad rather soon...

If MC had at least some anger it might have been 5 stars, at least MC would human like. But with beta duo, a lot of cliche and plot armor super power I think it's 3 <<less
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Arkazzy rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: c42
There's absolutely nothing unique or remotely interesting about this novel. I decided to give it a try because the rating was decent but it's just a standard isekai with a dense, weak protagonist. He has no talents or anything particularly remarkable about him, his RPG skill which was supposed to be a unique cheat does nothing but show game-style options at random moments which literally serve no purpose whatsoever.

The level system is the most half-assed bullsh*t I have seen in a novel so far and exists for no f*cking reason,... more>> nor do the stats. The author just showed the levels a few times but never really explained their purpose, how much xp he is gaining, levels of his opposing monster or the increase in his stats?!? In fact his stats, or anyone's for that matter, are never really revealed, the only thing we ever see are people looking at his stats and giving him pitying looks. Then there is his magic skill; he has the most basic level water magic but he still managed to train it to a level which surpassed various veterans just by studying with some children at the temple for 1 year?!?!? How the hell does that make any sense? He is just doing the same thing as other chaps with no special training, eccentric old man or op loli to guide him yet he somehow reaches an unprecedented 99% proficiency in his skill, the system of which isn't explained at all. If the protagonist could do that without any real talent or special abilities, why isn't every semi-determined character in that world running around crushing monsters??

And the goddess makes even less sense


She is said to be the most beautiful among the titan gods and carried a divine weapon that was stronger than any national treasure, and was later revealed to be some sort of mastermind of a great conspiracy that shook the mortal realm 1000 years ago, yet she chose this loser as her apostle. I get the useless goddess trope but this woman is supposed to be capable and she couldn't entice/seduce someone with decent skills and a realistic chance of becoming strong?!?


Last is the annoying way that otaku with appraisal and his rabbit s*ave speak. Nothing inherently wrong with it, it just gets really annoying with the constant usage of unnecessary Japanese terms like "Goshujin-Sama" and "-Dono." Whenever someone uses "-dono" to refer to regular civilians/friends I can only imagine it coming from an otaku wearing spiral glasses.

TLDR; MC is said to be weak but becomes strong for no reason whatsoever. He has the typical Japanese simp protagonist personality to the point where he would risk his life to save a girl that literally called him tr*sh moments ago. His very existence is an insult to all hard working natives of that world. <<less
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mistvenom rated it
February 24, 2020
Status: c15
At first I thought it will be another tragedy novel where the useless MC (because his status is lower than normal person) get trown away by his friends or the places he summoned from, but I'm wrong. It has Great starting point, no brainwashed classmates or friends became enemies like tragedy after transported to another world.

The MC is what I think of as a perfectly normal person with a little bit of a sense of justice. Not s*upid nor too smart. Just a normal person who likes to play games.... more>> He's also not a typical japanese beta MC, so it's a plus from me.

It's the legendary Reigokai, so the quality of the novels they transated are usually above average.

Ps. If you see this. Please update moonled journey <<less
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Juslin rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c42
It's your classic plot start with the protagonist being absurdly weaker than everyone else, including even the residents of the isekai world. Yet, there is no shitty plot of friends abandoning him, betrayal, rookie bullying etc. That you usually see. The title doesn't really describe the novel very well, for now, it isn't the main plot point. The story is pretty slice of lifey, but it doesn't get boring like similar stories I've read before because it doesn't keep repeating itself, it always makes sure to introduce new things before... more>> it gets stale. The romance doesn't seem to have much development so far pretty disappointingly (I'm a sucker for romance), but the elf girl in the cover is pretty cute. Anyway, it has the sudden power-up tag but he doesn't really get the cliche OP powerups (especially those in the middle of battles), he just slowly develops himself and has clear strengths and weaknesses that he slowly tries to shore up. The author seems to be building up some serious plot in the background regarding the goddess but it probably will take a long time before that is actually relevant. By the way, there are humans 'bad guys' in the novel because well what world doesn't have people with malicious intentions? They aren't really big plot points so you don't have to worry about them though. Finally, the translator is great, frequent posts and high quality, so there's no need to worry about those. Overall, at least give it a try, doesn't hurt to do at least that.

Edit: Oh I forgot to mention the most important thing, thanks to his clear headed skill, MC doesn't act like a 'beta cuck' that I know you guys hate and doesn't waste chapters panicking (this is a godsend especially at the beginning, no more useless exposition about an isekai world that we all already know about) when encountering danger, being approached by women etc.

Also ignore the part about there being no romance, there was some development right after I posted this haha <<less
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Aho555 rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c66
What a pleasant surprise. From the summary and a signal-boosted bad review, I thought it was one of those cliche bad ones where protagonist is excluded by everyone but then easily becomes an overpowered cheat. (Why oh why did I pay attention to a narrow minded rant?)

Turns out this is a higly recommended good read:

-it's well translated, the story flows well and makes sense

... more>> -main character is likeable, not overpowered, makes up for it in smarts

-it's not cliched writing (example: a typical story like this would make the protagonist someone harshly bullied by the delinquents of the class, and later by stronger adventurers. Here it's a more realistic level)

-it's quite humorous (I would say a little like Konosuba)

-the story is simple and smaller scale (countries/number of characters/plot threads) but in return it focuses on the few main characters so they feel more real, the dialogue is natural. (I mean there's not many stories that gives "Male Friend A" time to shine)

-the world building and descriptions is not rich, but sufficient that you always have a clear idea


-the chapters are a bit short,

but that's about it. Nowadays I take what I can get and as long as the story is not cliche/edgy/s*upid/childish/wish fulfilment with cardboard characters, I like it. This one is even above that. <<less
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S.D. rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c29
As far as Isekai stories go this one so far is very promising.

The thing I like the most about it is the main character doesn't become s*upidly op 10 chapters into the story. The protagonist has some strengths and weaknesses, the most notable of which is low base stats, for which he has to cover up with creative usage of his skills. There's a feel that he's catching up to his acquantances who are more special than him. And it's a very good feel, a gulp of fresh air. I... more>> wish more stories had a reasonable power level like that.

The thing I really disliked is it's clearly a harem development, of which MC is clueless. So far there's a goddess he made a pact with, as well as the only permanent party memeber (elf mage in the cover). There's an odd feeling of balance between these two.


The MC often thinks of the goddess, but not in a romantic way, more like honoring the pact and paying back for the gifts kind of way; he tries not to rely on the goddess too much, so they feel quite distant; the elf mage on the other hand is always around, but to MC she's basically a work colleague - the kind you spend a lot of time with and help with stuff, but outside of that she's not on your mind.


But in the most recent chapters there are hints of new harem members showing up (and would have the childhood friend archetype in the harem covered). There's also a recurring character that isn't a part of harem but kinda insterested in MC too (older onee-san type of character) and is there to fan the flames a bit.

All in all I plan to keep reading it. <<less
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Specterbomb rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c24
This series is great. I've read a lot of good Isekais and a LOT of bad Isekais and this is definitely one of the good ones.

Disclaimer: This isn't a revenge story. I've seen good stories get bad reviews because of misunderstandings before. (Arifureta mostly, although the first Volume was partly to blame as well) Do not expect a serious series.

Minor spoilers of the first few chapters below. Nothing major and most of it is in the summary anyway.

The premise isnt exactly original. A class gets Isekai'd everyone is OP, except... more>> the main character. Adventure proceeds.

But the way it does it is really good. There are no bullies and he isn't kicked to the curb. There are no expectations of him but he recieves training and they send him on his way like everyone else.

The clever thing is that although he is very weak he works hard and gets stronger, not unreasonably strong though. He fights with tactics and trains. When he gets stronger he isn't just granted strength and unreasonable cheats (and from the summary I don't think he will be). He is merely given opportunities or advice.

Overall it's just the classic Isekai executed in a somewhat new and interesting way. It's written well and the translator is posting often with high-quality translations.

I would recommend this to people the Isekai genre is targeted to. <<less
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skillz102 rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c75
I never give reviews but I feel like this novel warrants it. It's amazing. If you like isekai, you know how tr*sh laden that genre is. This work is nothing like the garbage that's constantly being spewed out on a daily basis by untalented tr*sh in the current isekai market. This is a masterpiece. The characters are well defined, emotional. They grow with the story and each chapter captivates you bringing you in further. The events that happen throughout the story keep you at the edge of your seat constantly... more>> trying to guess what's next. The translators are top notch, further adding to its appeal. I would be so sad to see some google translate tr*sh spewed out on my screen. This story deserves to be well translated and I can say the translators live up to these expectations. <<less
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grave_digger rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c33
Very good if you're looking for a non-OP isekai.

The world building is way above average too.

The way it takes elements from Greek mythology is also a nice touch.
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kuronokishi9 rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c232
This one certainly deserve 5 stars.

Makoto's character development is so well written. When Makoto is seen through perspective of other character, Makoto' insaness is clearly pictured. Lol.

This one is harem, but the girls is so good. Btw my fav girl is Momo-chan (will make appearance in ch 224).

... more>>

Here stats of Makoto when he go to a Rampage

  • Individual name: Makoto Takatsuki
  • Race: Water Spirit King *All water incarnations
  • Strength: Indefinite
  • Physical strength: Indefinite
  • Mental strength: indefinite
  • Agility: Indefinite
  • Appearance: Indefinite
  • Build: Indefinite
  • Intelligence: indefinite
  • Knowledge: Indefinite
  • Sanity: Indefinite
  • How to destroy: Eliminate all water in the world

This is really recommended novel to read <<less
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Zakoo rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: c230
So people I read the japanese raw until chapter 230

I can only say one thing: I came looking for copper but I found gold.

I thought it would be again a bad isekai, badly written, with bad MC, and horrible heroin, and a shitty story.

... more>> No it was the opposite, I found a MC with thinking ability (still a "donkan" but purposely), side character full of interest, marvelous female heroine with attractive personality and background story. A superb chara development and a breathtaking story.

Thank you for the translator for making me discovering this novel in english, I have been reading the rest in japanese and it was a wonderful adventure. Honestly, it's a god damn 10/10 <<less
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starlightglory rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c57
For me, this novel is just for killing time. It has a unique character I would say but world building seem really lacking. No information relating to stat or level whatsoever. The story isn’t going anywhere. Every battles end without any excitement to it, it just end.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 13, 2020
Status: c58
The name of a fire mage who can only use strong magic and gets kicked out of all adventure parties? Megumin? No, it is Lucy.

The name of the protagonist who is weak but is a smartass who is good with dagger and can win thanks to low level tr*sh magic? Kazuma? No, it is Makoto.

A pitiful but hot goddess? Aqua? No, it is Noah.

This is a yet another isekai cliche novel with zero originality or fun. It is not even a parody. It sometimes becomes interesting, when a spider monster... more>> classmate appears (ups, not a spider, it is a lamia this time!) but that's all. <<less
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Theo d d
Theo d d rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c104
  • Overall I loving this story, beginning of volume first attitude the MC I like it because no naif and clever in all conditions. Thank you for translator that has been translate this story and I hope translate it keep continue to story finishing.
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Light novel junkie
Light novel junkie rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: --
Usual start of extreme underdog isekai MC who's abilities are miles below his other summoned classmates. But no arifuretaor blessing from the goddess esque bullying/abandoned by his friends type stuff. Dude is weaker then average and maximizes what he can do while having sever limitations. This, breakthrough with the forbidden master and black eagle's saint are quickly becoming some of my favorite novels ranking just behind things like Arifureta and a Demon Lord's tale.
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Xxsafirex rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: c204
I would like to say that this MC is pretty atypical for this kind of isekai trope.
For sure he is the same dense character as all others but his way to power up, unlike his classmates who just grind like mad because of the RPG-like isekai, consists of finding uncommon ways to pass by the fact that he has more or less 0 MP and that leveling up wouldn't do that much of a boost.

He doesn't get op overnight but actually put in effort and train everyday (even tho... more>> it may not be emphasized that much at first).
His relationships are also one of the reason he can get much stronger (not talking about friendship power here but more like goddess giving skill, ideas...).

The MC is a little detached from everything happening around him (e.g. there is absolutely no impression of him putting his life on the line, and while the author give us an explanation for it, I find it a little anticlimactic at times

While he is dense, he doesn't push back the love interests for no reason and there is even some nice romance plot going on with the love interests (which is satisfying) but they still won't go all the way.

Overall, the story reminds me a little of "so what if it's an RPG World" with the MC only minding his own business, while still helping those he can afford to. going around the world, powering up little by little and being confronted to unique situations one after the other <<less
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Minjato rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c52
i like the story and the character building. Especially the way the MC thinks is really great, and the fully use of each of his skill which not just suddenly go OP all of sudden but increase each time he keep doing it. I also like how he can let OP skill or unique skill but only in certain condition this limitation that keep the battle scene alive because it show that he can only win with the help of other and not just himself.

so this novel is solid 9/10... more>> for me.

PS : maybe he become dense because he using his clear mind skill to much <<less
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February 27, 2020
Status: c18
As of the current chapter, there's no reason to rate this story poorly. Here's a shotgun first impression.

World building exposition aside, the cleverness on elementary magic use is similar to Kazuma in Konosuba, so you can expect deft use of tactics and practical CQC.

The flow of events in the story provide a good amount of high points and feel-good moments to counter some really screwed up world building (if you really think about it). Despite the world having malicious mysteries, the development of the MC and key characters provide a... more>> reason to keep moving forward. There's something genuine about the things the author is most passionate about. The portrayal of the best friend from school, sharing that friendship, and gratitude towards someone willing to take a risk on the MC.

Knowing that the MC works with said Zero-Believers Goddess based on the title of the story doesn't do the set-up justice. When you get to the context, the dialogue and emotion take over and elevate the premise. I couldn't help but smile when their bond is formed. I hope others can also watch over these two fondly.

Nothing screams perfect, of course. It's mostly been set-up, with even mix of world building and relationships. If I get the chance, I'll update with a final score. For now, based on these few chapters, it's a solid 4/5.

Looking forward to more. Knowing Reigokai, the pacing and quality of releases will probably be immaculate. <<less
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The Manager
The Manager rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c223
First of all, this is your very typical isekai with harem tag, as usual... And to be honest, I really hate isekai with a harem tag BUT!! The thing I like here is the plot.... I don't know why, but it has a refreshing thing, easy to read, though sometimes I wonder whether the author forgets some important things...

... more>>

I really like the Monstrous Pair of the MC and the Light Hero, as usual....

And I always ship Sophia (Shrine Maiden of Water) and Julia (Shrine Maiden of Moon) to the MC due to being a Kuudere and Tsundere respectively.

btw, the MC can talk to the other Goddess [Other than Noah is Ale (エイル, Goddess of Water), Ira (イラ, Goddess of Fate and Commerce), and Altena (アルテナ, Goddess of Sun) ] while he was on his sleep...

oh, and I forgot to mention, the MC has a 4 contract in his Soul Board before this chapter 223 (Apostle of Goddess Noah, Guardian of the Moon Shrine Maiden, Guardian of the Sage, and a f*cking Lovers (Virgin) Contract)....


I don't know why but, I really have a high expectation here.... Esp. that even I can't predict on what will happen to the MC in the next chapter due to:


Being Time Travel in 1000 years ago to save the first Light Hero, Abel

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zatsuyo rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c45
I really liked the world building part of this novel, the events that take place are also quite interesting.

But I can’t take it serious because the characters are just so badly written, it doesn’t feel like they are any human but just some badly made artificial intelligence that tries to make decisions based on what they learned from a bunch of trolls, I could not find any logic based on what the actions the protagonist make and he doesn’t even seem to know the difference between enemies and allies.

... more>>

At a certain point in the story, the protagonist humiliates a group of adventurers by destroying their weapons before they even get to attack him. Later the same group follows him into a dungeon and attacks him while trying to kill him and capture capture his female party member to r*ape her. His response to the situation is to BEG FOR HIS LIFE AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS FOR WHAT HE HAD DONE TO THEM. Of course his plot armor makes a dragon appear to scare his enemies away and he takes his friend down into hiding AND THE FIRST THING HE SAYS IS “Are those guys okay?”.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SatchPangit rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c233
If you like the usual skinny high school protagonist who had just been given abilities to become op w/out hardwork (with an additional item like an smartphone, etc as bonus) and harem who just fell in love w/ him due to kindness a.k.a. Harem sh*t w/ its repetitive demonlord-hero story then this is not for you as this novel got a normal protagonist who just uses his information network from his friend, wisdom and wits along w/ the advantages of having powerful party members and being resourceful to overcome the... more>> adversaries. <<less
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