City of Slumber


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I borrowed an otome game from my university friend Maa-chan, after I said I will defeat the last boss I traveled to the game’s world.
Heroine Miriam, capture targets Prince Henry and Knight Armand appeared in front of me, and I became Witch Alice who would hook up with the leftover man.
However, I love BL!!
In order to hook Henry and Armand up, I planned for them being alone, but that meant spending time together with Miriam.
The result… Miriam began targeting me… orz
Moreover, it came to light that Alice’s small breasts will receive Miriam’s bust-up massage, it’s somehow indecent…
However, since the ending setting is that the remainders of this party of four hook up, I endured it to increase Miriam’s love gauge. It’s an R-17 rated game, and the age limit steadily approaches…
Honestly, I’m afraid of this development…

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City of Slumber ~ I Became a Noble Villainess in an Otome Game’s World, Wanting to Spread BL and Hinder the Heroine, I Entered the Yuri Route ~
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