City of Endless Rain


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This city has its secrets.

Whether it’s comfort or chaos, rain or shine, everything is dependent on a single person. People who live here don’t get sick, nor do they get hurt. Once they enter, however, they can never leave. Unless they pay with their life…

Tang Shan wakes up, only to find himself in an unfamiliar house.
A stranger tells him that he is his lover— Li Yuanyu. He says that Tang Shan has been in this city for quite some time. Tang Shan doesn’t believe it, because he’s obviously not gay, so how could he fall in love with a man? But there’s Li Yuanyu’s affectionate and attentive care, the artwork in the attic, the nostalgic warm smell of Borscht…

Memories of the past begin to resurface, proving that both of them were in love.
That is, until he discovers the message he left for himself before he lost his memories, telling him he has to escape, no matter what it takes…

City of Endless Rain average rating 3.6/5 - 67 user ratings
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Zhongyu Zhi Cheng
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Shio rated it
October 30, 2015
Status: --
I feels kinda strange reading this since the name Tang Shan is only one letter away from a certain xianxia protagonist. My imagination kept flying everywhere.

When I first read this I was expecting standard yaoi with amnesia. But shortly after reading chapter 2, I realized that this novel has more than that. There are less romance and more mystery. Who is the MC? Why does no one ever went outside the city? It really made me want to read more. I read this to get BL, but stay for the... more>> mystery.

4/5 as of chapter 4. <<less
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Desert rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: Completed
I really like this novel... or at least I did until around chapter 7 or 8 ;-; The overall plot and mystery were executed quite well except for a few questions that were left unanswered. ... more>>

For example who is Li Yuanyu, is he a dead soul like the others or is he a Demon or a God? The only info it gives on him is that he owns the town and whatever his emotions are it will reflect the town. It makes me curious if he created the town and who exactly he is. Also what happened to Jake? I know it is implied that he was sent away/killed, but I'm really curious and want a definite answer.

Yet I cant allow myself to give this 5 stars due to the ending. In fact I was close to giving this 3 stars just because of the ending. However I can't ignore the fact that I really loved this novel right up till chapter 7, after that I feel as though it digressed. I read this novel under the impression that it may be dark and twisted, with a possessive Seme, which I tend to like if done right AND with a happy ending. Yet instead of a happy ending it was very BITTER/sweet. Notice the bitter is all upper case because the ending felt as though I was drinking a gallon of bitter coffee with only a hint of sugar ;-; If you are someone like me who only prefers their yaoi to have happy endings then for your sake, even if you are a huge Fujoshi like me, please DO NOT READ IT, unless you are willing to stop at chapter 7. Of course I don't think anyone will listen to me because the mystery is to good to stop and if I were reading this I probably wouldn't listen to me either ;p So that's why instead you should just not read it altogether. However if you are someone who really likes tragedies and BITTER/sweet endings then by all means read ahead, as besides the ending I found it to be an excellent novel. Also if you are like me and analyzed the tags before reading this novel then you should know they are a bit misleading

For example the "Death" tag is a bit misleading as no one actually really dies, since everyone is already dead at the very begging of the novel.

Lastly, if you do choose to read this you should know that in my opinion it is more shounen ai. The most that happens in this novel is hugging and kissing, there are a few implied s*x scenes

and a rape scene near the end of the novel.

However, the author does not go into very much detail about the scenes. Therefore, in my opinion it is more suited as shounen ai. If you are looking for more detailed yaoi novel then I suggest you read one of those few titles.

-I Want To Enjoy A County Life

-Otoko Darake no Isekai Trip ~BL wa Okotowari~

-Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta! <<less
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Yami06 rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: --
I'll definitely NEVER forget this novel. A bittersweet story that leaves a strong aftertaste. I actually started reading this because I was curious of the city's secret and while the story progress, it gave quite a painful tug in my heart which I didn't expect making me cry once I reached the end. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED for those readers who seek some brilliant plot.
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Maiasia rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: epilogue
I really do like this one. It's all so sad and hopeless, so futile, both of them going round and round in a circle, never getting anywhere. If Li Yuanyu had just told Tang Shan the truth, in any of those cycles of amnesia, he would had gotten a happier ending, instead of being afraid of Tang Shan leaving. I know it's bad what Li Yuanyu was doing but I can't help pitying him more than Tang Shan. So read this at your own risk. It is quite sad and... more>> disheartening. <<less
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Diviana rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: epilogue
The novel has a good premise. The secret hooked me. The mystery kept me reading. The suspense built up... I didn't feel that it followed through.

I like that the MC trusts his gut and doesn't automatically believe the people around him. His refreshingly determined personality made me root for him. But beyond the MC, the other characters felt kind of bland.

... more>>

Even the ML wasn't too interesting. For a story that is surrounding the MC and ML's relationship, the relationship never develops to a point where I felt like there was a conflict between choosing to have a happy relationship and leaving. I was always too concerned for the MC and wondering when the MC would finally book. If the relationship had been developed better or even if it felt like the MC was beginning to fall for the ML I think there would've been more impact.

It doesn't help the story doesn't really give you any closure. Sure you know how it ends, but there are more questions than answers

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Reitian rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: Completed
This story sent shivers down my spine. I really liked the premise of the story and the pace with which it was executed. Although I could roughly guess the direction, the suspense kept me on edge. I felt the MC's complicated situation was explored thoroughly. The side characters did a good job of complementing the main characters without overpowering them. My only regret is that the author didn't fully explain the ML. Yet I also liked how much mystery it added to the story and freedom to imagine it gave... more>> to the reader. I feel like the epilogue is up to interpretation, but no matter what, the themes of the novel are very accurately portrayed by the title. <<less
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dysry rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: --
An interesting story that does a great job of setting up suspense, but not so much in following through. Waking up in a strange place not knowing who he is and who he can trust, the MC starts to unravel his relationship with the ML and the secret behind the city.

... more>>

Despite his amnesia, the MC instinctively senses the ML isn't a trustworthy source, and the gentle but dangerously possessive characteristics he displays hints that not only can things not be taken at face value, the MC may also be in a dangerous position himself.

However, the MC doesn't really seem that interested or attracted to the ML, and the story lacks that added emotional turmoil the MC could've had between wanting to find the truth or preserving a happy and stable relationship, or the hurt when he discovers the truth. Instead, the MC just wants out. While the reason the ML was so obsessed, and the anguish he felt over his own actions didn't echo as strongly either. Part of the reason for both is because the only time they had a happy and real relationship was the first time the MC arrived in the town, but their relationship is already too far past by the time the story starts.

The author should also take care when using supernatural elements to resolve a mystery. Since paranormal activities don't exist in reality, a different set of logic applies when they appear in stories. But when the truth that is uncovered is too far from our rationale based on what we know of the world, it dispels all the tension (which is why xianxia mysteries go to such pains to explain their world and the rules demons and practitioners are subject to). It was hinted at from the start, but the best mysteries are ones that appear supernatural but aren't.


It's good but would've been better if the story had been fleshed out and the characters' emotions had been more developed. <<less
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