City: I Can Modify The Relationship Between Characters With One Click


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As long as you look at someone’s photo, video, or person, you can modify the relationship between yourself and TA at will!

Jiang Ge modified the relationship with Lin Rexin, the goddess of all people, and became his girlfriend with one click!

Not far away to meet him! Jiang Ge directly brought Lin Rexin home. That day, his parents were shocked!

The whole village is a sensation! “Jiang Ge actually found a big celebrity as his wife!”

In the company, Jiang Ge, who was supposed to be promoted, was replaced by the manager’s nephew, and he was pushed out by them everywhere.

Jiang Ge: “It depends on relationships, right? I have a showdown, the boss of the company is my sister!”

The iceberg beauty in the company, the high-cold president Chen Bingfei, went down to Jiang Ge’s branch in person, turned into a brother-in-law madman, and became angry.

Ginger! “Brother, who bullied you? I will fire him personally!”

I saw a wanted warrant on the road, with a bonus of 500,000 wanted criminals! Jiang Ge had a big brain hole, in order to get the position of the wanted criminal, he directly modified the relationship and became his accomplice…

A certain big family has a lot of bad records, and even provoked Jiang Ge. Modify the relationship and directly become a prince,

and a big family will be destroyed by phone!

Until one day, Jiang Ge discovered the function of his system, which is far from this! Can it be used not only on humans? …It can still… Gradually, Jiang Ge finally realized the real horror of this system…

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