Circle of Inevitability


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In the year 1368, at the end of July, deep crimson shall descend from the heavens.

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Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability
Senhor dos Mistérios 2: Círculo da Inevitabilidade
Señor de los Misterios 2: Círculo de inevitabilidad
لورد الغوامض 2 : حلقة الحتمية
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Lord of the Mysteries (Prequel)
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Kekboi97 rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: c16
Cuttlefish is back with the much anticipated sequel of his beloved work Lord of Mysteries.

There's really not much to review as there's too little chapters as of right now but the author has improved his general writing quality, less info dumps, and much faster on it's pacing.

What makes this series work in general and cut above the rest is that it incorporates better prose, planning, and description than most CN fiction. It is more similar to traditional highly acclaimed (physical) western fantasy stories, because of this the book can be... more>> quite polarising since it isn't as cookie cutter and simple as other wishfulfillment/isekai/face slapping novels and you need to be able to appreciate a certain level of depth to the story. Translations and the level of editing is excellent as usual kudos to CKtalon. <<less
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Night Ghost
Night Ghost rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: c351
First of all, I just want to say that for those who haven't read the prequel, read the prequel first. Why ? Because all the end game knowledge will be revealed in Early chapters. What makes LOTM so amazing is we get to explore the lore, the mysteries, and the world's building through Klein's lenses and it's done so amazingly. The first book makes reader to deduct and think, and discuss on comment section about the lore and mysteries. And I swear you don't want to be spoiled about the... more>> truth of the world revealed by a monocle guy, a character everyone loves, when Klein and monocle guy were eloping. Reading LOTM 2 before reading the prequel will make those mysteries and reveals less impactful.

I have to warn you that my preview is heavily influenced by my taste, preference, and bias.

As some people have said, the pace of this novel is a lot faster than the previous book since all the world building has already been done, so you can't really use the old "this novel has so much filler" to give low rating to this novel. This book gets Darker much faster than the previous one, I'm not complaining btw, and I really like this. As always, cuttlefish is so good at making suspense, combined with the darker tone, I can just feel the horror.

The side characters are bland, really. They have nothing to make me adore them like what side characters did in the first book. Besides Jenna, Charlie and obviously Amon, the rest of side characters are so bland, it feels like they have no personality at all. And I think this happens because the pace of this novel is much faster than the first book. In the first book, cuttlefish spent tons of chapters to flesh out side characters, the first book have many chapters from side characters POV. But in this novel, not so much. It's unfortunate that cuttlefish makes the pace faster because apparently many people complained that those slow pace are just fillers and now he makes the pace faster at the cost of fleshing out side characters.

guess what, after Jenna starts following franca to do mission together, she becomes boring too! She turns from a hot minx with foul mouth into someone who is so gullible who doesn't talk much. I get that she's new to the beyonders world and it makes sense that she acts that way. But the current Jenna feels so boring, I miss the old Jenna. She was the best girl...


Honestly, Amon singlehandedly carries this novel. Every chapters he is in are blast! Charlie too, he is funny.

And I don't like the french words that translator keeps, it's just confusing. It's pretty tiresome to open Google translate everytime french words appear and I'm too lazy to read old chapters to know what those french words mean. Even now I don't know what "my cabbage" means.

So far I love this novel, thus I'll give it 5 stars. My rating will probably change in the future. I strongly recommend you to read this novel, especially if you are into story about cults, mysticism, secret organization, and Lovecraft horror. <<less
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mochispinky rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c330
Let me start by saying this first. My expectations and excitement for this second book were very low. It's not because I disliked Book 1, quite the opposite. I loved book 1 so much (it's my all-time top 3), and I read the author's note long ago saying that Klein wouldn't be in this book.

But still, once it came out, I gave this a read. If you are like me, who still can't get over book 1, then this might take some time for you to enjoy. Reading the same... more>> city names and people and not reading about Klein's lampooning is difficult.

However, stick until 107 chapters; just clench your teeth and read till there, and then you will have this one "WOW" moment that will just blow away the boredom or disinterest you felt until then. The arc ends with surprises and explanations for all that happened in the first 100 chapters, giving you the immersed satisfaction of knowing that the author still has not lost his grip on the story amidst LOTs immense popularity.

Each arc ends on a high, just like in Book 1, not at the same intensity but still at a high. Take your time with the book since it keeps throwing very important hints on what has happened since Klein's slumber and what might happen in the future.

They are cameos of the characters from book 1, and it's so funny to see how they act all mighty and godly now.

So far, book 2 is going great. <<less
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LKSgun20 rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: c16
Circle of inevitability, a sequel of LOTM has already starts to show that is not to be outdone by LOTM and has steadily been gaining better throughout the chapters.

Just like with LOTM the worldbuilding, characters, antagonists and plot all seem to be done meticulously, no need to be worried about it being done poorly or lacking and only expecting another great hit from the Author Cuttlefish That loves diving.

I like his application of french in the novel.

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luckymorris rated it
April 1, 2023
Status: c56
An early review, the first arc is not even finished and I think it's going to take at least 30 chapters before it's done, i'll edit this review once it's done.

Please also keep in mind that this is a sequel, while I think it's possible to get around with just reading this book since the MC is not the same person, early in the story we already have foreshadowing and characters that you can only get if you read the prequel and there is no doubt that's going to be... more>> a constant through out the novel.

Alright, so far despite my high expectations i've been impressed, the author has not lost his touch and might even be even greater, he already proved that the prequel was not a one hit wonder but rather the work of a talented and professional author. Unlike the prequel, we are directly getting into very high level supernatural stuff and the MC is progressing rapidly due to having knowledge that should be very hard to come by, I was pleasantly suprised by the pace, but it is a sequel so the lion share of world building was already done in the prequel allowing to move along with the plot.

The characters already proved to be interessing, the sister identity is already obvious for the reader of the prequel and is the link to an organization that will certainly provides a great sub plot. And she herself seems to be an interessing one, an introvert, a bit crazy, kind and smart and she follows a pathway (the kind of supernatural power she will get as she progresses) that will allows her to knows A LOT of things about the supernatural providing a lot of great contents.

The MC is also shaping to be great, he is an extrovert and socially very skilled and choosed a pathway that promise an even more extravagant personnality! He also have two mysteries about him that are very exciting : His past that he doesn't remember and the dream that is likely to be connected to the MC of the prequel.

Those two are really shaping to be a great duo, in personnality the MC is the one doing the field work for an investigation (due to being socially skilled), the sister is the one providing a fresh view point and connecting the dots that her brother provides due to her studious nature, we basically have the book smart (sister) and the street smart (brother). Even in the supernatural they are a great duo, the sister is more skilled in mysticism due to her pathway being one of the best for it, but she is rather weak in a fight, while her brother (the MC) is the opposite, he kinda sucks in mysticism but will be very deadly in a fight. There is a really great synergy between the two and I really hope that the sister will move alongside the MC through out the story.

The author is also releasing two chapters a day and don't get it wrong, it's HIGH QUALITY chapters, not the kind of chapters with 50% of useless garbage for words count that xianxia authors loves. Massive props to the translator that is doing a STELLAR job by providing a high quality and fast translation. <<less
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Daresan rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: v1
This novel is amazing just finished volume one and omg the plot twist was totally unexpected, What a awesome novel. I didnt expect anything less from this author man, Totally deserves the hype, And I feel like he is getting even better at what he does. Lotm has the potential to be iconic fantasy series like lord of rings or Harry potter. Please read on following order otherwise there will be grave consequences. Lord of The Mysteries (Lotm 1)

Circle of Inevitability (Lotm 2)

Edit :- chapter 415

I... more>> am pushing through because I hope klien will awaken at some point, lumian as a MC is okay but I am not enjoying his ride as much as klien, As Klein was mysterious, alone and made fool of everyone while lumian is just milking off of tarot card members. He is nothing without tarot club. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c98
the writing is solid and the world familiar and vivid. The first volume/arc was ok... more>>

its an endless eight scenario though thankfully it didn't repeat quite so much


i also don't have much interest in the 2nd volume/ arc

gangs and politics and speakeasy dance halls are much less interesting to me than him resolving the problems with his memories, cultivating, and solving the mystery of his seal and pollution. I want him to get on with it already and move past the whole gang boss thing


the reason this is and 4 and not a 5 is a combination of the French words and British slang I didn't know which made for a lot of pauses to look things up at first, resulting is a great deal of frustration.

my tentative rating 4/5 but i'll be changing the rating as the story moves along/completes. <<less
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May 29, 2023
Status: c611
Circle of Inevitability is the sequel to Lord of The Mysteries, with improved pacing, excellent world-building, and suspenseful moments. The people who were off-put by the start of the previous novel due to its pacing will be pleasantly surprised by how well done Volume 1 is. As mentioned by others, there are lots of callbacks to previous events that expand upon what we already know, changing the way we see the world and making each chapter a refreshing read.

TLDR: Peak

Also, reading the comments and discussing theories with other people is... more>> half the fun ("Curly Haired Baboon spotted") <<less
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March 22, 2023
Status: c36

Circle of Inevitablity, unlike it's predecessor, start of the volume one with a fast paced flow plot. It has been proved again and again that people who dropped LotM at the beggining dropped it because volume one of that book is so slow paced that they become bored of it and dropped it before being persuaded to read again by others who has finished book one.

Although I know that the reason why the plot is fast is because the majority of world building has been done in book one (which... more>> is why he could not reused the same style in this book), still it is appreciated.

In this book, aside from familiar stuff we know in book one, some new things are introduced to whet the appetite of old and new reader. If the author follows his promise, we would see more of Trier and Intis, the place we have never step into in book 1.

Now, another thing I want to talk about is the

Frech's stuff the translator keep in the novel.

. Some would love it, others probably getting more annoyed the more you delve into the book. As for me, I am getting annoyed because sometimes I forgot what that words is, and there is no translation for that word in that particular chapter that I either has to look for google translate or I either has to look for it a few chapter up.

Welp, that's it. I will update this review as we go down the book at deeper scale <<less
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MyrddinWyllt rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: v1c32
A continuation that so far has shown itself worthy of its predecessor, so far Mr. Cuttlefish has not left me wanting at any time in terms of keeping me in the story and wanting to know what is happening in the world of the novel.
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January 25, 2024
Status: --
At this point, it has already become clear that Klein will not appear as MC at any time. The hydration seems to revolve around Klein's awakening and I believe the conclusion of the emperor's Roselle apothesis ritual And the serpent of destiny accommodating the die and becoming King of the angels.
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