Chronicles of The Hardships of Komachi in The Sengoku Era


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One fateful day, a girl time slipped into the Sengoku Era.

It was an abrupt enough event to be dubbed god’s whim, done to sate hellish boredom.

The girl has no power to change the world.

She was a very ordinary, common, and plain girl that can be found anywhere.

And that girl can do no more than a single thing.

Survive the Sengoku Era ——– that’s all.

Associated Names
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Sengoku Komachi Kurou Tan (WN)
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Hurricane rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c35
Ayanokouji Shizuko, suddenly got transported into the Sengoku Period and met Oda Nobunaga and in order to save her life from being killed by Nobunaga, Shizoku armed with her modern knowledge claimed to Nobunaga that she could improve the agricultural development of his territory. And here's where the story starts.

So all in all the novel is more about the daily life/slice of life of Shizuko on improving the daily lives of the people on this period mainly Agriculture Division. So don't expect any action, drama or the usual transported back... more>> in time/ancient period things here. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 16, 2019
Status: c103
It's so much more than you'd think.

She definitely isnt an average girl.

Shizuko is a young girl who has been raised by her farmer grandfather was transported to the sengoku era. She appealed to Nobunaga with her agricultural knowledge. With her bag full of seeds and other things like a weaponry book for her older sister, she pretty much changed history.

... more>>

At first she improves the agriculture of the village she became a head of then it escalates. She becomes involve in wars and become a trustee of Nobunaga.

Honestly, this girl is pretty OP.


I was here for fluff, but stayed for the interesting plotline. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Diskat rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: --
We get a "average" modern girl that gets transported to the past and works under Oda Nobunaga. I like this idea.

... more>>

Except no, she is not so average. The author used heavy-handed methods to make her more special to Nobunaga. The author had her suddenly transported to the warring states while walking on the streets. However, she conveniently had her Chuunibyo notes and books of modern knowledge with her. She has agricultural knowledge[from her farm working, fine, I can expect that], and has military knowledge[from her sister{can expect} and books[ok, maybe somewhat can expect], and from her Chuunibyo syndrome, {not really expected}, and technology knowledge from the mechanical tech tree{not expected}].

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cinnamon_Pretzel rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: --
I came here from the manga and I honestly love this story so much! The MC and her interactions with other characters are so fun to read, and the plot is super interesting!

... more>>

Originally, Shizuko was an agriculture/history nerd, but she gradually comes to show off her skills in craftsmanship and military tactics! Also, someone from the past falls in love with her but she just wants to survive hahaha. She's not the only time-traveler, though. Her uncle and another man who knows her family also time-traveled, but none have made major changes like her.


Anyways, thank you to the creator (s) and translator (s) ! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Helvellius rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c20
There's not much action except for sometimes when the wolves get involved. However, if you are even remotely interested in Japanese history or history in general, it is interesting to see how Shizuko manages to improve the living conditions of the peasants around her and how she subverts the expectations of everyone from the peasants to the lords. It also provides interesting insight on just how much we take for granted in the modern day such as quality of life and knowledge.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
adurian rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: c31
Its a simple idealistic take of a young girl with very convenient set of skills and tools being dropped into the Nobunaga warring era. Pretty amusing story that so far does not have very deep narrative with the supernatural elements not being tackled yet, and up to this point being more of a medieval Japan simcity with cheats. Characters are mostly likeable at this point, but seems to be more fleshed out in the manga.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
N8tivepride666 rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: v1c12
Very interesting. The chapters are decently long and full of interesting knowledge. I appreciate the amount of detail the author put into it. I'm gonna binge read this all night, I can't get enough.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
loussi rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: c27
The manga from this novel made farming genre one of of my favorites. The story is well written and the MC is clever and lovable
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 19, 2022
Status: na
Came from the manga, read the translations, MTL'd the rest. It's semi-slice of life, but the background of the middle-late Warring States and life during this period is credibly researched and presented amidst the main character's struggles to navigate through Sengoku life.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kaylee rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: --
I just read the manga and can say I'm addicted and want to read more. Even if there's scene of man and woman but nothing that's called for the usual tsundere comedy routine.

Slowly doing the small things like farming and infrastructure then helping military even leading trops to war.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nuttella rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: --
one of the top tier isekai novels out there. The story is in detail, semi - slice of life but still very informative. Interesting misunderstandings, but not too much. If you like a more drama, fast plot driven type of story then you might like this less. But this is just right up my alley. Funny misunderstandings, and lots of knowledge being thrown out
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kaiser88 rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: --
A lot better than most kingdom/military japanese mangas I read, her being not afraid was a surprise, but what I really loved is that the author didn't do the typical, just cause she's Japanese they won't kill other people with their hands, while simultaneously letting her own subordinates die, instead the MC acknowledges the damages done by her inventions, and that she herself killed thousands indirectly. And that she ready and shows determination to kill other human beings, with her own hand. Instead of the usual of just cause their... more>> Japanese means they won't harm other people. I'll give it 8.7 <<less
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