Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere


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For your sake, I don’t care even if I’m to face against the entire world. The young girl’s extreme love obsession had already deeply hurt the young boy…. Years later, the boy had already grown up; he understood that he cannot face the other party’s feelings head on, so he chose to forget…. but little did he know about the kind of path that he walked on to, and what waited for him there, will be…

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Feb 20, 2017
Status: --

This is probably one of the most "yandere" novels that have ever existed, and by ever I do mean that the main girl lead should deserve an Oscars for it. Personally, "What is a Yandere?" is more of a light-hearted read for a Yan series, while "Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere" is a much more deep, darker take on the boundaries a yandere girl would do, in order to accomplish her aims.

Here's my personal take on it (contains spoilers) :

You'd know a yandere novel series is good when it can last over 200k words. (500k words is about 250 chapters of What is a Yandere?) In point, this novel is one of the top voted "must-read-bible" of the SFACG site pertaining to yandere tags. Anyway, this series had already concluded it's main series, and is now embarking on a sequel on what happened to them after they got together.

Here's a rough plot summary:

A girl, in an effort to make a boy's attention span absolutely 100% on her all of the time, goes all out to do whatever she could in order to do so. Like brainwashing him, massacring any girls who goes near him, or killing off his entire family chain so that he could only have one person to have ties with (herself, as she's claimed she's his gf), killing off their eventual baby they had to gain back his one and only affection onto her, and so on and forth. Apparently her family was a ancient one, with special powers in their blood, allowing them superhuman feats, and their family heritage held powerful control within the country. Which is bad news for the MC. And you know he's f**ked when the plot dictates like that so.

Personally, I would tag two tags to this novel, Blood/Gore (and Mature due to the reverse-aheming) as the numerous ways the yandere mu*dered people to achieve her means (including another yandere!). Like tying a girl upside down in an abandoned house, naked whilst being tortured and forcing her to eat her own sh*t as substenance for days until she got uh, loony. This is one series definitely not for the light-hearted readers.

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Nov 05, 2017
Status: v1c6
An amazing book with several super yandere's and a poor guy that is stuck with them,

and I don't mean your normal yandere, on no these yandere with kill your parents and drug you just so that you only belong to them

also the guy above did a amazing review so don't bother reading any other reviews, that one is plenty ???
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