Chongfei Manual


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Before her rebirth, Wei Luo was an innocent little girl.

After rebirth, she appeared lovable on the outside but was a different person on the inside.

Those who learned of her true nature yielded to her.

Only the prince regent regarded her as a treasure; no matter how much he pampered her, it was not enough for him.

Anything she wanted, he gave her, including the princess position that she didn’t want, which he stubbornly pushed onto her.

Associated Names
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Pampered Concubine's Manual
Sủng phi sử dụng sổ tay
User Guide to Pampering a Consort
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/21/18 Fuyu Neko c171.3 (end)
07/20/18 Fuyu Neko c171.2
07/19/18 Fuyu Neko c171.1
07/18/18 Fuyu Neko c170.6
07/18/18 Fuyu Neko c170.5
07/17/18 Fuyu Neko c170.4
07/16/18 Fuyu Neko c170.3
07/16/18 Fuyu Neko c170.2
07/15/18 Fuyu Neko c170.1
07/15/18 Fuyu Neko c169.3
07/14/18 Fuyu Neko c169.2
07/13/18 Fuyu Neko c169.1
07/13/18 Fuyu Neko c168.7
07/12/18 Fuyu Neko c168.6
07/11/18 Fuyu Neko c168.5
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Karmel rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c105
the translations is 5/5

thanks to those that recommended real revenge books to this I thought this was like them... nah. its more fluffy creepy love story about a annoying vain materialistic girl and her creepy love interest. creepy love interest steamrolls over everyone. that being said the only thing I got out of this book was how I wish the writer would tell the story of the empress far more interesting than this one.

side note:i really wish people would stop recommend books like other books when they are nothing alike... more>> so annoying <<less
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wittynuts rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c96.1
This is so good! I love how she turn the schemes of the antagonist in the stories around and the romance! So cute and seductive. My gosh. This is recommended! 100% !!
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shouahang58 rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c91.1
Really good novel!! Love both the MC. And the relationship between the female lead with her twin brother!!
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puffiness123 rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c151
There is a lot of family drama. The main character is a girl who somehow went back to her past.

... more>>

I stopped reading. I didn't like reading about the gang rape, torture, humiliation, disrespect, age difference, plotting to harm each other, etc. Most of the characters are pretty cruel towards each other and don't really see each other as human beings. The main male character is pretty cruel as well to others (except to the main character). I did find the novel entertaining at times, but it's honestly a really unhealthy relationship (between the main character and the main love interest character). He's very controlling and aggressive. Still, it is usually unhealthy relationships that make entertaining novels to read.

I did enjoy reading about how the male characters were all interested in the main female character for no reason. That they get irrationally jealous of each other over her. That they all wanted to marry her despite not really knowing her at all. Unfortunately, when I thought about it further, the main female character doesn't actually have much good points except being pretty. Still, I did find most of the story an entertaining read but I had to stop reading.

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Catweed rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c171.3
Chongfei Manual is honestly the okayest novel I've read so far. Out of all the novels with a female protagonist, she is my favorite. Well one of my favorite.

Like most characters that have been reincarnated in Chinese novels, she is disillusioned with her life. She isn't bitter per say, but she is very much aware of her situation and other's around her. She understand the cause and effect of her actions and also knows that changing the path of a timeline results in a different future.

And she does exhibit moments... more>> where the memories of her past life really weighs her down.

Now the thing I don't like about her is how oddly immature she is and also the weird attraction the male protagonist has towards her despite that. I feel a little gross how much he likes her despite the difference in age at their age group.

I feel like there should've been some kind of trials she should go through during her second life. The only thing that happened was her brother getting shot. All I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense that her life is so smooth after a second run through. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: c125
The story is very mature and describes the troubles of a little girl growing up to reach adulthood in ancient china. The ancient foods, customs and clothes are described well, and the TL even supplies pictures of said item to satisfy curiosity. But the novel is lacking on the execution path, it lacks strength and severity. The MC doesnt face any troubles, in the beginning there are some harsh developments, showcasing her cruel side, but after the first hurdle she only acts spoiled and doesn't do anything of any importance.... more>> It really lures one to sleep, its a dull drag describing minor annoyances. I want action, I want drama, I want heinous plots and betrayals! <<less
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1zva rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c171.3
I just.. This novel left me in a worse emotional state compared to To Be A Virtuous Wife and Eight Treasures Trousseau. I love it. I love it so much. If you love that combination of a smart female MCs with an overbearing male MC, then you'll love this as well. I won't be able to forget this novel in my lifetime!

I actually cried after finishing it
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Stupid Novel
Stupid Novel rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: c61.1
At most a decent novel

I find this novel after looking for a romance that will make me feel fluffy with many heartwarming scenes, but it's just not what I expected. You can only read this novel if you try to get away from your main novel becoz for whatever reason.

what I dislike about this novel is the unclear goal. Until I read chap 60 I still didn't know what is our MC's goal. I mean like another novel that reincarnated coz revenge or transmigrate or live a leisure life, you'll... more>> end up finding one of what I mentioned before. But, I can't find any purpose of our MC in this novel. Still, you most likely to love this novel if you need to relax from such a gruesome novel like Warlock of the Magus World I guess?

Another thing that I need to mention is about MC's mental age. When WL is six years old, she has 15-17? Mental age, but its kind of change after she becomes 13 that her mental age is dropping, at least that's what I saw. She must have 20-ish mental age in her 13 years old body. But, it seems like reincarnated makes her brain damaged haha.

Well, that aside. I think I'm going to drop this one. Maybe I will read it again in the future or maybe not, it depends on my mood. <<less
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September 20, 2018
Status: c171.3
Chongfei Manual is a fun light-read novel. I think this is the first time I read a novel where the FL have multiple female friends, bestfriend I say. Which adds more fun in it. I appreciate the author for not diregard female nature on this. Each character is different from other characters. Sadly, some interesting side characters don't have their limelight in this book. Well, that makes sense actually cause they're side character which happened have this "interesting" side on them. A pity imo.

Re-edit after reread
... more>>

I was commented my disagreement with MC's personality. But now I realize, this book is interesting as it is. No matter how the MC is.

And I was compare this book with "Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet". Nevertheless these two books have similar plot but different scheme. These two books are interesting to compare actually, cause the way the MC handling their future is vastly different


On other side, the ML is err.. Quite forceful I guess. The same formula. That's all. This book is quite smutty, I don't know why there isn't smut tag in this. Does what I think is smut is different with the definition of smut in this website?? I just think that smut is on milder side than mature which is more blatant, glaring, gore (for fighting scene) etc. <<less
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Trouvaille rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c171.3
This LN mainly focused on the romance part, which is GOOD! Most reader commented on the large age gap between the MC and the ML, and the young MC, but we should take notes that this LN setting was in ancient China and I think the age of the MC doesn't really matter much, and about the age gap, ML was part of the imperial family so... LOL anyway I love the age gap between MC and ML (furthermore MC wasn't actually that young because of the time travel, so... more>> mentally MC was way older than her physic).


I really love the R17 romance theme in this LN, I rarely find Chinese LN with 'adult' romance. I do think ML deserve thumbs up because ML doesn't force MC anything. The most 'exciting' thing they did before marriage was a hand job, and I love all the 'small' talk between MC and ML. Love this!!!!

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iceymilk rated it
June 14, 2016
Status: c14
I'm really happy that this novel doesn't have the entire family against the MC. It's a nice do over story with a subtly clever MC. It's fun to read
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Mibuokami rated it
April 30, 2016
Status: --
Instantly thought of Mei Gongqing and The Princess Wei Yang, and since I like both I feel very positive about this. The translation for the pilot chapter is excellent considering the translator is only starting to learn the source language.

Looking forward to more!
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