Chloe, The Thief Lady


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It all started at one night.

“The verdict for the Imperial offender is the death penalty. If you don’t want to, come under me.”

At the word of the Crown Prince who held her captive, Chloe lives as a supreme Princess by day and as a Thief Lady who turns the capital upside down at night. But, was that really all she ever stole?

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클로이, 도둑이 된 레이디
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March 6, 2021
Status: --
Ehh... I read till chapter 2 and I don't think I'll read anymore. The starting looks pretty average. FL didn't have a thieving history. She's also a noble. She looks like a typical reckless martial artist average IQ FL. ML seems like a typical mysterious calm scheming man with beauty that needs around 10 lines to describe. It's not bad, just average.

The translation is... not so good. Actually, it's bad. The dialogues are confusing, I don't know who's saying what. Sometimes, I don't even understand what topic they're talking about.... more>> Thankfully, they don't talk about much complicated things. I can get the gist of it. It's similar to how the first chapters of "I tamed a tyrant and ran away" was translated. They have an editor but I don't think it helps much.

Anyway, I won't recommend it but I think it deserves a chance. Improved translation could work. <<less
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