Check in to the Douluo Continent


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Traveling through the Douluo Continent, Wang Feng, who wanted to live a life of an adventurer, unexpectedly turned on the check-in assistance system!
“Ding, the plot of Douluo Continent has officially started, the host has successfully Checked in, congratulations on getting: Meteor Tears!”

At the same time, with the help of the system, Wang Feng began to acquire all kinds of powerful martial spirits.
There is a strong attack-type martial spirit, and the Pangu ax is open to the sky! A powerful mysterious weapon spirit that surpasses the Clear Sky Hammer!
There is an auxiliary spirit, the mysterious chaotic Qinglian, transform into various forms, set all the support in one, and can attack, defend and assist!
There is also the third peerless body spirit, the Seven Deadly Sins Fallen Angel spirit, controlling the emotions and desires of living beings and dominating everything!

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08/14/22 Novelhunters c69 part2
08/14/22 Novelhunters c69 part1
08/13/22 Novelhunters c68 part2
08/13/22 Novelhunters c68 part1
08/07/22 Novelhunters c67 part2
08/07/22 Novelhunters c67 part1
08/06/22 Novelhunters c66 part2
08/06/22 Novelhunters c66 part1
08/05/22 Novelhunters c65 part2
08/05/22 Novelhunters c65 part1
07/31/22 Novelhunters c64 part2
07/31/22 Novelhunters c64 part1
07/30/22 Novelhunters c63 part2
07/30/22 Novelhunters c63 part1
07/28/22 Novelhunters c62 part2
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