Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai 《Tensei Jinsei o Tanoshimou!》


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While out walking the MC stumbles upon a crime scene.

He immediately tries to escape but gets stabbed.

When he came to, he found that the people around him were speaking a language he didn’t understand. Even among the 6 languages he knew it was something foreign.

Although seemingly having been transported into another world, he discovers that his original body did not follow with him. Instead he is now in the body of a Christopher, a sickly boy of 11 years old.

What will he do with his new life in a different body?

Associated Names
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I Have A Cheat Power But I Want To Live Relaxedly 「Let's Enjoy Reincarnated Life!」
チートあるけどまったり暮らしたい 《転生人生を楽しもう!》
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New Oz-kun
March 26, 2020
Status: --
First thing first, the translation sucks! I mean literally, this stupid translator I don't know and I don't care about your crap, you're a failure as a translator, there's a dozen of free labor translator out there, yet they took a pride for their work! Yet you, thinks like he own the WN, doing what everything he wanted to the dialog of the story.

It was like translated by a guy with 8th grade syndrome or a super weeb! The translation Itself was a bit creepy It you're gonna ask my... more>> honest opinion.

The story line IDK if it was the playfulness of this Faggot translator who think he already mastered the 'Art' of translation, but guess what? Every sentence doesn't make any sense.

So if you guys wanted to read this WN, better read the raw, or translate it on your own, It will save you from a shitte trap-chan translator. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
March 31, 2016
Status: --
Inferior version of http://www. novelupdates. com/series/the-man-picked-up-by-the-gods/

I say Inferior because the timing of events is so mess up. At least the novel above balance from store making and still with in the flow of the plot, but this thing is just *sigh*

The building a store thing is a little bit annoying. Recruiting staff explaining various things to sell (and it takes 1 whole chapter!)
Yup its boring....!

MC is OP? so what! what good is an OPness MC when what he did first was run a shop! It would be nice... more>> if MC was like an average person that badly needed money but in this novel MC is for crying out loud a Noble!

As of Chapter 21 there is no Clear plot of the story (I think there would be none in the first place)

Seriously I was excited with the school arc but what was that after the enrollment the ret*rd MC build a shop and start selling things!

*sigh* Yup this is one of those novel you would drop reading <<less
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Cookies rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: --
I'm not a fan of this novel. Not because of bad translation, or that it has a boring plot line. But because when I read the novel I feel like it is in monotone. The authors writing style makes you feel bored, almost as if you were sitting through a lecture where the professor used complete monotone. The plot is a little weird and shaky but not too bad. I highly suggest finding something different.
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October 15, 2017
Status: --
Can't say if it's good or bad, I just can't get past the cringe of reading a translation where random Japanese words are kept in English.

And no, not just the honorifics, that would be bearable, but words like desu, darou ne, kore wa kore wa, nanto... It's ridiculous.

You have been warned.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: c24
Kinda disappointing for me.. The very beginning I thought that it had potential but then with the very quick paced story I kinda got lost with what was happening in the story.. I was at a lost at starting around after getting the slave girl.. The personality or should I say attitude of the characters don't really show their age.. And when the character setting was released I was further confused by the race of the MC I think he's probably a half-elf..

I'm not sure if it was mentioned in... more>> the story what race the father was but when I computed he's age the father was already around 70+ when he got his wife pregnant who is around mid-twenties with the MC (unless he's a lolicon if you consider the age gap).. And I'm expecting a lot of time skip since his sister who is 4 years older than him is still at school then the school arc would last for at least until the MC is 20 years old, which would be boring because there probably be a lot of uninteresting business management (btw I like business management stories but as for this one it is boring..

[edited after reading c25v2]
The story is still fast paced & I can't still seem to grasp what the MC actually wants to do.. BUT! After the translator got an editor for the chapter the quality is a lot more higher, although there are still some parts that that could be improved, nevertheless before I had to trouble myself to edit it mentally which is tiring so now I could focus more on trying to understand the story.. I will still continue reading it until around c50 I think it's still too early to tell if it won't improve so for now I'd give it another star for the better translation quality. <<less
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Doventanzer rated it
February 12, 2016
Status: --
Lowlife-MC gets reincarnated with a cheat ability and a noble background.
Very template. 2/5
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Silvertin rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: c21
I can only rate this 3 stars, or as the site calls it "ok" It started off interesting, a few unexpected events, and a few bits I found funny, it was progressing well; however as of volume 1 chapter 16, the story just took a sudden and steep turn towards something terrible. It feels like I am reading a summarized version of the novel. Seriously its like, a series of huge events just happened and they were just glossed over in a manner similar to how some would skim through... more>> newspaper headlines. I will give you a quick outline of what had happened in the spoiler below, and the worst part is, through that outline is essentially not only how the chapter was written, but will also (I feel) practically be like reading the chapter itself.


MC wants to make a company, cannot use his house's name, but is allowed to separate the company from his family name (which he doesn't seem to do? Given that his house's emblem is plastered on the store). They then go over various details of what is needed to establish a company and a store, as well as the respective fees. It suddenly skips to how his company (they do not explain how) received capital for "limited small scale marketing." With that being done, we now suddenly have an MC making enchanted rings of strength and spell rings of sorts (simple stuff like a ring to make enough water for 1 glass to drink), and potions production. Overall no real explanation on how he is getting the materials to make these things, or the processes done to make them. At best he mentions there are two ways to make a potion, but doesn't really explain which he chooses or how that second process really works, and why does the magic circle even come into picture if he says he can't draw one on liquid? He just says he adds light attribute to the water.

Oh and through all this, did I mention the the slave he just saved was going to be the manager of the store? Or that she was freed from slavery so people wont look down on her? Yea, that is how much of a footnote that was. This important event that should have at least had some sort of touching scene, or maybe some politics at work. But no, just "There's a big possibility she will be underestimated, so I freed her from being my slave, to an ordinary citizen. That is it, that was the whole development. Anyone else feeling like we missed out on a big development or something? I am, and I imagine man others feel similarly about the other things that seemed to have been glossed over so roughly.


All this being said though, It was indeed an okay novel at first, but then that incident happened as of v1c16 that it greatly spoiled things for me. Giving it a few more chapters and it at least returned to an average "ok" feeling. Though I question how much he trusts others with things that should be "top secret." A few things still get somewhat glossed over, but its not too bad.

Overall I recommend giving it a try, see if its up your alley, who knows it may turn into something greater later on. Though for me it cannot keep my interest.

As another review stated, I would really recommend The man picked up by the gods, or Divine protection of many gods more than this series. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: c38
No one questions the fact the MC spoke different languages and all the sudden he has godly like powers. Its really funny at times but people love him too easily. The only thing that's stuck on my mind is why was the Little Sister sad...? I just can't help but be curious....!

But she never had a line and Author merely mentioned this in the beginning.

The story is everywhere and things keep changing fast.. The slave becomes free the next moment.. Just what was the point of all of it...?!
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July 30, 2016
Status: c1
I only read prologue and chapter 1 from both translators, and I have to say that it doesn't look good on the translation front.

One translator only did 2 chapters (and one is the prologue of just a few lines), and the quality is definitely right where you would expect from a machine translation, but it's approaching correct english.

The other that translated most of what is available posts chapters with so many syntax and grammar issues that it's making it harder to read, as you have to decipher quite a few... more>> phrases to get what they actually meant in the original text.

I'm not saying machine translation should not be used, it does bring us reader quite a lot more novels than we would otherwise get, but the lack of editing for a lot of them makes it harder to read and enjoy.
What's worse is when those translators not only accept donations, but also pushing for sponsored chapters (without properly disclosing the donations as they arrive either, making the whole 'I'll do 3 sponsored chapters a week' just a statement).

By the way, the donation page is also riddled with phrases that are not correct english, like:
"This donation will increased the release date of the story, although I will release the story 3 times a week with a donation I will make the story became faster"

I'm not going to rate the story, because a prologue and 1 chapter is not enough for that, but I will be dropping it from the novels I potentially wanted to read, because stopping at nearly every paragraph to decipher the actual meaning is not something I want to do unless I knew it got better later on (and from the latest chapter, it doesn't seem to be the case).

From chapter 1 (no spoiler, and one of the more tame examples) "While thinking that, he entered the convenience store automatic door."
Obviously it means he entered the convenience store, but it lacks "through the", or would need an other way to put the phrase together, because at first glance it looks like it's missing the possessive 's and that the protagonist is a wizard that enters the door itself.

If you are fine with this kind of things, then go ahead and read this story by all mean, but if you are put off by it, save your time. <<less
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zyd rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
Just another typical OP protagonist with slice of life genre
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