Chasing the Light


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When he meets him at the worst possible time, there is light in his life, and everything has been there ever since.

Liang Xincheng is a little star who has always been lukewarm, relying on CPs to attract fans, causing Xia Yuanhang to misunderstand him and have a prejudice against him at the beginning. And yet, because of the attention and fans they have been getting from acting in the same drama together, the two tacitly reach a long-term CP agreement.

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Zhuī Guāng
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January 18, 2023
Status: Completed
finished reading via mtl

the summary got me curious, so I decided to mtl the rest of the story. The mtl is pretty easy to understand, and the raws seem to be free on changpei (except for the fourth fanwai afaik). It starts off bitter for a while until a certain entanglement happens, leading MC and ML to get closer. From then on, everything goes smoother and happier for them. Both leads are actors, but neither of them have a strong background, and only reached their status thanks to their fans... more>> and managements' support, as well as their own hardwork. There is definitely some face-slapping, but it's honestly the leads suffering from the face-slap rather than them giving it to other people. It's honestly so-so for me, but it might be good for others. <<less
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damnmei rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: Completed
It's really hard for me to rate this novel. On one hand, I liked the subtlety of the feelings in the beginning, and it was really interesting how the MC would react to situations around him. His motivations were very unclear and the biases that other characters had against him were also a bit mysterious. It was interesting seeing him interact with the ML, and his true feelings would come out in small moments before being suppressed. A very interesting way of writing that I definitely appreciated.

However, though the subtlety... more>> was interesting, I feel like it was also this novel's weakest point. The feelings of the MC and ML were so vague in the first half of the novel that it really look me aback when the MC suddenly lashed out at ML, and also when ML started treating MC better. Not sure how exactly to describe it, but the shift was too abrupt for me and the emotional outbursts really felt out of place somehow.

I do like the MC and the ML individually, they are both quite complex characters, and I especially liked how ML wasn't some movie emperor or rich second generation- he was just another struggling actor like the MC. Together though, it felt like the timing wasn't quite right. Perhaps because the novel itself is quite short, but I do wish there was a little more time for their feelings to grow! I feel like the potential was there for a little more angst and pining, especially given how the first half of the novel was written.

I think the main issue for me is that even though MC was technically pining

for 10 years over ML, he suppressed those feelings too well to the point that as a reader, it wasn't clear until literally almost after him and ML got together. There was very little time for the unrequited love to be processed as a reader before the two of them started dating, so I didn't ever feel the MC's pain of having spent such a long time pining over a ML that actively disliked the MC.


I will say though, it was very satisfying reading ML's reacting to finding out the truth about MC's feelings for him, though the scene of his realization was pretty short. Overall I mostly enjoyed the novel and the translation is really well done, it's just the masochist in me that wishes the pain could have been a bit more intense haha <<less
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Solivagant rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I was so eager to write this since there's only so little review for this novel!

This is a story where the protagonist fall in love first.

If this is a mary sue novel, the MC, Liang xincheng, will be the villain character who is a sl*t that loves to seduce anyone and hype fake CP everywhere in order to get popular and standing in the way of a white lotus character who is liked by many (even the ML at first). Except that, the villain is actually being misunderstood! And don't... more>> worry the white lotus character is also a good person.

Because MC is so attractive & has seductive look, he always get the attention of many people, and even his fans love to throw CP to almost every male actor he need to cooperate with, even his boss. (But don't worry, the famous male actor and the boss he is paired with both have their own respective real partners)

And well, MC is very human. He allowed his agent to hype several pairing of his fake CP because he knows that it is necessary for his exposure in order to survive in the entertainment world. But he still hold on tightly to his moral line, not selling his body even though he got many offers.

The first 20 chapters are bit hard to go through because so many people misunderstood MC, and so is ML! I felt so annoyed by the way he treats MC. It was so hurtful since readers can know from early on that MC has feeling for ML despite the author not explicitly told it. I feel really wronged for MC. Imagine having your 10-years-crush treats you coldly and hv prejudice against you :' (

But luckily, later, ML started to realize that MC is different from the rumors and slowly fall in love with MC. And after their relationship is established, ML is so gentle and doting towards MC!

ML is also very human. He is not a president nor a film emperor. He is just like MC, a rising star who get splashed by dirty water and scandals.

But the character I love the most is the MC! He is a hardworking actor and a very devoted loyal lover. I love how he is firm with his stance to handle any issue related to him and ML, not allowing his boss or company to meddle in their matters, and how he never hesitate to show his care for ML, thus exposing his liking to ML. And he is a very proactive, honest and open about his feeling for ML. He is firm in front of others, but soft in front of ML :') <<less
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fameyreads rated it
September 27, 2023
Status: c50
I don’t really know how to feel about this novel. I actually wanted to put this down in early chapters, but I stayed for the MC because I feel sad for him and just wanted to see him happy. I never really liked the ML. I especially dislike his character setting at the start. Until the end, I don’t feel anything for ML but since he’s the one who makes our MC happy then I just read on.

Given that this is a relatively short novel, I understand how the pacing... more>> and the storytelling lacks details. It is like reading a summary of what is happening in MC and ML’s life most of the time, especially in the latter part of the novel. I felt disconnected because there aren’t just depth anymore. Idk how to better explain it.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re an especially nitpicking person. But it’s enough to pass the time. It has it’s moments. <<less
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Inn Auni
Inn Auni rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Such a nice person, because of a crush, was willing to enter murky water. Thankfully, MC was not naive. He fought back when needed. MC wasn't flawless but, my motherly instinct just wanted to protect him.

ML was cold towards MC because of misunderstandings. Chapter 1 to 19 was hard to swallow. MC was in a lone boat and everyone around him was hurting him intentionally or unintentionally.

The turning point was what happened in Macao. ML started to open him heart and eyes towards MC. And MC, like an eager puppy... more>> was willing to attach himself to ML.

There's nothing over the top in this novel. Probably because it was short, the writer did not want to write unnecessary plot. <<less
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wuliao23 rated it
November 13, 2023
Status: Completed
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars

Very good short read and good translation as well.

The novel is set in the entertainment industry and mainly focuses on the MC&ML's relationship from business colleagues to lovers.

One of the reasons I wanted to read this novel was bc of the angst. I wasn't looking for a full on tragedy but something that was a bit sad with fluff to compensate it and this novel fulfilled what I was looking for. The angst is mostly the ML's misunderstanding about the MC and a bit about the... more>> MC's past. Tbh, the ML at the beginning of the story made me hard to believe how they could end up together, but as I continued reading and the novel showed the ML's slowly changing perspective of the MC, I was hoping they would get together sooner.

I also like how realistic the MC is in a way because he isn't someone that is powerful and rich but he's someone that got to where he is due to his hard work and persistance.

One character I was pleasantly surprised about was Ding Yao, because at first, I thought he

was a white lotus. However, he was actually just genuinely a naive and good-natured kid.

I'm glad the author didn't write DY into that type of character because I can't imagine how much more horribly the MC would've been treated by everyone if that were the case.

Overall, I would recommend this story if you're looking for an entertainment setting about a novel where the MC&ML take some time to get together (because they need to develope the friendly relationship first) and like some sprinkles of angst but mostly fluff along the way. Also, if you enjoy reading a story where there's no real "villain" (aside from a few unimportant cannon folders used to drive the MC&ML's relationship). <<less
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Raylique rated it
October 7, 2023
Status: c51
It's really a nice reading. A light story with nice plot, not too heavy but also has a little bit of spice. Recommend it!! 👍
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Tecchan123 rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Novel was translated well and easy to read. As for the characters and plot, I'd say it's alright. The first few chapters were a bit hard to read since the MC was being wronged so much (and ML played a part in it too) .

The characters were also very immature and impulsive in many scenes and it sometimes felt like their careers weren't really a priority. I'm surprised how easy it was for the characters to get over the bad rep they got from their own actions lol. But I... more>> guess for a short 50 chapter novel, it's understandable.

As for the MC and ML's relationship, I like how the author expressed the MC's one-sided love in subtle ways. The ML's change of heart was just a bit too fast for me. Lol He went from hating on MC to being comfortable about confiding on MC about his problems really quick. And MC was just there with open arms and was there for him all the time.

I didn't really get the satisfaction I was looking forward to since I thought there was going to be more of ML chasing the MC and a bit more angst. But as I mentioned earlier, the pacing can be justified because it's a short novel. <<less
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