CEO Husband Please Be Refrained


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In the past life she was stripped from her inheritance by a scumbag who forced her husband’s death and is responsible for her death during her pregnancy. When she opens her eyes again, she’s back to the place where her mother drugged and sold her to. It was the scumbag who rescued her but she went directly into the arms of her “husband” begging for him to take her away.

She became the well-known among the upper class of Beijing as the arrogant young miss. But nobody knew that she gave it her all just to court her ‘husband’. A lot of time Mo Beichen couldn’t help but wonder, “Xia Weilan, what do you want to do?

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Addicted To Teasing The Husband: CEO Husband Please Be Restrained
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daisukenowaifu rated it
January 27, 2021
Status: c83
Cockroach villains who have no shame? Yes.

FL who's halo is so powerful? Yes.

ML, the typical overbearing CEO who only has eyes for her? Yes.

... more>> Just a typical dog blood reincarnation novel. The novel loops like this: FL encounters a new environment where she is underestimated/hated and faces setbacks and trials in which she comes out victorious, drawing the admiration from the 'masses' and the support of powerful backers. Plus, some envy her and attack her pointlessly leading only to their pitiful fall.

Everytime she is 'attacked', the ML magically appears and saves her. (Or maybe not magically because the author comes up with a lousy reasoning.) Makes me wonder if he really is a CEO or a stalking bodyguard. It happened so many times that even I can't turn a blind eye to it. She always escapes safely without a "scratch", which just makes me want to stick my nails in her flesh and draw blood to do the villains a favor.

The villains aren't creative with their attacks either.

They always send some hooligans to r*pe her. Dude, 21st century! You can ruin people without touching them.


Plus, they are usually girls which annoys me to no ends. Ouyang Mingqi was forgotten by the author (not mentioned for 25+ chapters) even though he seemingly had a big impact in the last life.

The villains make no sense. Their vengeance for the FL stems from nothing meaningful. Really no sense of preservation. In extreme contrast, all the bigshots make a big deal out of her.

I pity Xia Roulin. Darling, if you only worked on yourself instead of worrying about others then you would have made so much progress. It wasn't like you were unnecessarily oppressed.


Overused plot, mediocre execution.

All in all, I liked it. I came for the 'husband-teasing' and stayed for the nonsensical plot. It's like eating the cardboard pizzas in my school cafeteria. It was horrid, but I still spent my money on it. It was addicting and sometimes even downright hilarious because of the nonsense.

But I won't be sticking around for the updates, maybe come back if I was bored out of my mind. I bet this book is going to have 1000+ chapters (if I was wrong, forget you ever read this).

The translation is phenomenal, though. Kudos to you, translator. <<less
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Daneya rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c88
The amount of stuff that she goes through is utterly ridiculous, and she’s way too forgiving! She doesn’t forgive her parents or relatives for what they did to her, but what her husband and friends do to her, she forgives without a thought! I am so upset with how the ML behaved throughout this novel, I am so ashamed. His personality and attitude just get worse and worse as the book goes on, it can definitely be considered emotional abuse at this point and I’m not here for it.

If it... more>> was just about her fixing her mistakes and changing things from the past, it’d be good, but with the addition of the budding relationship with her husband, it’s really not it for me. He is my least favorite character in the novel at this point, and that’s saying something!!! <<less
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Beccablue rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: c144
Villains that just keep coming back with the tenacity of an undying c*ckroach, yes.

A cold, possessive but also sweet and warm to the FMC, yes.

A cheeky sidekick trying to get a cold female bodyguard. Yes.

The FMC is clever enough with business matters that you can not worry about the 19yo having as much responsibility as she does. A rare thing is that this FMC actually asks for help. So many times the FMC needs to achieve everything on her own that it can get frustrating and annoying. Getting help doesn't... more>> make you weak and asking for help doesn't mean that you can't do something. Weilan gets help. She also has some pretty good luck. She is a bit innocent when you consider that this is her second life and everything she has experienced. That part doesn't make much sense. But fine. Just let her be doe eyed.

The Main couple don't have many misunderstanding caused by miscommunication, which is nice. However, the ML can have a bit of a jealous, sulky streak.

Is this something that I would put on my top 10 list? No.

Is it something I will keep reading? Yes.

Is it something I would recommend to others? If this is a troupe you enjoy, then sure.

The first half of the description is fine, the second paragraph isn't really relevant. She doesn't become arrogant and she doesn't really have to do much to get the ML to like her. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: c87
TL DR It's at best a 3

Everyone in this novel is completely insane. The villains run intelligence networks that make the NSA green with envy, have access to endless manpower, but are still hung up over minor McGuffins.

Bottom line if you like kamikaze villains that blow themselves up. All powerful ceos that can't say more than 5 words, and everyone is completely crazy you'll like this.
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