Carven Jade


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Qin Yan was already a demonic cultivator when Fu Changling met him for the first time.

He had killed Fu Changling’s entire family before he placed an old jade in his palm.

He had said: Fu Changling, people are like jade. Only after they had weathered through the hundred sorrows of life and death, could they acknowledge their truest strength.

With this, their swords clashed as they spent half their lives trying to kill each other.

He had delivered Qin Yan to his trial on the Judiciary Platform to be hacked to death and watched as he cut out his love root.

Fu Changling died and was reborn into the year when he was seventeen.

This time, he met Qin Yan much earlier and was also informed of the truth that he hadn’t known in his past life.

And so, with his body drenched in blood, he climbed his way before Qin Yan and told him in a hoarse voice:
“Once, you’ve gone into the Golden Light Temple and suffered long nails driven through your bones; you fought ten thousand ghouls in the Ten Thousand Bone Cliffs; you waited for an entire night in a stormy rain at the Bridge of Reincarnation; you have lit the zen lanterns for ten years in the Unsullied Palace—all for my sake. Qin Yan, it was you who fell in love with me first.”

“But I’ve forgotten.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember, because I do.”

Shivering, Fu Changling took out the very same jade Qin Yan gave him back then. Stained with blood, he lifted his gaze at Qin Yan, and said word-by-word repeatedly—

‘People are like jade; that needs to be carved to become a fine specimen. Only when they are chiselled and carved by knives and axes, weathered through the hundred pains of life and death, could they acknowledge their truest strength.’

“Presently, Changling has truly turned into a carven jade,” Fu Changling swallowed as he spoke, “Would Shixiong be willing to start over?”

This is a path of redemption. Even if he has to walk through a field of thorns, he would give anything for that chance.

Cold and repressed sword cultivator shou (Qin Yan) x Suave and talkative Daoist cultivator gong (Fu Changling)

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Zuó yù
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New meridianna rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: Completed
read the translation then can't wait and MTL.... only in 3 days.

super short comment: head hurt, brain empty

it's practically a crime that danmei this good is unknown and only has few fanarts. but there is audio drama in Manbo so I guess not all hope is lost.

... more>>

misunderstood each other but falling in love => gong killed shou => reborn => meet again => falling love again => big villain showed => big villain told why he did this all => gong tried to reason with big villain => both gong and big villain 'ascend' (aka unalive) => shou left behind => shou spread kindness => gong picked up shou to 'ascend' (aka unalive)

don't fault me, it's just super short summary. also I think I'm gonna boycott 'ascend to heaven together' and 'reincarnated together' endings


also, author-sama, is there extra?!! <<less
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glaceon_cute rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This is more of a plot-driven story and has a very clear plot structure of The Fichtean Curve aka having many climaxes (3 of them). The author knows what she wants to do and the goal of MC is very clear: wanting to change the past. There is no random event, everything that happens contributes to the plot, albeit the events are not very creative.

The story is special not just because of this deep love between two main characters that continue two lives, but I honestly amazed at how the... more>> author demonstrated the psychological part of all characters in the story. If you have read some of Romance novels by Mo Shu Bai, you would know how delicate her writing and descriptions are. There are no good or bad people, we are humans that act on our natures. The novel portrays lots of selfishness and unfairness of people, however, the story didn't weigh on making them pay by death, but encouraged people to change and carry that sin forwards. There are deaths, there are sacrifices, even the two main characters have to pay the price for what they have done wrong, even though it was because there were being tricked by others in the first life.

The inner thoughts of both main characters are complex. The story is told from Changling's perspective, so its mood feels lighter than it actually is since Changling is an optimistic guy (but holds lots of regrets and couldn't forgive himself). Qin Yan is an introvert but cares a lot about others, he sacrificed everything and doesn't need anyone to pay it back, which is the ultimate reason that causes Changling desperate since Changling doesn't know who he should atone for. <<less
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XYJ rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It's not bad. The MC and ML are very fleshed out, and their inner thoughts are very thoroughly explored. I like that they're both complicated characters that feel 3D, and that they, like real people, don't understand themselves nearly as well as they think they do. This is practically the entire reason I give this 4 stars. (And cause there's some interesting themes exploring sacrifice and martyrdom too.)

The setting/plot/romance are all OK.


... more>>

There's some worldbuilding problems that disrupted my suspension of disbelief. The biggest one was that, even though it's repeatedly stated throughout the novel that cultivators can live hundreds or even thousands of years... the world-building elements really don't reflect the kind of changes that that kind of longevity would have on their fictional society. An example of this kind of worldbuilding hole is MC's dad. Supposedly, before he became the head of the Fu family, there was a whole list, going up to the 100s of potential heirs, and all of them had to duke it out, but when he became head, he changed a whole lot about the Fu family so that they're not so cutthroat, and only the head's children can be heir. Mind you, this change happens in only 17/18 years, because when the MC was 0 yrs old, his dad was not the head yet, but by the time he's 17, everything's changed. It seems kind of funky that the traditions family that's likely centuries/millennia old can be changed just like that. And it's not that his personal power is so great either, cause if it was, he wouldn't need to distance himself from his son in order to protect him.

Another huge issue, is that, also within 17/18 years, the demon cultivators managed to seed their agents all throughout Yunze, which..... seems too preposterous, considering that again, cultivators are supposed to be able to live for centuries, meaning one could assume that the turnover for positions of authority is rather long. There's no way they could've gotten so many plants into high places that quickly and not raised all the eyebrows. (They only started sending spies after the blood pool incident with the Yue lady, which only happened when the MC was around 0/1 years old, and by the time he's 17//18, their plants have gotten all the way to the top).

And quite a few people who shouldn't have had the cultivation necessary to ascend (or just straight up died) somehow end up as immortals in the upper realm at the end. wat even....




The plot seems intriguing and neat in the first half, when they're trying to find out the mystery/conspiracy of the demon cultivators. But then, once they mix in all the mystery/conspiracy stuff regarding how the righteous cultivators were trying to create new spirit veins using human lives, all the "who's in on which conspiracy" gets way too messy, and the plotlines mesh into a confusing soup that I can't make heads or tails of.

The ending is also very deus ex machina, which, ymmv.




Personally I don't like this dynamic where one of the characters is constantly groveling before an unmoving ice statue and licking its feet. And where one person in the relationship is far far more invested in it than the other. But then again, ymmv. They do 'get together' in the end, though the MC is still walking on eggshells around the ML and it's not a comfortable feeling you get from reading it. And. in the epilogue after their 3000 year separation, it just seems like the distance between them has stretched so much as to be insurmountable. The ML's feelings towards MC weren't all that strong before they were separated, and by the end, the ML seems to have already... idk "seen through the vanity of the material world" (看破红尘) and makes the "romance" in the epilogue even more... bleh.

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BambooTriangle rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c30
This novel gave me three qi deviations in one read and I don't regret anything!

Main character, Fu Changling is a very deep and well-written character with the funniest responds ever. His ability to spout bullsh*t is formidable. On the other hand, ml, Qin Yan is cold but a very selfless person, able to sacrifice everything for the person he loves.

Read if you want intense emotions, amazing world building and fascinating plot!
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Ilover rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c30
Read this novel because of the tags. Didn't expect it to be so wholesome and heart-wrenching at moments, and it is kind of similar to Husky and his white cat shizun. Both MCs are semes, both are reborn when they were Seventeen, they also both have misunderstandings in their past life that they haven't resolved, although in carved jade the ML is also reborn. Their love interests are strangely similar that they both endured suffering for the mc

... more>>

In Husky, Wanning did all those things because of love, he was misunderstood by Mo Ran because he thought he was a selfish, unfeeling person who doesn't give a damn about others but he found out that he's just a cold tsunii and really deserves love and Mo Ran even questions would he even be worthy of his shizun? Does he even deserve him, despite all he suffered for him?😭 While in Carved Jade, Fu Changling went back when he was Seventeen, and surprise - Qin Yan, our ML, the one who endured the punishment that was supposed to be for him, the one who loved him despite all, who betrayed his friends, his family, killed his teacher, and pursued the demonic path, all because of his mistakes that he couldn't face to, and died because of love, really makes my eyes sting and srsly stories like this is what makes a really good novel


All the drama, the angsts, the misunderstandings, and when our MC finally realized the truth, even though he knew that Qin Yan was 'Yanning', he said that it was good enough that he is by his side, and his goal is to still help his sect, preventing the disaster that may happen in his previous life.


although it didn't help that he is still stealing glances at Qin Yan💙💙


And the plot just further thickens...

how will Changling find out that Qin Yan is reborn as well?

Why did the Avici showed up in the chapter 30?

Does Qin Yan still have feelings for Changling?

Will things unfold as they were in his previous life? Or is there a reverse effect because of what their actions' doing?

Hoping for more🤗

Hope for future updates from this novel and thanks for translating this, I really enjoyed it even though it's only 30 chapters in~ <<less
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chrysanthenum rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: prologue
Already one of my favorite novels! The plot is so well constructed and complex. The writing is also very engaging. Every chapter was so emotional for me, and I fell in love with the MC and ML right away. The descriptions were on point and I could really resonate with the characters' emotions. I couldn't even stop myself from reading since I was so invested in this novel full of heart-rending, nostalgic, comedic, and heartwarming moments. This is definitely a must-read! I absolutely wasn't expecting the story and the translations... more>> to be so exceptional; it deserves so much more recognition. I hope that many more readers will find this gem. Furthermore, the way the translator formatted this is so beautiful. Not enough words can express my appreciation for this novel and the translations. I really don't want to read an MTL version because I feel that it won't do justice to this masterpiece. Dear translation group, please never give up on this novel! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my favourite novel. So many plot twists, drama, angst misunderstanding, emotional scenes.

Fu Changling wish is very simple. He want to stay and grow together with his Qin Yin. He does not want to be a good person. He just want to fulfill his lover wish.

But the simpe wish is sometime not simple especially when your lover carries the burden of the people/world. Who is evil? Who is good? Who is my friend?Where is my relatives?
Karma will come back. You have to pay the debt you... more>> own.

Go and travel together with Changling, he will give you different flavour ; sweet, bitter, sour etc. Sometimes he eat alone. Sometimes he has someone. Even same dish, depend on who you have, flavour is different. enjoy ! <<less
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Anissia rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: Completed
I really love this story. The plot is really engaging, no fillers or draguing plot, the side characters are also really interesting, each of them have their own story and perspective, and you really come to love and understand them, they don't feel like side characters just made to "advance" the story or to make it "interesting and fun", they are fully part of the main plot and each would seem as the main character of their own story if you built it from their perspective. The complex love between... more>> the main characters is so beautiful, it isn't smooth sailing or simple at all, it involves many personnal struggles and beliefs, the struggle between upholding your beliefs firmly and selflessly or choosing your love freely and somewhat selfishly is really heartache inducing, but this dilemma doesn't make the love between them any less real or moving, it's a deeply rooted love, the difficulties it faces only makes it deeper, more beautiful, like fine aged wine. <<less
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Plain Heyoka
Plain Heyoka rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
There is happiness and sadness in the writing, and it talks about the humanity of the human heart. There are no real saints, nor are there really any extremely evil people. In different circumstances and encounters one will make different choices. The right and wrong is actually a difference in position, and good and evil depend on one's thought. The story has a structure and content, and the characters are vivid and clear. It's also a chance to think about the moral boundaries of human beings. Oh, and the twists... more>> and turns. I think the author did a pretty good job with this one. Anyway, I think it's worth reading. <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c40
Oh well, the MC is reborn and realizes that the household he is in will be slaughtered tonight, more than a hundred people. And the only thing he thinks of is how to run. It doesn't even cross his mind to try to help people; granted, some of them tried to harm him but not everyone including women and children!

It kinda set the tone. Later the MC repeatedly decides he has nothing to do with the ML's fate, even though he seems to be 'in love' with him in the... more>> previous life. Until something happens that turns the MC into an annoying dog plaster, oh my, why do authors think that it's enough for a character to keep repeating 'I'll do anything for you' to prove his love instead of actually doing something... <<less
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