Can’t Stop Craving Potions


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First reincarnation.

I saw the very limit of being an A class.

Yet, I still died without ever finding out how to advance to a higher class.

Second reincarnation.

Finally, I became an S class.

Park Chun-woo became the world’s first adventure to reincarnate twice in his lifetime, leaving his name for all to know.

Third reincarnation.

I learned all the possible skills a hunter could learn.

2,511 skills.

There wasn’t a single skill that Park Chun-woo did not learn.

Fourth reincarnation.

I broke the limit. I ascended my own potential.

I surpassed my own potential, maximizing 215 skills.

However, I still failed…

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물약이 자꾸 땡겨
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fumufumufufu rated it
January 21, 2017
Status: c7
The setting is a mess. We get an MC that is OP and has a reincarnation cheat but wastes his time for 7 years even when it is his last reincarnation. We don't know any of the background of his previous reincarnations, we only get that he has a mission given to him, and this is his last chance to do it. The author doesn't give us any information on what happened in the previous incarnations and just tells us the past in the recollection of the MC. That is... more>> bound to bring up asspulls for the convenience of the MC, like many OP MC novels.

Now for the MC, he has a grand plan, but then he idles around for 7 years thinking that everything from the previous incarnations would still be the same like

when another S-rank companion shows up but then that companion is not a S-rank but is the president of korea. The MC is the reincarnate how could he assume everything will just be the same when the reason for his 7 year break is to cause change in this timeline. That is just plain s*upid.

Another is that is his attitude, he acts like those people that gained some high position and acts like he can do anything and everything.

Like when another S-rank wanted to convince him, and then he almost crippled that S-rank, when for his plan he needs strong individuals for it, thats a s*upid move and unnecessarily cruel. For another is when a dungeon opened that was not in the previous time line because of the changes, it took the President to go to him and beg to return to being a hunter (he bowed which is a pretty high showing of respect in korean culture).

He needs people to beg and push him so he can act, which is just unnecessarily when you are planning something. In a novel which just centers around the MC you will need to have a highly developed MC to balance out the OPness of that MC or a good supporting cast or even just a good setting. This novel got none of those. So its a 1 star. <<less
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ediav42 rated it
February 4, 2017
Status: c13
Ok. So looks are a tad deceiving and shouldn't be judged right off the bat. Suffice to say that the MC may seem lazy, and he does genuinely enjoy peaceful moments in his hammock, but he is actually really hard working for his goal. You should at least read up to where I have read (where the translation is so far is 13) before you judge the novel and the MCs action and decide whether to drop it or continue with the story. That is all
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c5
Too early to write a full review on the story itself. This is just a review of the five first chapters.

From the description I thought that the story would be based on a RPG/Fantasy/Medieval World with swords and magics, but it's actually in a modern world, with magics, skills and mana.

The MC is an ex-hunter, S-class, with two professions, whose past is unknown at the moment (first 5 chapters) beside his multiples reincarnations and that he's pursuing a goal. To achieve whatever goal he has, he's been drinking potions. Everyone... more>> misunderstood his actions thinking that he became an alcoholic since he's always seen with tons of empty bottles. TL;DR
- The story revolves around misunderstandings and his goals
- MC is OP, S-class, first person with two professions, ex-hunter at 18 y/o.
- Modern world with monster waves and RPG-like skills, jobs, etc.
- Translation is good with some funny TN. Like the sound people make when the get up in Korea or when you take your snot back in (see ch. 4). The story has a lot of potential and mysteries to it, though it is too early to give it a full review.
I do recommend this novel to anyone who wishes to read something new. I will update this review as the story goes on.

For those who like this kind of novels [RPG/Fantasy skills, mana etc. + Modern world], I recommend Seoul Station’s Necromancer. <<less
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BrotherofHavok rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c17
Not much can be said for this story since its still really early, but I can say that I am interested. OP MC is getting high/drunk on potions and relaxing.

He seems to have a plan for something, but is now realizing that something has gone awry and he might actually have to do some work. I love the way that people try to convince him to work and he's like the immovable object because he's so powerful. I get the feeling that he'll fight all of China's upper ranked hunters and still win. I hope its an epic battle filled with desperation for China's forces.


A little confusing about his reincarnation. Is his awakening a reincarnation? Do people rank up by living multiple lives in an instant when they awaken? What's the golden light when they rank up/awaken? Curious what the author is going to do.


Still waiting to see where the author takes the story. Good foreshadowing and a really interesting background into the "can't stop craving potions" aspect of the story.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rusticsoldier rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: c17
At first I was interested. But it got really annoying. When MC is always right always a know it all. Always has the correct solution. Yet has a pretty bad personality. Everyone else had to basically bow before his superiority. It felt like annother crappy xianxia novel. I was even hoping for humor... but the only thing I could see him doing was threatening to beat anyone who pointed out his bad habits. No jokes have happened that I could see. Unless you count the fact that if anyone points... more>> out his behavior he beats them so they dont point out thagt he is a ass.

I guess MC character is solid. And it is readable. Translator is good. Cant say much for his taste of novels but he is a good translator. <<less
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Ataro rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: c5

Thank you for translating this novel.

Comedy is the main genre in this novel is stated above. MC is easy going (this is how it looks like for now). There seems to be a story, but I think it will take until chapter seven to really understand what is going on.

It is a nice novel to read, and good for filling empty time in your schedule. However, each chapter is just too short that it isn't fulfilling at all. Three chapter barely felt like one normal chapter from other novels. I... more>> will give this novel 4 stars until chapters pack up a bit, cuz for now it's just isn't cutting it. I hope it improves later on. <<less
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NIlsy rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: --
Think the title implies a kind of lazy slice of life OP'ness which it does not quite deliver.

Its a pretty decent story, like what little there is translated but its to serious for its name and first impression so while it does deliver a nice story its does not deliver what you belive ur going to get.
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Nvelist rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c17
Profoundly such another great story hailing from KR.

The plot is a bit confusing but upheaval of its revealing chapters entailing what's its all about. Don't be upset and sees the main cover as nothing worthy to read. You'll regret it as this cover has more into it.

The world is like of those others novels in KR famously in which the modern world become anew due to magic that then create fantasy setting to the entirety of the planet. Like monsters, dungeons, items, legendary, innovation and threats to each other. Mostly... more>> revolved Hunters here as the main existence dealing with dangerous creatures, dungeon clearing, military exploit and others more. Characters are great but there's no dame yet (there was that secretary) as it set on to 4 dudes with MC being one of them. Surprisingly North Korea doesn't exist as its merged to South Korea making the whole peninsula a complete Korean nation as this event happen in the future.

Sadly been canceled by the publishing company like those a**holes not sharing the new volumes in the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Hope someone could find a way to continue translating this as another great novel being shunned by those dirtbags. <<less
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