Can’t Afford to Offend My Scheming Disciple


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Zhuo Hua had been terribly suffering from diseases all his life. On his twenty-third birthday, he passed away quietly in the hospital bed. Unexpectedly, he transmigrated into a cultivation book and accordingly gained a healthy body. Looking at the little boy, Nan Chen, he thought that he was definitely going to treat him well this time.

Nan Chen, a boy supposed to be specially privileged, established his cultivation foundation at the age of ten. Having been favored by his master, he never thought that his master was actually a hypocrite who had actually killed his parents. Besides, Nan Chen was raised by his master as a cauldron, an instrument which worked as a catalyzer to cultivate immortality. Apart from it, his master was so evil that he would be turned on upon seeing a male… Nan Chen finally acquired the Demons’ Book and became the Demon Lord. Nonetheless, he had never expected to be killed by his master in the end.

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Poopster rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: c178
Dropped. I initially wished to give a 2 star but chose 1 star to keep the balance. Very critical review ahead so don't let me influence your opinion ^^ feel to disagree but don't bother me with it.

  • Plot: 5/10
The title and summary of this novel drew me in because I love master-disciple relationships. I might have rated it higher but I felt too much parallels with other novels that this story felt a little.. Unoriginal. However there were still a few elements that caught me off guard and after the... more>> climax, eg:


MC's second death (when he was a master) I didn't expect that we would get a modern world arc with the ML as well. Ultimately still felt the plot was rather cheaply written but looking at just the plot, I believe it deserves credit. Before that point though, I kept seeing parallels to SVSSS which I love (not that I'm accusing the author of plagiarism, no) as well as stereotypical xianxia plot points.


Imo, perhaps this novel would've worked better if the main plot was xianxia/wuxia, not romance. Because I certainly didn't feel any romance at all.

  • Writing: 3.5/10
Writing & plot go hand in hand, and I say this with love because this novel really did have a lot of potential. However, I found the writing (minding the nuances that may have been lost in translation) very poor, almost lazy.

There were lots of convenient time jumps spanning from months to a whole decade, and because of that I hardly felt any connection to the characters.

We jump around alot between POVs which I believe had the purpose of keeping the readers in mystery. This technique was effective, but it also annoyed me. I wish that perhaps the story flowed a little smoother, as the side character POVs were frankly, skippable.

In fact I felt a lot of scenes were skippable so I did skip alot of chapters and found I could still follow the plot easily. Idk bout you but imo this is a sign of bad writing, only because some scenes were there for the /sake/ of being there, not to built the plot nor to build character. This would be fine if I had atleast found them entertaining, but I didn't.

  • Characters: 5/10
The characters are somewhat varied, but sadly quite 2 dimensional. Bad is bad, good is good kinda thing. MC is a Mary Sue with hardly any opinion. I get that he was a sickly master in the past life and all that, but if man's a spice he'd be flour. Very bland except for his goodlooks and forever-extending kindness. Wish there were more to him, and this is the same for the disciple, Nan Chen the ML as well.

I liked some of the characters but ultimately I do not feel any attachment except for, maybe:


Li, an adopted half ghost half human orphan and Kaka, a tongsi who had bonded with MC a quarter into the plot. Both are quite lovable.


  • Translation Quality: 3/5
Good, enough to understand which I am grateful for ❤️ but I will say it is not the best because there were what I call 'modern' language which somewhat spoiled the historical feeling.

Eg: "okay" instead of "indeed/ very well/understood". People of before are incessantly polite and use intricate vocabulary so it's too bad it is not present in the tl. Might be how the novel was written in the first place which if it is, nvm.

TLDR; OK writing & translation with mediocre plot, interesting character cast that was weakened by poor execution. Might just be me being overcritical as I had high expectations because I love disciple-master relationships, though. Please do try reading it yourself for atleast the first 10 chapters ^^ <<less
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Roop rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: c82
I have been reading novels for more than a year and it's getting difficult to get good novels n this novel may not be the best but it is definitely worth the time spend.

Although I haven't completed the novel but I really do like it. It is a bit fast pacing novel. Up untill 82 the misunderstandings still have not been cleared. ML still thinks that MC is the one who caused his n his parent's death in his previous life and this life and MC knows nothing about blackening... more>> of ML. You'll definitely won't find any romance up untill now though both had s*x coz MC have lust poison in his body n MC was under the control of his inner deamon but ML doesn't remember it (MC does) . Also there are not way too many interactions between both like both are avoiding each for their own reasons.

I'm regretting that I started it without it getting fully translated coz I can't find raws anywhere and to leave it or to wait for 3 days for one chapter is really torture for me. <<less
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January 18, 2022
Status: --
This story has an interesting plot and ideas, unfortunately the execution of the story itself is very bad.

It was really bad to the point that it looked like a novel written by an elementary school kid.
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Kristoff p
Kristoff p rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c150
this story probley has one of the best smooth transition between the revenge to romance miner spoiler

from culitivation world to marden word back to culitivation word I have ever seen so far

the story never got bored as soon as you think the story gets a little dull the other switches it up on you this is not a masterpiece class work but it is a solid 4.65 out of 5 worth reading
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slqlmaoo rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: --
The description is really interesting, the reason why I read this. The novel is very good and the desire of revenge of the Gong adds more thrill and fun.

The both of them likes deceiving each other especially the Gong. Although it's obvious that he's worried of the Shou, he'll always say that it's because of revenge just like

just like when the Shou surrounded a ward between Luo Yao and him to protect the other cultivators or I don't know what their name is. The Gong's really cruel at that... more>> time 'cause he's worried how the Shou died just like that and not worried to the Shou itself (it's pretty obvious.)

And the Shou is sick. I like sick shou and scheming Gong, y'know the feel when the Gong is shock when he find out that the one he hated have an illness or sort.

I have read another similar novel to this called "It's not easy being a master" but the plotline is different.

The similarities are the Shou is from the modern world, got transmigrated to the novel he read as the white lotus master while the Gong is the one who suffered from the hands of the original master, died from there hands and got reborn as the same them in years ago.

Overall, 4.7 out of 5... <<less
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kaye_empheral rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c116
I felt like the story could have ended there after NC and ZH finally met again, going back to modern world seemed unnecessary.

Wasn't really feeling it to read past chapter 115

The journey was fun but the destination was OK

Romance is non-existent but I like the MC almost an embodiment of Buddha which most what typical transmigration to novels [bl] and the similar self-sacrifice for the character they connect with the most. 3.5/5

More fun as a Norm Wuxia novel than a Bl as said by Poopster
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rorowingaway rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: c100
I was originally excited to read this book because of the MC x ML duo. However, it disappointed me a lot indeed. The ML is just too oblivious its infuriating. Like 3.9/4 of the novel in and he is still in denial of "he has not changed" or "can't change its spots" when the clues are straight out smacked onto his face that the MC was not the other evil guy who ab*sed him etc. I understand that he might have went through indeed a lot in his last timeline... more>> but come on. You cannot be this oblivious no? Chapter 100 and you're still denying the fact that you have feelings for him AND that MC is not the OG MC? So annoying. Disappointed. <<less
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AllShipper rated it
April 15, 2024
Status: c114
Everything Poopster said. The book had a potential but was poorly executed. NC was blinded by hate throughout, expected but still. Some things felt rushed, jumped.

Some of the plot has no logicallity. ... more>>

Wdym he went ahead to become a heavenly will? Parallel universe? The sudden miracle of the ZH being alive in the modern world? And wdym NC established a high company just in 3 months?


Things were somehow rushed before but became ridiculously so after going back to earth whatever. It is as if the author is too lazy to come with convincing development and plot. Mty brain cells were beginning to drop.

Chapter 114 but there's still no romantic development between the characters. I've read many love-hate revenge stories but they were chemistry between the characters, there's none here! I've read slowburn too but they have to be a chemistry in slowburn too right? See...

And also, the translation. It was good but too modernized. I like my asian novels translation to have their feels to it, this was completely erased of it. I tried reading the translation with the feels to it, but it has errors so I had to stay with this one. The use of English idioms, some big words too and all that.

I really want to read to the end but I feel like I'm wasting my time. <<less
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