Cannon Fodder Fake Master Was Stunned After Being Reborn


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It was only after Jian Xingsui’s death that he realized that he was the cannon fodder in a book with a dog-blooded plot. He was a dumb and s*upid fake young master in it.

​In the book, he was reluctant to return to his poor ”biological” parents. He was greedy of the Jian Family’s wealth and also wanted to suppress the protagonist shou of the book, the real young master. With the tricks that he had personally thought out in his pig-headed brain, he finally succeeded in annoying the hell out of everyone in the family:

His CEO former eldest brother: “I don’t have a younger brother like you.”

His celebrity former second brother: “Never mention to anyone in the entertainment industry that I used to be your brother!!!”

His former father: “Get out, I’m so disappointed in you.”

​​After that, he was kicked out of the house and had a terrible ending.

After he was reborn, when it was the day when the protagonist shou came up to his door, instead of waiting for his family to talk to him, he took the initiative: “You guys won’t have to say anything, I am willing to leave the house!”

Not long after returning home, his poor “biological” parents said: We’re sorry, you don’t seem to be our own child.

Jian Xingsui: ??

Later, the top wealthy family, the Shen family, finally found their young master who had been separated from them for many years. The whole family rejoiced and could not wait to make up for everything to this child:

His CEO biological eldest brother: “Is this 50 million pocket money enough for you?”

His celebrity biological second brother: “You can casually choose any one of these scripts.”

His biological parents: “Suisui is really our pride!”

When the people of the Jian family finally remembered the poor kid who had been kicked out and wanted to give him some compensation, they found out that the new, praised by everyone, rising celebrity in the entertainment industry seemed to be their s*upid and annoying child…

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85 Reviews

New Bl_23
Apr 15, 2024
Status: --
I love this story I love how detailed everything is and the story is just so cute for me. I love the scene where he find out his real family but it was obvious already and ... more>>

I also where he managed to get back his original manuscript I think that was it called and how he just destroyed the trophies and albums of her second older brother and when he reveal that the one who adopted her the second older brother got exposed of stealing his work that was so satisfying and how his other older brother also got exposed


Ps. English is not my first language so if there some grammar error I'm sorry <<less
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Apr 03, 2024
Status: c1
Honestly, among all the stories I've ever read, this story is the most brain-dead one.

First, this story should have ended in 50-60chapter, but it's still not end because the author was either greedy or didn't know how to write the ending, the plot itself is stretched into more than 100 chapters with no clarity on where it was going.

Second, both MC and villain is actually doesn't have many different traits... MC has white lotus traits, while the villain has the trait of disguising himself as a white lotus... so you... more>> can definitely imagine how annoying they both are.

Third, the only acceptable conflict to read in this story is the conflict about how they got switched, while any other conflict or plot in this story is pure rubbish.

Fourth, all the side characters feel the same... whether they are in love with MC/villain or they hate the MC/villain.

The only thing that doesn't change is only the fact that all of them fear the ML.

Fifth, ML doesn't have any feelings other than being a perfect character who can do whatever he wants + feared by everyone. <<less
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Mar 09, 2022
Status: Completed
I've read it awhile ago, so I don't remember much of a plot, but I had a lot of fun reading it, so I am giving it 5 stars.

Also, just yesterday I thought about this novel - was going to reread some fun moments. So it was not only fun to read, but also left me with good feelings afterwards.

It is a very good written novel of a "fake young master" trope.

... more>> MC is hardworking, not very confident, but he tries. Really just a nice kid.

ML is a bit more cliched: comes a bit cold and uncaring, but decided that MC is his and looks after him (he is a judge in a competition MC participates). He comforted MC, gave him advice and inspired him to work for his dreams. He can be best described by words "an old fox": sly and cunning. In the first timeline he was with Original Young Master:


MC was a HUGE fan of ML so he kept information about him in his room. Also he kept cheering for ML from the day 1: since he was an unknown rookie. OYM read up all the info about ML from MC's room and approached him as his fan. ML, who knew that he had a devoted follower, mistook him for MC. Once it became clear that OYM was not that fan, he immediately broke up with him, despite them being "madly in love" - that is the type of person he is.


MC's real family (not those mentioned in the description) are devoted to him to a ridiculous exfend: they love him much more than their other younger child. A bit annoying but played for laughs: that child is a bit older than MC and cared for him from the start. It if a cliche for this types of novels that can be a bit annoying sometimes, but not here.

MC's ex-family are all scum and a main source of face-slapping. It was well balanced, fun and, again, not annoying.


OYM is the main villain and he is also rebirthed. In the first timeline he was living a perfect life up until he admitted to ML that it was his long dead not-brother who was his fan and unsta-dump that followed. So this time his goal is to hook up with ML and he will not stop for anything.


MC's supposed family are the secondary villains and I can honestly say that I hate them the most. They are greedy, self-serving scum who were all to happy to ruin MC's life to cover their asses.

If I don't mix up with some other novel...


They, MC's real family, and OYM's real family were all giving birth as the same maternity hospital. Their child did not survive, so they switched babies with MC's family. But they chickened halfway (MC's family is influential) and switched babies ONCE MORE: this time with OYM's family. So dead baby went to MC's mother to grieve over, MC went to OYM's family and OYM left with them.


The significant part of the novel was a music competition where MC participated. Tasks greatly varied, there were a lot of side characters, not really important to the overarching plot, but kept things fresh. It was fun.

So yeah, this is the best thing about this novel: it was fun and did not drag.

In conclusion: I can recommend this novel for anyone: if you like this type of novels (like I do), then you will see a lot of tropes and cliches, but they are executed brilliantly. If you have never read a "fake young master" novel - this is a good start. Do not expect complex plot though. It is a novel just for fun lighthearted reading. <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: c108
It was fluffy. It's your typical story but I enjoyed it very very much. This story gave me a moment of happiness and comfort (and feels) in an otherwise tumultuous time. Thanks to the author, and thanks to the translator for sharing this story to this side of the world!

On a side note, I will say it's a bit inappropriate for someone to complain about pronouns when reading from machine translation. If you are not 100% sure of the pronoun from having read the original work, it's a disservice to... more>> make a potentially misleading comment. Furthermore, if you complain about what hasn't happened, then be sure that the story truly doesn't answer your question later on. If you had complained after finishing the novel, that would be fine. I don't think you can blame a story you only chose to read halfway. That being said, it's totally fine to drop a story if it's not in your taste. But it's premature to make suspect comments on details of a story that you did not complete. Of course it's fine to comment up to what you have read, but others may misunderstand that such questions/answers you raise were never touched upon when they in fact were. But no hard feelings. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I only encourage making an informed opinion. ^_^ Otherwise, I find it a disservice to the author and their potential readers. <<less
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 10, 2022
Status: c55
It's really very very substandard. It has many problems some show stoppers so a one star rating wouldn't be out of bounds at all for this.

First up and biggest problems the protagonist and the antagonist. From reading the synopsis the reader knows this is a real child/fake child novel with a second chance for the fake. The problem is there is no sense of injustice for the MC/Fake from start to finish. If anything he seems to be treated rather well by his adopted family. The same can be said... more>> of the "real" child. While they have "suffered" it's minor. Overall the author just doesn't do a good job creating an emotional connection between any of the characters and the reader. The other big problem I had with these two was their gender. They were both written as girls in a shoujo novel. I am quite convinced that it wasn't just the usual machine translation not being able to get the pronouns correct, but more along the lines that the author had intended to, or had written this with female characters and revised or changed intention. The final problem with the MC's character is that from the get go, you know he is re-experiencing the plot but he fails to take advantage of it or even properly incorporate it into his strategies. His stated goal is to live a good life, but he actively avoids all the tools available to him. His supernatural knowledge only comes out at times for pointless reasons that have little to no effect on the plot.

After you get past the main characters there are other big problems. The first half of the novel is set in the classic Chinese talent/reality show. Some people like these and some people don't. I am biased and like them a lot. This was a badly done version of this trope. First off his relation to the show and his talent agency was vague and confusing. It might have been the case it was based on a show the author expected their readers to be familiar with but whatever the case, it wasn't well done.

The nail in the coffin for this novel and the reason I dropped it when I did was the poor way the family interaction switched at birth situation were handled.. For the most part it's either brushed off or the characters are acting in unbelievable fashion. What personally bothered me was the MC's lack of reaction to what should be stunning knowledge about his life. The author also did a very bad job of introducing this into the novel. If you read the original synopsis it tells you what will happen and then author does a ham handed job of teasing when it will be revealed. He even does it with the chapter titles. It detracts from what little immersion you get from the story.

My bottom line: I dropped the story half way through. I just didn't care what happened next. <<less
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May 09, 2022
Status: c30
My review:

I give this 3 stars for writing since there are some plot inconsistencies that could benefit from a little editing. Basically it's an excellent first draft, and if I were a publisher, I'd buy the book and assign a good editor.

I'm also knocking off points for the power dynamic between MC and ML. This is just my personal preference, but I prefer a more equal relationship, rather than the mentoring/caring for relationship here.

That said, I give it 5 stars as a representation of autism. The way the MC struggles... more>> to read social cues, accepts what others say at face value without understanding the meaning behind the words, clumsy attempts at getting along with others, and his earnest desire to be nice to people even when he's being unintentionally "rude", all felt like they could have been lifted directly from my life. It's one of the few portrayals of an autistic person that feels like it's from an autistic perspective, rather than the way we're often perceived.

I also appreciated that when he finds his family, who likely have some subclinical autistic traits (ie: they have some traits that autistic people have, but not enough to qualify as autistic), he gets along well. Autistic people often get along better with each other than with allistic folks.


I'll leave a proper review later, but I wanted to correct a mistake in another reader's review. @Kawaii12345

I read this story in the original Chinese, and both characters are male from page one to the end.

I looked at Google translate, and it does inexplicably change the gender neutral pronouns to female pronouns for some reason. In the original Chinese, the main characters are referred to as "son, " "brother, " "boy, " etc., so there is no doubt that the author intended for this to be a BL novel. The pronouns that Google translates as "she" are male or gender neutral pronouns in the original Chinese. This is not a random change made by the human translator, it is translated correctly. It is also not inconsistent gendering by the author - the pronouns are consistently male/gender neutral in the original Chinese. Google translate is the one making the mistake. This is not uncommon in Chinese novels because the grammar is very different from English. <<less
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Feb 17, 2023
Status: c108
Read up to ch30 translated & mtl the rest

It's a sweet, fluffy, & feel-good type story, simple but good if you're in that mood. In particular, I think it could be a healing read for those that are tired of the MC always having super tr*sh family members that keep sticking around for hundreds of chapters like the stink on your shoes after you've stepped in sh*t. The first thing this MC does is call out both his ex-father & ex-brother's bullsht bias & neglect of him. He then leaves,... more>> without taking the check, without a real plan how to survive, but with the determination to find a place where he can be loved. He encounters yet another tr*sh family (fake) but quickly also distances himself, physically & financially. And despite still feeling hurt by these awful people when they do pop up occasionally, MC remains focused on chasing his newfound dreams & building a new life with the people who appreciate and love him for him. There was a nice contrast between the same-day birthday parties of MC & ogMC that really drives this home - one had a 'loving father' who paid for all the trainees to come & look friendly with his son on camera, while the other was surprised by a last minute spontaneous gathering of friends he'd made. Eventually the cameras stopped rolling and everyone went to the other party instead because it just seemed genuinely so fun.

MC has a bit of a resting btch face (or what he calls cannon fodder halo) that gives people a bad first impression. He's also bad at reading a room & too tactless in his words, but he would earnestly care for the people around him through actions rather than words. In contrast, ogMC (aka white lotus btch) is an expert in emotional manipulation, pretty words, and pretending to care whilst putting in the least effort. Both families that he was natured and nurtured by were willing to take things that didn't belong to them for their own benefit, and he definitely inherited that trait. The first life can actually be summed up as white lotus btch stealing his way to success by cosplaying as a diehard fan of ML using the relics of the dead MC. ML was friendly & caring towards his 'fan', until he knew that that fan had already died. He then dropped white lotus btch so hard, his career fizzled out & he died regretting what could have been - without realizing that the timeline where ML loves anyone else doesn't exist. He would only ever choose MC or to be alone for life, that's just how he is with love.

ML is a more grounded version of those overbearing, untouchable, emotionless blocks of ice typical of a CN novel male lead. He has OP traits but isn't too boring and bland of a stereotype, and he has believable struggles with his emotions & broken family-induced trauma. It would have been nice to get more of that but I understand that it would have been too much angst for this sweet love story.

Best side character award goes to the second brother, who always ruined the atmosphere with his blunt words but was the first to love, cherish, & protect his younger brother, even without knowing they were related. After knowing, he never felt jealous of the extra care his family took towards MC even though he used to be the baby of the family & instead rushed to dote on MC more, competing with the other family members for favor. It's even hinted at in the last few chapters that he was probably the one who sacrificed his whole lifetimes worth of fame to give MC the chance to reincarnate, and that's why he didn't show up again in the first life after a brief mention. He's the best cinnamon roll of an older brother I've ever seen, and he deserves happiness too okay?

Overall a fun & light hearted read deserving of 4 stars, but the ideal family pushed it to 5. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 23, 2022
Status: c13
I dropped because it looks like the ML will be the original ML. I'm iffy about original ML from rebirth novels still being with MC, even if they abandoned MC in the original timeline, or if they were with the "Protagonist" if they are in a novel world.

I can't accept that ML is a cold, cunning entertainment god. In the original novel, it sounds like he was just genuinely in love with this green tea Protagonist (who has this semi-harem of eligible men who are fawning over him). If he... more>> is supposed to be this savvy guy at the top of the entertainment industry who seems nice, but is actually principled about hard work and respect for the stage; I would think he would be able to see through set ups and scheming.

The only way I could see this ML working is if, in the original timeline, he knew that the Protagonist was doing stuff like provoking MC to get him kicked out, or saying misleading stuff to get sub ML to fight for him, and he was impressed by it. If ML saw that Protagonist was smart and capable and willing to do whatever it takes, and he like it and recognised the ambition needed to claw your way to the top. Original timeline ML saw Protagonist succeeding, but then in this timeline Protagonist is failing due to the butterfly effect stopping a lot of the coincidences that led to his very succesful career, so he instead is interested in MC because he is succeeding this time.

But it's not written like that - it just seems like ML overheard MC defending him in the earlier chapters and was unreasonably intrigued.
In conclusion: I'm dropping because I don't like the ML's characterisation. He's not sweet enough for me to overlook him falling for the novel Protagonist in the original timeline, and he isn't ruthless enough for me to overlook him falling for MC in current timeline. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 10, 2023
Status: c76
so this is a real tear-jerking novel. The angst was so good during the first half but the only thing that irked me to discontinue the novel is the dragging of romance due to the cowardly or illogical development. If that was neglected I could finish the story as it is one of the good light angst type that I like.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall, it's somewhat disappointing. There are a lot of plot holes, some stuff get explained really shallowly. The characters are pretty 2d. The villains are boring, they get a mandatory "Reminiscing past MC and regret" session then they go and mess with MC, just really annoying. ML is perfect, no shit. Like seriously, he's super OP and just really boring as a character. This novel was written in 2021, and I think it's way past the trend for perfect MLs, so I'm not really give him any slack.

The plot was... more>> fine. Fine as in it's just average considering it's genre (showbiz feel-good), but also just really dull in its plot events. If you're looking for feel-goods, go ahead, but the plot itself isn't really that attractive. I feel like some parts of the plot is just badly written cliché.

That being said, I did not hate it enough for me to drop it so I did manage to finish it. Do I recommend it though? Not at all. If you're looking to waste time you can read this. Have a nice day. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 11, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5/5 because the characters setting is not clear imo.

Say, MC realised that he was a villain cannon fodder, but turns out to be an unloved timid naive child after rebirth. I find it rather inconsistent. I was kinda confused by the switch. Such as if the Jians ever treated him as a Jian or not, bcoz when I mtled I got the vibe that MC never got treated well, and never had a pleasant memories with them.

... more>>

Another one is that An Ran turns out to be reborn too, but with no reason whatsoever, my catch is that they're in the same car accident, but I don't think I read any of the reason they went back and be reborn.


Been told MC is a dumb s*upid cannon fodder, turns out to be a music genius setting in the book, when the book world actually made him has a real genuine family and corrected the relationship with ML, I'm utterly confused with the settings really. The world just decided to compensate this poor child after rebirth, yet the AR and the Jians just got thrown outside the story like they're barely existed. The plot bout the whole rebirth thing is a mess, it shouldn't be there at all, and just make it as a normal story bout MC finding his origin is much better.

Well, this is def not a read for those who're critical. The plot is not rich and rather lacking, but if you're looking for cute, MC is adorable and not annoying at all. The good part is the interactions between MC and his new people-family, friends, bf even the bc's bickering fans. It's so cute yet heartbreaking considering his trauma of past life. <<less
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess
Jul 23, 2023
Status: c81
First of all, I want to thank the translators for the great translation. Kid you not, it's well translated.

It was good but yeah it just got boring and disappointed after chap 60+ for me. The romance is also dragging as well. The turning point for me to drop this was when the MC confessed and the ML did not immediately reciprocate. I know that he did realize that he truly likes the MC after a long reflection but just feels ikky bcuz chapters before, ML kept saying he was not... more>> playing with MC that he's serious and also kept flirting with MC and giving mixed signals to MC and others that he likes the MC... and ML clearly knows that the MC likes him when he was doing the flirting.

That's why when the confession happened, I was like dude, after doing all that I would have expected you to sweep off MC's feet or actively accept the confession. Why act like you just realize that the MC like you??? What was the point on the previous chaps build up?? I would have thought that with your character you will make sure you understand your feelings deep in before giving mixed signals/ flirting with MC for sooo longgg. And when he does truly realize his feelings, he doesn't directly tell the MC ASAP but went but to his flirting. You would expect that he'll directly ask to meet MC after his realization esp how insecure our MC feels due to his experience.

Not to mention in the original timeline, he got together with the original protagonist cuz apparently he was hardworking and was ML's fan (which the original protagonist got when he went thru current MC's stuff and used it to get close to ML). You would think he should be able to read people after seeing a lot of schemes in the industry but noooo. He just realize that the original protag was acting fake when they almost got registered and broke things off. So means he got together with the original protag in a lower level standard and here our current MC who genuinely likes and a truly adorable hard worker innocent cutie... does that mean current MC is getting worst treatment than Anran?😩

And also might be I've been reading too much similar plot but normally if MC experience issues, the rich parents and siblings would know it first thing cuz they have someone specifically look after MC in the dark (usually it's an assistant or bodyguard) but noooo they only realize it after it almost got worst.. idk ¯_ (ツ) _/¯ it's like they are not acting supposedly a well known and rich fam.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying it's a bad novel. It's an okay rating from me. Maybe if I read this as my 18 yr old or younger, I might be satisfied but I have read a lot of great plot and well written stories so when reading this, I cant help but compare sometimes. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 07, 2023
Status: --
It's not a bad novel and it's quite simple to understand. This is more of a teen romance novel where a lot of things do not make sense for adult and it's full of teens fantasy but it's not bad, just boring. I do enjoy the emotional family reunion but at the same time I questioned the author's mentality age and wonder if this story was written by a teenager.

There was a part in the novel where Zhang mother was reported to police for child abduction and she went to... more>> court trial the next day and was sentenced to life prison the very next day. I find this so unreasonable that it makes me think if the author was just a child who does not understand how the system work like collecting evidence, getting a lawyer, and filing for a court trial that can take up to 6 months.

Overall, not bad but too slow that I kind of doesn't want to waste anymore time reading it. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 14, 2023
Status: c15
The type of story that's full of fantasy.

The kind a teenager will dream at night.

In short. Unrealistic.

I like the MC though, just a bit.

But the attitude of everyone like the ML where the MC caught his attention etc Visiting him just because the MC was his fan. Dumb knight in shining armors of the protagonist. Cringe 😬. Yikes. I can understand the dumb npc's but the ML giving special attention for the MC is too unfounded, the reason is too simple.

Well, I'm over this kind of stories.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 06, 2023
Status: c87.2
I'm normally not a big fan of weak and appellant protagonist, but this time it quite convinced me. I like the protagonist and his crying times, I like the dynamics of him and the male lead and I like the relationships showed. It's quite reasonable.

The flow really got me going. I cry like an idiots when the flow feel sad. For me, reading is about feelings so don't ask me much if is a master piece. I felt good and I cheered for the characters, that's all that matters.

Hope u... more>> like it too! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 26, 2022
Status: Completed
A really cute yet sad story. Although it has some noticeable plotholes and inconsistency I think I should still give it a 5 star because of the good flow and overall story. It even made me tear up for time to time in earlier chapters.

Sui Sui is really a baby that it really made me sad seeing him always being conscious with everything and his very low self-esteem. The Jian family broke such a precious child, and it seems that he's not that even harmful in the past life and... more>> more like plotted by An Ran. Speaking of An Ran, that btch is like a frickin c*ckroach, so annoying and hard to get rid off... He's fckin everywhere trying to ruin the scene!

he's also reborn but this btch decided to focus on being an attention seeker, famewho*e and delusional green tea b*tch. He thinks everything revolves around him and he should be always the center of attention. Even when ML is very cold and resistant to him, he's still shoving his face everywhere acting all innocent just to seduce ML when its leading to nothing. He's so obsessed about him being close to ML in previous life. He didn't even love ML, he just love the benifits ML could give to him.


The baby switching fiasco is quite confusing but I'm quite glad that author decided to solve the issue about Sui's birth first before starting to deepen the romance because it ended up giving more a stable foundation. Plus Sui got more time to spend with his real family because usually with this baby switching story, MC is already together with ML before finding the real family so he ended up not having enough time to spend more time bonding with his real family.

I love how Sui slowly gain more self confidence with everyone's affirmation with his talent. He suffered a lot of mental abuse that it's pretty hard for him to get out of it so his slow progress is understandable. As someone with low self-esteem, it's really have to break out of the shell and I'm proud with how Sui deal with it.

I'm quite glad Mr. Fu at least have some flavor and doesn't fit perfectly with the typical ML mold. Although still a general process of romance, it's not the clichè love at first sight. He also got a time to think carefully too about his feelings so that he'll avoid hurting Sui's feelings. Anyway I usually don't have much comment about MLs unless they are super impressive hahahahaha.

Just confused where Mrs Jian is because she never appeared and it's not mentioned whether she's already dead too... Just curious... <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 10, 2022
Status: Completed

I finished this in like one whole sitting and then waited for the final epilogue from the author while they were still updating. I also wanted to translate it then, actually had the first chapter translated on my wattpad but because the author was still writing the novel and I had exam week I didn't post it lol. But I'm glad that someone picked it up!!

Its a great novel with just the right sprinkle of drama, webnovel logic during face slapping and the... more>> perfect amount of angst, misunderstandings and fluff.

I absolutely adore it. Please give it a try if you're okay with having a rollercoaster of blood pressure lmao. It's really amazing and I absolutely love love love the ML and his personality. He low-key reminds me of Viktor from Yuri on Ice. Actually the main couple is really alike to Yuri and Victor from Yuri on Ice and I absolutely love that for them.

I absolutely love the dynamics between the ML and MC. They're so cuteeeee ahhhh. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 07, 2024
Status: c1
There are a lot of plotholes, and the MC comes off too naive and pure, and for a reborn person who died in an alley, alone and abandoned, I would think there would have been some scars and changes to the personality. I mean the author did show that the past treatment left the MC with issues, so since they added this to the story they could have made the MC a little more distrustful and wary.

I can only say that if you are looking for a story with... more>> face slaps and ok romance, then this is ok to read to pass the time.

But, thats about it. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 23, 2023
Status: Completed
At first glance, it seems that this is a simple story. The plot isn't complicated; there are even some mistakes, but I still find it interesting. The main reason is that the author speaks about a lot of issues that exist in our society, for example, bribed talent shows, where kids with poor backgrounds aren't treated fairly; sometimes what matters is how a person looks and not his or her ability; how cruel and unfair people on the internet can be; famous people have no personal life and must all... more>> the time act according to their fans wishes, etc. I also liked that the author spoke about h*mophobia. Most novels I have read describe same-s*x relationships as something accepted by society, which unfortunately isn't true. I loved that the author truthfully spoke about this issue.

Apart from that, I also loved MC. He has an inferiority complex, and you can see how it affects his decisions. The author described MC's feelings very well, including how he doubts when he is complimented and how he never believes that he can achieve something. Most importantly, MC's psychological condition didn't get better just because his life conditions were changed for the better. Yes, at some point he is surrounded by people who love and care for him, but indeed, it isn't enough to cure past trauma. The author truthfully described his feelings and condition.

Other characters are very interesting, too. I loved the whole Shen family; they are too cute. Some side characters are amazing too.

Also, it was interesting that MC was a character in the novel and a cannon fodder at that. Yet all the unfair things that happened to him were caused not by the protagonist's hallo or other magical excuses, but because some people are just evil and selfish.

One other strange thing about this novel It is a slow-burn romance, but actually, this isn't as frustrating as it seems. It was nice that the plot was more focused on the MC and healing than romance. Of course, despite romance being scarce at the beginning, at the end we get a sweet relationship.

I wouldn't say that this novel is the best I have read; it could be polished, but it is still good. The plot is fast-paced, the author describes MC feelings too well, and it affects readers. There is a lot of drama, so much so that I lost count. It is an eventful story, but its writing style is good, and there are really funny and hilarious scenes, so despite some mistakes, it is a nice read. I especially adored translators notes. <<less
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May 30, 2022
Status: c60
It is an okay okay read those who are reading for the dynamic or chemistry between the two leads.

... more>>

A timid, naive, star chaser, pure white rabbit × older blackbellied mature teasing bug bad wolf dynamic


Plot wise, there were quite inconsistencies. As how the incidents and situations were threaded together. And it got boring in the later half.


Idk how long MC has lived in his previous year that he still held pure child like heart, but I guess it's acceptable as he had holed up all alone in a room. So he only got sufficient exposure to change and grow up in this life.

And his miserable experience in his previous life only aided him to break the delusion of having the warmth of family who didn't give a darn about him, preventing him to take the same route again. It was quite unlike other rebirth novels where generally MC uses his abilites and shines horned by him in his previous life. Or simply go through Sudden character growth or start their counterattack.

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Frk Brise
Frk Brise
Mar 26, 2022
Status: c108
It was cute but got a bit boring towards the end 😅

The abilities of the MC wasn’t really well explained. It very much felt like plot armor even to someone like me that actively ignore plot holes and plot armor. Also they used way too much time on the variety program imo...

(But overall it was a cute story and a nice couple.)
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Lan wuji
Lan wuji
Mar 06, 2024
Status: c88.2
Like similar other review, the beginning of the novel is interesting but it was dragged a lot. A simple confession scene should end epically but it got dragged 2-3 times to the point I lose interest and even wish that they simply don't end up together. The face slapping was pretty good but it's very scarce. The pacing was also slow and author took few paragraph to describe a scene that's not even exciting. Overall 3/5
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