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The powerful Mr. Bai fell in love with Ren Yue at first sight, and then hold the person on his side to spoil everyday.

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Jīn Sī Què
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vasiliassy rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c18
Lol if we just read the synopsis we will think this is just simple sugar daddy story. But it was actually not.

The story is very good. Little meng MC (actually his body is not little lol, just his age) is far from what you tought and ML & MC relationship is like, MC didn't want to become ML children (partner) but still he really use ML influence very effective lol. And ML is amused with MC, even though ML in first actually just suddenly think MC is... well just can... more>> open his curiosity about love, then little by little become real love. MC little by little amused with ML too. But MC didn't want ML money actually and didn't care about what ML give to him. Still ML pampered him.

Well what I narrative it maybe mainstream but how the author tell the story is really unique. Can make you laugh and think twice XD

I enjoy it.

Still no naughty hand from ML because ML adore MC too much. <<less
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