Can You Afford To Raise?


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Ye Yuqing found her boyfriend was cheating. After breaking up, she was dragged by her friend to a high-end club.

After following the rules for more than twenty years, she decided to be presumptuous, and plucked up her courage to call a male server to chat!

This time there will be no feelings!

The man was leaning on the counter bar, turned his head, wore a black silk shirt with his voice extremely cold.

“I can, but I am expensive.”

When Ye Yuqing saw the person’s stunning face, the dismay feeling she felt of being cheated instantly faded away!No matter how expensive it is! She’s on it!

For the sake of beauty, she quit her retirement job and worked hard. Although the new boyfriend was being paid, he was gentle and handsome, and they were very happy every day.

Paying for this beauty, she thinks it’s worth it! even better!

A year later, Ye Yuqing’s illustration became popular and won the best illustration in the industry. On the day she went to receive the award, she thought about using the bonus to buy a ring for her new boyfriend.

A ring would look good on such a beautiful hand!

When she looked up, she saw the beautiful face. The host on the side introduced me with a smile: “Initiator of the award, President Li.”

Aside from the constant increase in charge fee which is extremely expensive, the new perfect boyfriend is also wealthy!? Ye Yuqing’s legs were soft and she almost fell off the stage in fright.

Li Che stretched out his refined hand to support her, and asked with a smile, “What are you afraid of?”

Ye Yuqing:…

I’m afraid I can’t support you anymore, Big brother goodbye!

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New Itsl rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c1 part1
This novel was entertaining, loved the female lead. If anyone has read can you afford to raise this book is about the ML from that novels friend Lu wan. As an another reviewer mentioned this book has ALL the tropes but it doesn’t really focus on a particular one which probably would have made it better. MC is awesome though and totally deserves 5 stars even if the actual plot is kind of mish mashed together
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Jevanka926 rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I was holding some kinds expectation for this book and I. HAVE. NEVER. EVER. REGRETTED. IT.

The book's ML is rich, but he's the kind that don't get it all easy. He's quite shady, but that doesn't make me cringe but add a little flavor instead. I mean shady because the first time I got his job's description--- I though he was a high level loan shark. Well, he turned out to be not, but still, the way he got his wealth can be questioned morally and is on the edge... more>> of legality.

What surprised me is, the author didn't just give him a sad past and force us to understand his actions. The author would slowly draw you in inside his inner struggles, his deepest fear. The way he doubted emotional relationships beecause of his past makes him feel real.


ML's father was very abusive and his mom cheated and often yelled at him because he looked like his father. After ML's father died, ML got suspected a lot but he said in his narration that he didn't kill that guy but he wished his father died sooner. ML's mother hanged herself a few years after her husband's death. ML's friend even thought that he could understand why ML was so indifferent towards her death, that friend basically thought that woman is crazy/hysterical.

But ML said, that he didn't hate his mother. She had worked hard enough, and he felt relieved that she's no longer tired



The way he hesitated to be with FL after his friend -who also got the same past like him and made him quite convinced that it's okay to try-, called him while crying then saying he did the thing he hated the most, he also said that ML was right and people like them shouldn't fall in love/ get married. I think the friend became abusive towards his wife and children to the point she asked for a divorce and he promised her that he would never see his children anymore. He told ML that he hoped he could fix his mistakes by taking his family to a holiday but he failed?


I admire FL, she's the kind of woman that you wish you could have as a friend. But well, FL herself she didn't really like it when men see her as a potential and start talking about how she could be a good wife and mother. No matter how gentle she was, she was not a door mat and very decisive when deciding things. I think you would like her.

Both characters have their reasons in their every steps and choices. You can't hate ML for hanging FL for a while because he needed that courage to step out of his past. FL was so persistent because she wanted to be a rebel for at least once.


Her parents divorced, father got married again with a super annoying woman. She had to be respectful towards them because she respected her grandparents that raised her. She even said that her grandparents love her, but her step siblings are also their grandchildren. Her step sibling could be very rude towards her because even her grandparents hope she would step back


I can't see a point I dislike for now. But some people may dislike ML though. But like I said before, his past molded him. He didn't hesitate to do morally questioned things to get his goals (projects and money). FL became his salvation, in fact, I think both became each other's salvation.

FL made ML feel the kind of warmth he never tasted, meanwhile ML accepted FL for who she really is. <<less
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August 29, 2021
Status: c14 part2

I just feel uncomfortable reading this. The ML just seems like a scum to me and the MC is just so... pathetic. I don't hate the novel or the premise but just the interaction of the main couple is just so unbearable to me.

The ML is cold-hearted and domineering. Cool, but it upsets me that he doesn't straight-up reject her and kinda takes advantage of this girl (e.g. free labor) after he clearly knows she is trying to pursue him while not really being that interested in her. The MC...... more>> *sigh* Girl, have some dignity. While trying to pursue and become closer to him, she ends up resembling more of a dog wagging her tail at the simplest of deeds from the ML. She literally dug and planted trees for him but was satisfied with him simply providing her with clean (men's) clothes after he half-heartedly tried to catch her from falling into mud and unsurprisingly failing. Honey, he takes hours to reply to your messages, barely strikes up conversation, the only 'good deeds' he does are literally nothing, and is clearly uninterested; STOP!

I'm just constantly shaking my head at the development of this couple, it's so sad. <<less
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July 6, 2021
Status: --

If no one recognizes this novel is actually a story of "rich parents and hot shot brother found me at last" side character "Li Che" the transfer student who got 5th place at the college entrance exam, he and Lu Wan (MC from RPAHSBFMAL) actually have a past (not related to being lovers btw) like they could be very much counted as childhood friend but not close, Li has always been kinda sus and shady and also a two-faced person in the novel but ge never forgets... more>> things whether grace from someone (like MC and mc's older cousin) or grudge...I am so freaking out cause while reading the novel I mentioned above I've always felt like Li Che could actually be an ML of he's own story and then BAMM!! This novel appeared featuring he's own story, he's point of view, and what he had gone through... very nice of the author! Although I don't get why the names of the author aren't similar... did they collab or just a different pen name but same author..?

Just found this and going to edit this review after I finish reading this one! <<less
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Kumarae rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I would love if I could read full translation in English since it so good that I enjoying both characters. I really like that Our female MC take action to chase man while she know when it enough or just being patience. Ofc that what she misunderstood about ML job like in summary mention.

It might not much drama but more of focus female MC to goal being rich lady and raise ml. Plus MC will not door mat for her ex boyfriend And she would wait and see but once... more>> she feel it not proper or not being respected and she would cut bond like with her ex boyfriend.

I will wait for fully translated and I definitely re-reading this novel. It perfect to my list for take easy reading and with some laughs. <<less
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Fungiball rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: Completed
IT'S VERY VERY GOOD *cry in happiness*

First I started reading this book because of its description. I had really high expectation because the story seemed interesting and it didn't disappoint me. The story was written very well. Even the character development was really good. FL and ML really suit each other (I'm crying for them 😭💗). Because I couldn't wait for the translation, I continued reading it until finished by mtling it (some parts seem to be disordered but overall it was a good read, really). I will reread this... more>> book again after the translation is complete.

So in conclusion, I really recommend people to read this book. Like me, you won't regret it *wink*. <<less
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ApolloAresZues rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
A much better book than I went in thinking it would be. To be honest, I read this to pass the time. I thought the premise of the FL raising the ML would be interesting and that it wouldn't have too much drama, and it satisfied all those requirements but also did more. I'm of the mindset that a score of 5 for a novel doesn't mean the novel has to be life changing, it just needs to be good at what it does and fulfill what it promises. And... more>> this one is definitely great at that.

In this book the FL recently gets cheated on by her ex and heads to a bar to pick up a good looking guy to spoil with money. Through some mistaken identity, she picks up the ML who's actually a

rich guy

. Anyway I wouldn't say the ML deceives her at this point in time its more he allows her to believe what she wants since he figures they'll never meet again. But she cant get him off her mind and kind of pursues him, with intentions of spoiling him with money and objects, not really for s*x but for his face and him keeping her company. Their romance goes from there.

The ML I found interesting because it's a case where his past doesnt excuse his cold personality as much as it explains it. Theres a very real and solid reason for ML to be the way he is, from his past

his mom committed suicide, a terrible father.


The romance starts with them both kind of going with the flow. Especially the ML he basically responds to her out of curiosity and because he thinks shes a good person that makes him relaxed, he doesnt really put any weight into the relationship until he does in which case he falls head over hills and ends up doing whatever she wants him to. In the FL case, it's a wonder she came out so sweet and loving when her family is so controlling and money hungry. She has a good job, earns good money, an easygoing temperament where she can move on from things quickly, a positive outlook, a giving soul who continuously offers the ML money due to a misunderstanding lol. In general shes the ideal FL but definitely not mary sue or anything she has a steel backbone and doesnt take sh*t from neither her ex, her family, or sexist guys that want to pursue her. She hates the mindset that women are supposed to raise the kids and be the ideal housewife. So for this romance it kind of flips it where shes working and taking him on dates while paying, and when they eventually live together he cooks and cleans the house and takes care of her dog.

Admittedly the first about 20 chapters werent anything special but once we get out of the initial stages (this is an 80+ chapter novel) it gets really good and you'll definitely enjoy their interactions. The FL is like a fox attempting to get what she can to be closer to him, and hes a cute blushing monk that calls her a hooligan.

The ML is cold at first and not really proactive but warms up eventually and sees FL as the one good thing that happened to him in his life, the thing god gave him to make up for all he suffered. And for FL, ML is her freedom from the family, her place of comfort, and one of the only people to care for her. The novel gets so much better once they get together the ML is super gentle (he even took special care of her dog even though he is a germaphobe and dislikes pets due to a childhood trauma that's briefly mentioned) and the FL loves him alot and is straightforward about it (shes so patient with him). They're so cute.

When the ML secret eventually comes out its given the appropriate amount of drama with the FL angry and holding it against him, and him being pretty pitiful and afraid of losing her. But nothing especially terrible happens as ML continues to pursue her and attempts to persuade her, and it's not like she doesnt want to be persuaded. I think this lie wasnt too bad because FL misunderstood him first, and by the time he noticed it the lie was too deep. Plus everytime he tried to tell her she'd say something that made him believe she wouldn't accept who he was, coupled with his fear of repeating his families mistakes and fear of losing her because he thought he wouldn't be her type, I get why in his dumb head he thought it best to keep quiet. Some might think he needed to grovel more but he did in my head and I'd much rather see more couple moments than drama just for the sake of it. FL also isnt the type to stay mad for long (she was mad for a pretty long time though. Kicked him out of the house and all.) Anyway I'm glad it passed quickly cause as I said theyre best as a couple.

I enjoyed the story alot and I found them to be heartwarming and lovely. Theres a side couple but I skimmed their parts cause they came rather suddenly and I just wanted to read about the MCs at that point it was near the end. The ending was neat and compact and I recommend reading this for a cute couple, interesting comedic setup, and just watching two people fall in love. <<less
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crystalwings rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This is such a sweet and cute story.

I loved seeing the FL pursue the ml. Like yes, go after him! She's really cute and so diligent. Cough, if someone pursued me like she did, I'd be so taken.

The ML is cold and a bit uncaring at first, however he eventually warms up. It's so nice to see him support her after they get together, and I love how he never demands for her to change. He appreciates her, and it's pretty refreshing to see a novel where the ML is... more>> the one with most of the personal dilemma.


His coldness to the FL and reluctance to enter a relationship with her is grounded in his past.

He's lived an emotionally abusive life, with a mother who ended her own life and a father who was all wrong.

He doesn't play the pity card, and I like how the author doesn't use his sad past to justify him doing anything cruel or very mean.

He's cold but still respectful to the fl. He doesn't demean her through insults, at most he teases her. After they get together, he treats her very well.


Overall, this is a cute and sweet novel. Very much recommended! <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Really good writing and an easy read.

This would work very well as a short series (maybe 6 episodes) and would be one of those funny dramas.

However, deducting 1 star because as someone with trust issues - I got so uncomfortable with how the whole thing panned out. Preference-wise, not something I would read again but it is a good story.
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