Campus Bully and His Little Crybaby


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Jiang Tian died on the operating table while donating her kidney to her sister. After her death, only Su Yinan came to visit her grave every year. In the end, he committed su*cide for her. It turns out that in the previous life, Su Yinan had also been secretly in love with her, but never confessed.

After her rebirth, Jiang Tian decided to find Su Yinan and take the initiative to confess her love, so that she wouldn’t miss out on it in this lifetime. Jiang Tian was born with a sensitive tear gland, so she would cry when stimulated. She went to find Su Yinan to confess her love but at that moment, Su Yinan was wearing torn jeans and preparing to fight with a group of bad boys.

Jiang Tian was afraid that Su Yinan would suffer, and tears kept flowing down her face. Then, all the bad boys saw this strange and terrifying scene. Su Yinan, who was the boss of the first middle school, panicked like a hot ant on a frying pan and held the small and soft girl in his arms, kissing and comforting her in a gentle voice.

The bad boys asked, “Big Brother, are you here to fight or to abuse single dogs?”

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New auroraRMC rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Not bad. Very dark previous life, but after rebirth the story is very fluffy. Our MC is extremely proactive and luckily our ML basically falls in love immediately. I was surprised that the whole story encompassed what felt like max 1 month, which is kinda crazy. Wish there was more about the MC cutting her ties and the ML taking her to her freedom. The sexy scenes were nice though it feels like she'll have a child any time soon due to 0 protection.
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ani ianna
ani ianna rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: Completed
I have completed this novel it is a short novel of 60 chapters it was quite a good read I like both the main characters 😊

And the smut is 8.9 out 10
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sonablu rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: Completed
I've read better smut and better plot, but overall it's alright. Honestly wish it's longer, even just for the sake of tying up the plot nicer and a bit more insight on their past life.

The plot is a bit ridiculous and hurried in the beginning but I'll let it off because this is smut and smut is the focus.

The smut is alright, I MTL-d the rest and this might adhere my judgement on the actual setting but it's not so interesting. ML has a big d*ck and MC tight pu*sy... more>> and big ti*s type of smut. <<less
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