Camellia Permeates the Snow


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Min Yeon Hwa, the Queen of Yeo, who had been locked away secluded in the palace for 10 years.
She was to be the sacrificial offering at the coronation ceremony of Kang Yoon, the Crown Prince of Ahwan, who had destroyed her country!

Realising that his lost memories are related to Yeon Hwa, Kang Yoon decides to keep her close by.
As time goes by, Yeon Hwa also becomes confused at her discovery of Kang Yoon’s resemblance to her first love whom she had sent away…

“It’s been engraved on my heart. This lowly one has always been yours.”
“So it turns out that at the end of my pain, you’ve always been there.”

The heartbreaking love story of two people whose only salvation is each other.

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동백꽃 스며들어, 눈
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