Calling You


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Three Short Stories:

Calling You
A girl creates an imaginary cell phone…which one day rings. The boy on the other end claims to be calling from his own imaginary cell phone…

Two damaged children bond over one’s ability to heal wounds.

Singing Flower
A patient at a hospital finds a flower with the face of a girl, that hums a beautiful melody.

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きみにしか聞こえない CALLING YOU
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March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Otsuichi is one of my favorite Japanese writers. Their stories pack a pretty hefty wallop and this is no exception. I loved all the stories and bawled my eyes out over the phone story. It was brilliantly written and just gorgeous.

The two kids' story knocked my socks off.

Yeah, read it. It is a beautiful collection of stories from a truly gifted writer.
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