But You Said You’d Give Me Delicious Candy!!


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The former “Demon Lord” Mii-chan was now living in the castle as the daughter of the former 『Hero of the Sword』. Eating the delicious meals prepared by the Monarch, studying, eating delicious sweets, doing 「Inspection」 of the town, and helping out at the shop, every day was quite busy.
In such a Fennel Empire one fine day came a 『Circus』. Since the time she met one of its member dancers, Mii-chan’s surroundings began becoming somewhat livelyーー

ーーThis is the story of the former Demon Lord, Mii-chan’s (7) struggles and in the giving in to her surroundings innocently for the sake of her 「Friend」.

Sequel to 『It’s Because You Said There Would Be Candy!!』.

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Datte Oishii Okashi wo Kureru kara no!!
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03/14/17 Watashi wa Sugoi Desu oneshot
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Horoscope rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: short short part1
Despite however this pans out, the first of these short stories shall always remain the core of this series. My opinion of the original works shall not drop if this story pans out badly. However, I have high expectations. Your refreshing, cliché breaking, and jewel of a short story is now the bar you have set for your writing, Mr. author. I hope it is not wrong to expect a lot from this.

So far, it is continuing from where we left off, so not much to say. Marie is acting... more>> slightly different from her established character...I hope this is handled well in the story to come. <<less
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hikaoru rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c7
for me, the sequel seems to be incomplete. The first short story implied that Zelo will make a move towards Marie. I've been waiting for it until the end of the chapter which is from Mii-chan's POV but it is still lacking. Anyway, the story is about Mii-chan finding a friend but the first story was somehow discontinued here and focused more on the adopted daughter.

i wish there is a part 3 for this and give justice for Marie and Zelo's relationship.
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AMetroid rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: part5
The short story worked because you had a town baker, Marie (28), drafted as a hero, who "defeated" her opponents with her supernatural (and ordinary) baking, while bumbling along doing her best to do the things she was told to take care of as the 'hero'. And in the process acquired a large following of really strong humans and non-humans so she decided to found a nation for them all.

From the first 5 chapters I have to say this doesn't look promising. The humor that was at the core of... more>> the short story (Marie solving problems with magical baking or friends earned with baked goods) hasn't been used. Also there's real "on screen" violence (and not just gag violence i.e. The "annoying bird" removal (which does return)), so that is also a bit of a tone change. I also can't say what the tone/focus is going to be, my best guess is it's going to be more of a slice of life story with less gag comedy.

This picks up after the end of the short story with Mii-chan, the former daemon lord, adopted daughter being the POV rather than the hero of the short story, Marie. (The POV does shift to Marie in latter chapters though.) There's a bit of Mii and Marie's daily life leading up to a circus coming to town where some action starts.

So far it's hard to tell if this will be worth reading. There are some good moments, like the 'funeral' for the lost hero, but the story doesn't look like it's going to be as fun. <<less
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Beccablue rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: Completed
It is cute. But it does have the same feels as the prequel. I don't know about other people, but I wanted more focus on the development of the new kingdom (like in the novel I reincarnated as a slime) and some romance between Marie and the Dragon King. This was a sweet little snippet of life, but it felt like one of those side stories that are a bonus chapter at the end of a novel. It didn't deliver on what I wanted. I hope that the Author will... more>> do 1 more story out of this and focus more on the adults and some lovely doveyness. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: --
This sequel doesn't have the same impact as the prequel. It focuses on the little demon king's experience with a "circus troupe" that visits the country. That said, it's still a cute and short read.
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