Busy Farming in The Last Days


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Ji Cha was fortunate enough to return to two months before the end of the world.

There was only one thought burning in the mind of Ji Cha, who was hungry and afraid, farming, farming, farming!!! Plant a handful of greens first, then peanuts, peppers, and in autumn, we can harvest… eh? A boyfriend?

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AsTheNameDictates rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c80
I mtl'ed the novel till chapter 80 and I regret reading it. I can't express how frustrating to read this novel. The characters are annoying specifically the MC. Yes, the MC not the creepy ML.

The story is pretty much a standard apocalyptic BL plot. We have the MC with the rebirth/prev. memory as the Golden finger and the OP? ML. BUTTTT... For some reason I can't feel that the MC had experience living for 10 years in apocalypse. He's s*upid and naive that it's irritating if you actually think about... more>> his experience before rebirth.

I truly understand that he wants to have a secure life still how s*upid can you get that you don't know that noise can attract zombies and to think that he survive for 10 freaking years.

My issue with the MC

1. As mentioned above, he Survive for 10 years in apocalypse but he did not know that noise can attract zombies. He raise pigs and chickens outside where the zombies can hear them.

2. Not aware about awakener/people with special abilities. Again, how come... Even if he is only a normal person, he should still learn any rumors about this.

3. Freaking naive to the max. He is being use by the military. One of the commander demanded that the MC provide 20 chicken and he pretty much agree (he did negotiate BUTTTT 😡). So annoying... BTW he was warned that the commander was someone cruel and our dear MC still think that everyone was niceee (from my pov lol).

The reborn otaku has the same plot. Just read that and don't waste your time on this novel just like I did. <<less
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LunaSolis070 rated it
May 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Im here because there is only 1 review with 1 star. So im reading it out of curiosity.

Mc: is very alert. Coming from apocalypse to peaceful day. Well, I dont know what you want him to do. Just think of people who was abused for 10 years suddenly experiencing peace. 🤔 ML: A stalker and a pervert 😫🤣



ML: My eyes would subconsciously follow his action. I would subconsciously only listen to his voice, face, smile and so on. He has consulted a psychiatrist for half a year.

Me: yeah, bruh thats infatuation and its scary. I actually experienced the same when I was grade 8. To the point my classmate would come to me to know where my crush is because I can sense him fak.

MC puts the lollipop (its really a candy!) in his mouth.

ML: gasps*

Mc: bite the lollipop.

ML: ouch


ML talking to MCs grandma about his "girl" friend.

MC suddenly texted his pervert stalker. ML's phone rang.

MC: What a coincidence! (Mysterious)

Damn hahaha

ML in MCs room:

ML's angel: dont break your bottom line.

ML's Devil: Bottom line your fart! That's Ji Cha's wardrobe. He has his underwear, clothes, and socks!
ML is tempted and opened the wardrobe. Grandma Ji suddenly talks. ML played dead. 🧘🧘🧘
Noooo ML stole MCs underwearrrrr 🤣🤣

Stalker to MC: I miss you so much that my hands are sore.

Me to ML (stalker) : Heh 🙂 ML are you Mr. Gu from the novel "I want to f you"? 🙂


Yes, the pigs made a noise that attracted the zombies. MCs family and friends said to move the animals today since any minute the rooster will shout. Like an alarm.

Deym for 10 years in the apocalypse. There are still people who does not know that some people have power????? How the heck did the government or the supernatural hides it???

Mc: Could it be that the special people in the last days were concealed from the people at the bottom like him?

Me: Hoooow? Me shipping Zhang Xing with MCs cousin Zhang QinQin and when they get married she will be called Zhang Zhang Qinqin hehe.

What I like about Ji cha (MC) is that he provides food (agriculture) and also let everyone farm. He also remembered that in his last life the children doesn't go to school and they had no knowledge. So when he got reborn, he downloaded lots of elementary books to highschool. Chemistry, agriculture, and so on. So in the last days, their base have lots of children going to school. I actually didn't continue this because I was getting bored. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Translator here (for the later chapters)

This review is not about the novel but more of an introduction to the translator and some disclaimers 😊

I just want to notify the readers that the translations are done using the google translate as I'm not fluent in Chinese. English is not my first language too, so there might be some errors. I would really appreciate you could point them out so I can fix them and bring better reading experience for other readers.

Another thing is that, one or two (max) chapters... more>> throughout the entire novel will require you to go to a different link to read and that's because I'm trying to make sure the efforts I put into the translations would not be easily stolen by the aggregator sites.

I hope you don't think I'm annoying by doing these. I started doing translations since April of this year and it can be said that I'm fairly new in this. Please correct me in the comments if there is anything you think I should have done better or anything you want to say ☺️😙

Thank you so much for your support.


Thingyan <<less
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River Spirit
River Spirit rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: --
Hmm, I agree with one stars review, the MC is way too naive for someone that had survived 10 years in Apocalypse

But the story is quite lighthearted, suited for little angels who interested in Apocalypse theme but not ready for dark, depressing, gloomy sh#ts that were infinitely close to realistic view of Apocalypse.

It's about home building in middle of apocalypse, no OP MC, but a perverted OP ML, a kind family and they strive for better future.

If Apocalypse do happen, I wish I could find the way to base like... more>> this. <<less
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Thime rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: c31
This is more than 4 stars but not quite 5.


MC regresses to his past a few months before the apocalypse. He’s build a sort of fortress in a rural area to protect him and is open to housing more people. So far the story focuses on him trying to make this place self-sufficient while taking care of some friends and family.

... more>> Characters

MC: Hungry for food. Traumatized by the apocalypse from before his regression. Doesn’t have powers (he wasn’t even aware powers were a thing). Isn’t particularly smart. Has no special abilities. However, his character is likable. Despite his past he’s still compassionate within the boundaries of the situation of course. He’s also not dumb. He’s reasonable and plans ahead. I don’t think he’s naïve but maybe I’m naïve too.

ML: Hungry for MC. Okay, he is creepy. Is giving weird guy that you avoid. If he was ugly we’d block him. However, don’t disrespect my underwear stealing king. He believes consent is key. Has heart attacks if MC brushes against his hands. Has “powers”.

Side Characters: Chill. Minds their business.

Pros: likable characters including the sides. I like how they didn’t villainize the cousin. That’s seen often in BL. It’s relaxing with occasional zombie drama. Entertaining.

Cons: If you’re looking for an ESP action packed story this probably isn’t for you. Kind of slow paced. <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
September 28, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is packed with infrastructure! The MC gets another chance at life and is reborn ten years into the past, which was a couple of months before the Zombie Apocalypse began. He took this chance to prepare a place for him to live within the boundaries of one of the safest City Zones during the End Times, hoping to create a sustainable living environment for himself and the people around him (this includes the self-aware pervert that is the ML, whose obsession over the MC demands that he be... more>> around him at all times.)

The story starts off slow and steady. The focus isn't really surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. At least, not in the usual sense -- with all the zombie killing and human conflicts. Here, the main issue to take care of is how to make sure that everyone is living well within the walls while zombies are roaming around outside. This is partly made possible because the zombies here don't have abilities like the zombies in most CN Zombie Apocalypse Novels. There are mutations in humans, animals, and plants, but they're rare and not highlighted.

I actually like these kind of novels~ Some people might dislike, or even find infrastructure novels boring, but I really like it! If you're the same, then I highly recommend checking out this novel!

NOTES: By the way, the TL, which is currently incomplete, is pretty good! But, the MTL is not bad either (at least 80-85% readable, which is wayyy better than most), so there's no reason not to give it a try! Also, this novel contains some spicy scenes that are pretty explicit! So, keep that in mind.


The character of this novel are pretty one-dimensional. At the very least, the author doesn't focus much of their attention on developing them.

Ji Cha (MC)

Reborn person. He was stuck in a bottom-wrung position in his past life, which he spent farming every day (and every hour of the day). In this life, his goal is to make good use of that experience to create a space where he can live more comfortably.

Liang Jingchen (ML)

The ML looks rather stoic and abstinent on the outside, but after meeting the MC, his thoughts had gotten a little crooked. His actions may make some people uncomfortable, but I personally didn't think much of it, because he was very self-aware of the fact that he had a problem. He may skirt some people's bottom line a bit, but there is no non-con or dub-con here.

ROMANCE: 6.5/10

The romance is amusing at first, because one side is definitely all in from the get go while the other is hesitant. However, it doesn't have much screen time after the infrastructure starts to scale up, and the development are rather simple.


The setting is not bad. Downgrading the usual abilities and mutations matches the main theme of the story and allow the infrastructure to proceed without much hassle, so it's quite fitting. Of course, there's no denying that the zombie aspect of this apocalypse is practically negligent. They get veeeery little screen time.

PLOT: 8.5/10

As someone who is biased towards infrastructure novels, the plot of this novel really hit the spot for me! It might not for you, depending on your taste. But, for me, who has a tendency of dropping a story whenever things gets a bit boring, the fact that this kept me interested till the end means that it's worth the reread.

RATING: 3.43/5

All in all, a good read for me! It's rated average (based on my usual scale) because it's definitely not the most well-developed in certain areas. However, when it comes to infrastructure building, I'd say this is one of my faves! <<less
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iceflecks rated it
July 30, 2022
Status: Completed
While the MC isn't as smart as MC from Reborn Otaku, the story as a whole is about farming in the first part, and base building in the latter parts, so those bits are fun and interesting. I like that this story focuses mostly on just the MC and ML, but others might not like the fact that side characters don't really play a big role in the story. The best part of the story is that there is one chapter of smut (instead of fading to black), and that... more>> the ML is a stalker/yandere type, but he still loves and puts his lover's needs and wants first. He does actually care about the relationship being consensual, so big plus from me. MTLable. <<less
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July 17, 2022
Status: c67
Last Chapter Read: c67

Rating: 3/5

It's not horrible, but it did kind of get boring after a while.

I don't have a problem with slice of life and farming, in fact 30% of my reread novels are slice of life and farming.

It's not even the ML (or the MC) that turned me away, it's the fact that the side characters got relegated as background props. They don't get lines, development, or any kind of interaction after the novel hit the halfway mark.

Actually after the MC acquired the side characters, ... more>>

(yes, acquired, because that's how it feels, like in RPG games you just acquire props and items and they get stuck in the bottom of your bag until you need them again in the distant future)

they only got two or three more lines then nothing. The most prominent side character is probably Zhang Xing, and even then he's only there as a witness to MC and ML's developing relationship.

For Slice of Life and Farming novels, one of the biggest draws are the characters.

There were also a lot of inconsistencies, but I could tolerate them, I guess. The characters were really the deal breaker for me though.

I don't know if it improves after the chapter where I dropped it, but I'm not willing to spend more time just to find out. Maybe in the future when I have more time, but for now, I'm placing this at the very back.

I'd rather go reread "Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse" again, at least even though I already know what will happen, that novel was enjoyable and did Slice of Life Farming in the Apocalypse quite well. <<less
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Jamming2000 rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: c28
Surprisingly laid back for a zombie apocalypse novel, but am only 28 chapters in. MC is rather naive as regards relationships but that is explained in the novel. Translator’s comments on how pervy ML’s thoughts are hilarious. Do not read if you are expecting tons of gore and action and becoming leader of the resistance, so far this is more about keeping your head down and surviving. Always nice to read about warm family relationships.
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AdalSaira rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: c26
It's still too early, I know. But I just too bored to continue to read.

At first I read this to counter review others who give this 1 star. But...

... more>>

Ji Cha know sound can attract zombie and it's written on the scene where he pick up Wang in airport. I don't know about the duck and pig making sound scene cause I am not that far yet but I just want to say Ji Cha know the apocalypse common sense.

Ji Cha, once, has monologue about "he is not a protagonist with those golden finger or space power so he can only bring things little by little". So may I conclude that he is not entirely not know the existence of superpower cause he even know "advanced zombie". Maybe the superpower is like Liang, something like body upgrade, enhanced physically, or not so obvious flashy superpower like ice and fire and so on. I think it's not impossible he didn't know there was superpower.


Okay, yeah, that's all I got.

I want to give this more star but this really mediocre. The narrative is not even as exciting as Luo Xun has altho the premise is similar.

While in Luo Xun story, the romance is really small, so small that I can only carefully chewed on it. In here, I like ML's monologue. So pervert, lmao.


And he wear Ji Cha's underwear after stealing it. Like, how shamelessly pervert can you be??



You know I don't say this is bad, but I just tired of the too many narrative at the beginning and abstain this in my bookmark to find my mood to read this again.

I mean, after reading suspense dramatic horor gore genre novel you need something dull like this right 👍 <<less
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puregarnet rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: Completed
3.33 Stars


I finally finished a web novel after a long while! I've been in a slump the past couple of weeks and kept dropping so many web novels but I bit the bullet and read one with my favourite tropes even though this has only 31 chapters translated. Luckily, the MTL is pretty readable, better than some bad translations like Tea Novel. That one, I could barely understand 40-50% of it and it was so frustrating to read that I pity my younger, less knowledgeable self. Anyhoo, this is an... more>> apocalyptic reborn novel where the main plot is infrastructuring and setting up the world again after the apocalypse happens. I love this type of stories because I love the hoarding and doomsday preparation for the end times type of work, the more detail with gradual progression the better XD.

Writing/Translation: 3.6/5

The translation I read is from Hololo for 31 chapters. The translation is good. Some minor imperfections but quite good. The rest, until chapter 108, I read from the readwn website which I believe is MTL because there aren't any other English translators and the current translator hasn't updated since Jul 2022. So needs must. The MTL is quite readable. I would say compared to Hololo Novels translations, the MTL is minus 0.7 stars. A few characters' names are frequently misspelled, particularly our MC. His name, Ji Cha, gets translated as season tea around 80% of the time. I believe it's because "cha" means tea in Chinese. Also, some of the detail in the infrastructure stuff got a bit lost but it didn't really affect my enjoyment much because I got the gist well enough and these are some of my most favourite tropes so just because there is so much of it anyway, what got lost can be mostly ignored by myself. I will say that I am glad I read the translated parts first so I could know all the characters, names and other details properly first before I got thrown into MTL land and could better guess what it was trying to say.

Pacing: 3.5/5

The pacing is fine for the most part, but as the scale increased, the intimacy of hands-on farming and working for only a few people compared to setting up and opening larger farms, well, the latter part was slightly less detailed because all of that was already shown with the smaller factory farming. The final chapter sums 7+ years of progress in one fell swoop.

Plot: 3.3/5

It did fairly well as an infrastructure novel. There was a lot of detail in the setup that the MC did and I love learning things from novels so that was good. However, other than infrastructure, I feel like lots of small things in the plot that felt like they would be important later on, were never touched on until the end. For example, the MC's and the grandmother's house, the MC didn't do anything with them after the apocalypse started even though it was implied that the real estate would belong to the locals. Next are the ML's family and friends. It feels way too heartless for the ML to have zero reaction to their existence after he joined up with the MC at the factory and after he got all the power needed to try and locate them. He has that little sister and that golden-haired friend who kept teasing him that he seems to have good relationships with at the beginning. But no mention of them at all. I thought there would be some drama with the father later on but nothing. Also, I thought the classmate who helped and directed the renovation of the factory was gonna join the MC as planned by the MC from the start? But it seems there was no mention of him after that. I don't know if I just missed what happened to the guy after the renovation was completed. Overall, I liked the infrastructure part a lot but everything else has a lot of room for improvement. It didn't detract from the infrastructure part though which, good enough haha

Romance: 3/5

The romance is just meh. The two characters have personalities, are proactive in doing their own things and feel distinct. But their romance is just simple and did not draw me in in any manner except maybe a bit at the beginning when the ML was trying hard lol. After they got together, there was no more chemistry or tension and I skipped all the s*x scenes because they are cringey. Anyway, I don't think romance is the main focus.

Setting/Worldbuilding: 3/5

The setting is average. There wasn't much detail about the world, the zombies or what not. The only thing with detail is the setting up of the infrastructure part.

Characters: 3/5

The main characters are okay. I like the MC because he's pretty likeable, kind and hardworking. The ML is a typical ML for me so I don't have much feelings for him. The other side characters kinda dropped off when the scale got bigger. The villains got refreshingly annoying but got rather casually dealt with lol.

Personal Enjoyment: 3.9/5

I really liked the infrastructure part because I haven't read much of it haha. I love poor to rich and societal development or clan and kingdom building tropes so this was nice. It kept me going until the very end. I only wish it was longer with better everything else lolol.

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