Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou (LN)


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Slava is an old man. On the verge of death, he has only two regrets; not perfecting his Martial Arts that had been passed down by his Master, and leaving his adopted daughter, as well as disciple, the Elf Alma, alone. His two dying wishes that he makes to her are that she take the hidden scroll of the school and learn its secrets, and that she would love, have a family, and be happy in his stead.

But Slava is reborn as an Elf, and with the same first name too! Being told that he was named after the only master of “Alma-sama”, it appears that some time had passed and his adopted daughter had become a very important person!

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He Trained in Martial Arts for Over a Century. Martial Arts Training Corrected by an Elf
为武奉身百余年 成为精灵重新开始武者修行
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April 13, 2016
Status: --
It is early to give it a rating, but so far I like the story. The premise of the MC reincarnating several years into the future is unique, because someone that he know in the past before he died, still lives after his reincarnation. Unfortunately, time between new releases seem to take forever.
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Seregosa rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: v2c4
It's a decent enough novel, the battles are quite good, something which tends to be very rare. The MC is OP in terms of skill and has no real cheats at all except for the fact that he reincarnated. Most of the characters are likable yet nothing special. A few of the gags can be somewhat amusing.

However, that's about it. It had a really enjoyable and strong start (the first several chapters), easily enough for a 4/5 or even 4.5/5, but it sadly quickly turns worse for various reasons. My... more>> biggest gripe with this story is the mc's personality and how it grows gradually more irritating over time. If he changed, this would be easily worth 4/5.

This MC is supposed to be an 100+ year old man, he has lived a whole and extremely long human life and now he's starting his new life as an elven boy with a lifespan of around 10 times as much, 1000 years. However, his attitude makes everything boring after a while. The author is desperately trying to show us how he's an old man inside and he's soooo mature and aged, he pretty much b*tchslaps us with it every chapter, often several times. This quickly becomes increasingly annoying. Especially since he doesn't really act like an adult at all other than the forced inner dialogue. The author is just trying to excuse his childish actions by making forced and repetitive inner speeches for the MC, he truly doesn't act his supposed age at all.

So, the biggest reason for this becoming more and more grating is that he pretty much childzones everyone around him (and how he doesn't act his age at all, more on that later in the spoiler bubble). Every time he interacts with the children in his class, the author has to throw it in our face that the MC "wonders if this is how having grandkids would feel like". He says this all the time. It gets to the point where you wonder if he can truly have any reasonable interaction with the people around him because he's condescendingly looking at them like young kids and dotes on them like a supposed grandfather. However, this would've been decent if not for the fact that the people around him obviously doesn't feel like he's a grandfather. They approach him with the feelings of kids and even romance from some. But he conveniently ignores their feelings and every time he notices something is weird or out of place, he'll proceed to think of a grandpa reason as to why they do something, like thinking that this one girl is jealous of this other girl clinging to the MC because of family feelings, like feeling jealous towards some other kid who takes the attention from a father or older brother away from her. I mean, the dude is as old as these kids are (although not mentally), he's also nowhere close to family with them and certainly not a brother figure. It's obvious and he would know it unless he's ret*rded, but the author dumbs him down and makes him mistake everything as something completely unreasonable, going out of his way to try showing that the MC is an old man and thus can't understand that it could be possible that it's, for example, love. However, an old man would KNOW that romantic feelings are possible if he's in a similarly aged body and far more likely than anything else. It's not rocket science. It just makes me feel frustrated and makes him seem needlessly s*upid.


By the way, he also makes mistakes all the time that he should never, ever make given his age and experience. He was an ancient (for humans) martial artist and has been through countless life and death battles, yet he still makes elementary mistakes like "losing himself in battle" when going out to save some of the children and being ambushed (or rather losing focus and being hit straight on), hell, just leaving them alone was an extremely basic mistake as he knew, from experience, that there are criminals trying to kidnap people there... Yet the author pretends that he's old in mind and that it's reasonable even then? No, it's not. Mistakes like this is something that newbies make and then they never do them again. Him making them is just s*upid and way too forced. He even does s*upid crap like telling the kidnappers what he's there for (so that they can take hostages) and he also refuses to kill people for some reason, while pretending that he has "gone soft" for letting people go, then it becomes a habit to never kill anyone no matter what they do or where you are, he doesn't turn them in either so they just gets off with a few bruises that can be healed easily. Sorry, you can't get much more unrealistic than that. This made sure that I will probably not read more of this, the author doesn't know how to write a good and logical story at all. I can't stand hypocrite moron MCs like this one who is supposed to be an old and extremely strong martial artist that had been fighting his whole life yet has the life experience and thoughts of a precocious kid and can't shut up about how he feels like a grandfather all the time... Since it doesn't seem to get better even in volume 2, I can't give this more than 2/5 in score and I believe that to be completely fair considering how much the author screwed up his own settings.


So, the author just isn't good at this. He's good at writing battles (but they're pretty much the same over and over again, so maybe I shouldn't say that), but he just can't write a character that is old in mind or even experience and thus forces things in a way he thinks will be reasonable. This results in great issues which in turn makes the MC more and more annoying as time passes by. Seems he doesn't know how to write someone that acts like a proper adult/old man so he tries to compensate for it by telling us that he's old all the time even though such a thing would be obvious and wouldn't even need mentioning if it was written well... He's just a youngster in disguise, pretending to be an old man, that's the feeling I get from this novel despite settings. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: v1
A decent read overall, but there are some fairly major issues with the setting and plotline.

First of all, it's a fantasy world and elves are known to be great at magic (according to author). Yet every elf you meet uses either unarmed martial arts or knives. The only magic seen is healing magic, but it's not really used to heal anything but cuts and scrapes.

The author says they use magic to strengthen their bodies, but no one accomplishes anything a well-trained human couldn't accomplish with muscles and technique in real... more>> life. So far the only purpose of a fantasy world seems to be using the long lives of the elves to add harem members based on his past life.

The fight scenes are nicely described but so far he's only fought against martial artists and people with knives so it gets kind of repetitive. You'd think there'd be fantasy monsters or people with actual weapons, mages, etc. It's just disappointing if you go in expecting fantasy. (Illustrations for volume 2 suggest it'll get more fantasy, but I suspect the bulk of fights will still be mostly realistic unarmed vs unarmed)

Characters are simple and straightforward. Character interaction is plain. The MC being condescending towards everyone gets a little old after a while.

The story is pretty much nonexistent so far. It's like a one-volume prologue setting up for the actual story, with a few short arcs set up as excuses for kung fu fighting. It's like a p*rn novel, only instead of s*x scenes you get gratuitous fight scenes. And that's fine, both are enjoyable, but it still feels empty without an overarching plot.

Overall it's "OK" and recommended for fans of unarmed martial arts and patting elves on the head. Not for people who like fantasy or world-building. <<less
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karl646 rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: v1c12
Has the amazing trope of this old man died and reincarnated but still acts like a 7 year old... ? Inability to read overexaturated anime faces. You get the point the MC has been written flawed. The story itself is genetic and dull as well. Even as a "isekai" enthusiast not much to be found here.
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lowAttentionSpan rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: v1
This novel follows martial artist Slava into his second live after he dies in the arms of his foster daughter, only to awaken 30 years later as an elven baby. His earlier life left him with strong martial arts' skills and he wishes to further hone his skills.

While living through the (let's face it: mandatory) school arc, he meets friends from his old life and makes bonds with new people. The cast is kept fairly small to this point, allowing characters some depth and personality. Some characterizations do fall a... more>> bit stereotypical (the gung-ho admiring youngster, the quiet and proper girl,...), but stereotypes aren't inherently bad, and here they work out ^^
The fight scenes are well-described and fun to read without being too flashy. The focus is on the MC's thoughts (and his character development) while providing funny scenes once in a while.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the story ^^ <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: v1 epilogue
Strong start, but then it sinks into standard shonen. MC sorta hides his identity from his daughter, but not really. He basicly reveals himself, but refuses to acknowledge it.

This supposedly "old man" behaves and has the obliviousness of a shonen MC. Typical "oblivious to female advances" trope.

This is a typical shonen story with a unique MC origin, but the author basically ignores every aspect of the MC's backstory except that he knows how to fight... Even going so far as to set the relationship between the MC and his daughter... more>> aside... <<less
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