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The “Great Learning” states, “When you know where to stop, you have stability; when you have stability, you can be tranquil; when you are tranquil, you can be at ease.” As such, “Adapting to one’s circumstances” does not equate to passively obeying the winding paths of life. Rather, it’s the wisdom of the virtues of the weak.

(“Virtues of the weak” originates from Ye Jiaying’s “弱德之美,” which states that the moral character that is retained even after one is put through great pressure holds a unique beauty.)

By the emperor’s decree, Fu Ming is to marry Jin Yi and become his male wife. The initial reception is cold. Can the two sort things out between them, the winter departing and the snow thawing?

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Dragon_Reader rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I mtled from JJWXC.

It's like a more elegant, M&B version of historical homosexual romance. MC and ML are engaged to be married due to a royal order. Both are unhappy but MC is the type to be more accomodating and adjustable. ML slowly learns to include MC in his life.

Pro - It's a good read. MC is very very calm and not the sort to over-react or do dramatic acts. ML is unhappy with the marriage but is not physically or verbally abusive. He simply remains indifferent to MC until... more>> slowly realising how good MC is. After that he is a passionate lover, tortured by the fact that he is being forced to marry a concubine coz of his grandmother + culture of those times.

Biggest pro for me was the really cute kid from ML's first wife (who's dead so no angst there). He is enthusiastic and loves MC like his own Dad.

Con - Uhh most of the angst happens coz of some things MC does or is forced to do which imo is unreasonable/ illogical. While I can understand the parts where MC's hands are tied, I don't understand why he does what he did after his hands gets untied (so to speak). It's like M&B senseless acts with little to no explanation or very vague reason that's not really strong.

Or maybe MTL confused me, I don't know.

Conclusion - The novel is around 3.5. I rated upward coz it's short and sweet. Plus HE. It's definitely worth a read. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
It'a peaceful story although it also involved (a tiny bit) the throne and royalty issue, rivalry in love, familial piety and angst.

It's short, but all that needed to be addressed had been done and handled alright excepted the ending. I want more of the all the characters' ending, since they're all showed up and got good roles.

MC was a strong person in a complicated predicament but he never gave up and didnot want to repay those who hurt him. ML was a bit of enigma at the beginning, but with... more>> times he could open his eyes. He also got his own punishment, so I guess it was fair lol <<less
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October 19, 2021
Status: c9
The rating is only temporary since I only read up to chapter 9 where the translation is currently at, but at last I find a story about a forced marriage where there is no cruel and abusive family or cunning and scheming concubines, it is kind of fresh air. The MC is an orphaned young master who lives in his uncle's household, he is not exactly favored but he isn't mistreated either. The husband is cold and indifferent at first, due to the awkward situation being forced into marriage, but... more>> he doesn't treat the MC badly. The husband's family is also pretty nice, with his son (from the late wife) and niece quickly warm up to the MC and accept him as family. Everyone behaves like normal decent human being and MC lives a relatively normal peaceful life (except for the lack of affection from his husband, for the time being at least).

I can't wait to see how their relationship will develop, tried to MLT the raw from JJWXC but it's so confusing so I can only wait for the update from the translator. Big thanks to the translator for picking this up! <<less
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greta676 rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c7
I have been waiting for updates to this novel forever. Is one two/three works which I am always looking for updates on. The plot is nothing new but I find the narrative very taking. Thank you to the translator for picking up this work. I will be following till the end for sure.
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