Breaking the Day


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The brash Li Chengfeng makes a living through trickery with his clueless but loyal servant, Xiaobao. One day, the love of his life is murdered, making him a suspect, and he meets a demon who suspects he is the reincarnation of a traitorous immortal.

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Breaking the Heavens
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05/11/21 Veratales c229
05/09/21 Veratales c228
05/06/21 Veratales c227
05/04/21 Veratales c226
05/02/21 Veratales c225
04/29/21 Veratales c224
04/27/21 Veratales c223
04/25/21 Veratales c222
04/22/21 Veratales c221
04/20/21 Veratales c220
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04/15/21 Veratales c218
04/13/21 Veratales c217
04/11/21 Veratales c216
04/08/21 Veratales c215
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larrylarry249 rated it
October 21, 2020
Status: c50
pree heartwarming story involving family ties & friendship. MC is strong, yes, but he also uses his wit to defeat his enemies which is quite funny. The first few chapters were re-translated by current TL.
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