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In every love story, there are one or two male and female matches who seek death. They wronged themselves, disgusted everyone, and fulfilled the hero and heroine.

Li Huairou’s existence is to bring these men and women back from the edge of death, and watch the play at the same time..

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Nikkiart rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Firstly, there's no romance!!! The novel absolutely doesn't need it.

So this is not the very best of the qt novels I've read, but definitely not the worst and is rather fun.

(Just want to say not to judge based on the first arc because the character depth does get better in that they don't play into the exact stereotype everytime later on while the first arc kind of feels like every counterattack novel ever.)

The premise really is the best part. So MC transmigrates into people not usually mentioned in... more>> the og story or is considered the tragic backstory character behind the actions of the cf (basically someone with little role in the actual novel besides maybe as motivation), but they have a connection to a cannon fodder or someone ruined by the fl/ml. Her task is to save them from their ruin. Usually this identity lands her the ability to completely not intersect beyond as a passerby with the og storyline.

The characters and relationships in this actually have a little variety and it's not like people hate each other for horribly petty reasons (or if they're petty, the personality of the character falls in line with it). All the motivations are very different and you could see these being side characters in real novels sometimes- it's not always the heroine and hero are evil and the cannon fodder is secretly in the right. Some of the hero/heroine's logic does make sense (even if most of them are just super selfish ignoring the people they hurt in their pursuit of happiness) and the cannon fodders og actions really are atrocious and disgusting, but they (the cf's) are given a chance to grow beyond the circumstances that led them to those decisions. Some of the fl/ml's are tr*sh though and it's not always both parties. One will be redeemed while the other won't etc. You come to appreciate these trivial passerbys in stories like in arc 2, the consort MC serves etc.

I appreciate the uniqueness of MC's relationship with different people while maintaining for the most part a baseline personality. She continues to be the same person through her transmigrations (as in someone cheerful, funny, a little indifferent, a little spoiled, a glutton, etc.) and yet, most of the time her background and setting completely change and she manages to complete her tasks and create/maintain real relationships with characters anyway. It's very interesting to see because a lot of the time the transmigrators have to adapt to the personalities of other people and that's not something most people would be able to realistically do.

Additionally, I love how unique this premise is because it's truly through a bystander who doesn't really get involved much most of the time. No one suddenly falls in love with our MC, no one hates her for no reason. She's kind of meant to be there as a spectator mostly but mainly to drag a cannon fodder out of harms way (usually by not allowing them to really intersect with the ml/FL of the og story). It creates a much more nuanced story because they don't start off as the enemies with the og fl/ML all the time and instead their actions determine their endings. Like you actually do like some of the og fl's/ml's and the cannon fodder and them sometimes end up being friends.

Finally, I think this is a fun and well enough written read. My biggest negatives are the way that she never really changes at all through the story. She never is touched by anyone and she's never grown as a person on many ways and her caring and love remains (to me) mostly superficial or acting all the way to the end nearly because you don't really see her ever think about anything or feel anything. I don't need an ML or a love story but I would prefer my character to show some kind of growth between beginning to end. It feels kind of like nothing even mattered all the way through- she never faces a single consequence of failure, the characters in each world never come up again, and the character herself never changes so what is the point? Where is the impact or what are the stakes really? She never struggles even once with anything and never really moves beyond indifference pretending to care for the sake of her own task imo. She never gets involved beyond the basic minimum.

To be fair though, this is probably meant to be a light and entertaining read that takes all the tropes we webnovel readers are constantly devouring and turns them the tiniest bit on their head. I think it's worth a read but it's not a stellar masterpiece and as long as you aren't expecting that then it's wonderful. <<less
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wolikethat rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: c58
I've read the first three arcs and it's become one of my favorite QT novels. Partly because its a refreshing change. I should start by saying that if you're looking for romance this is not the novel for you. Our MC is a true side character and that does not change. However, I find her a lot more realistic and relatable exactly for the fact that she isn't taking the center stage role. I personally find narratives that show larger, granding happenings via the view point of someone on the... more>> periphery (ie. Legend of Minglan). For example, in the second arc the MC's identity is the favorite personal maid of a Dowager Imperial Concubine who does not directly participate in the harem/succession struggle going on around her, but is still in the midst of it because of her position.

One of the interesting thing about this novel is that we get heavy attention on relationships that are often brushed off or overlooked in stories that focus on romance. The MC's bonds with the different characters in the different arcs are so varied and interesting. You get a lot of siblings bonds, parental bonds, servant-master bonds, extended family bonds, friend bonds. The relationship between the MC and the Dowager Concubine in Arc 2 was so cute and unique. And I love the relationship between MC and her sister-in-law in Arc 3.

I also think it does a uniquely good job of making the OG ML and FLs of the novels human and/or different. So far I haven't seen just cookie cutter over and over again. Sometimes the ML is redeemable and the FL is awful. Sometimes the FL is redeemable and ML is awful. Sometimes the ML and FL are just two flawed humans who end up getting smacked in the fact with the life when the cannon fodder isn't there to deflect for them and they have to deal with that. Perhaps because the MC is a side character, the novel doesn't feel the need to always villainize/minimize the original leads in order to highlight how OP our MC is, so you get a lot more nuance and shades of gray. I, personally, love that.

Of course we still get some faceslapping and revenge in each arc, but more than that, the arcs seem to be about the MC making sure her canon-fodder loved ones live well without getting mixed up in the OG leads' drama.

Overall, if you're fine with a lack of romance for the MC and want some QT that's a little different, I recommend this one. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: Completed
If you like non CP world hopping, you will like it. It's enjoyable story. I like heartwarming scene between MC and her sisters and parent. MC task to be guide her sister, brother, master, mistress or cousins. MC stay single in whole arcs. Her relationship with her family, siblings and other is so sweet and heartwarming. It's great read. I enjoy reading it. I like siblings, master-s*ave and friendship relationship. In some arcs, MC became s*ave, eunuch, villainess sister/cousin. She guided her master and siblings. But MC is lazy, she... more>> don't have ambitions or she don't want to do something for her motherland. She is fun and lazy character <<less
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August 11, 2022
Status: Completed
the title should be "how to save the cannon fodder sibling/cousin/family" instead of "breaking a couple" because the MC's focus isn't on breaking apart the protagonist couple. Unlike most QT novels I've read, this MC doesn't hop into the body of the main cannon fodder herself, she becomes a family member and works first to save the main cannon fodder, usually by taking them away from the situation, and then living her best salted fish life until the next time around.

I mostly like the MC, she's a little annoying at... more>> times but over all a decent character, though there's not much character growth for her; all the growth seems to be on the main cannon fodder's side. Mostly the MC is just there to eat melon seeds and enjoy herself.

the focus is less on face slapping and more on familial ties and giving the cannon fodder a new, less self destructive path to follow. <<less
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lerrein rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: c278
I finished it all in three days, and I loved it!!

I'm partial towards weak protagonists, and the way this novel barely had any cheats given to protagonist only made me appreciate it more.

It's not a weak-to-strong story, unlike Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks, or other similar stories. It's about transmigrating into a side character, and living life a side character would live in this world if it weren't for That One Unfortunate Incident.

The novel might seem lackluster to some, since there are usually no deliberate revenge plots, nor... more>> fixing protagonists lives (unless they're directly involved with original owners). But for me it was just right—the arcs weren't uselessly long, the characters were loveable, and the main girl was easy to follow.

Talking about highlights—for me it was childfree acceptance and no h*mophobia from the main character. I'll be honest, it tires me endlessly to see this in Chinese novels, even BL ones... Although side characters usually end up with children our MC has to help raise, but she optes out of both childbirth and romance, never having a love interest in all of her worlds.

I also loved the ending.


Although I can't say that I'm happy that MC broke her no-childbirth streak, she still stayed as herself, and the child was adorable. I legitimately cried the whole last chapter. And since it wasn't her who got the original owner's body pregnant, it's barely counts—MC just had to proceed with the given plot.


All in all, this is a good-paced calm happy endings story where the main character was able to live through the turbulent times and enjoy her life. It's not very intriguing and plot-exiting, but I still liked it a lot. <<less
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08phamann rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c21
Only one arc translated so far, and the translator does a good job, no issues there.

The plot itself isn't very compelling or interesting. We are given a quick explanation as to why MC is doing these mission (the reason doesn't really make sense to begin with), and I'm not sure if MC is supposed to be a good agent? Or a bad one? As she does not seem to have any skills of cheats. Not that she needs any, because in the first arc it seems like the ogML and... more>> ogFL screwed themselves over with minimal assistance from MC. Legit she almost didn't do anything besides convince her sister to move out and give up on the ogML. After that was done in less than 1 chapter, she plays a minimal role in the story. <<less
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Zhuntress rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c92
A unique transmigration novel for me. The pace is very good and every outline for each arc is quite well thought of. I’m glad that our MC doesn't have any romance at all but she does set up romance for the cannon fodder of every arc. Highly recommend others to read and I hope there are more chapters and arcs to come!
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seemanta rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
***This is not a face slapping novel. So please don't read this expecting that. MC's job is to prevent her mission target's BE. So though there is some small satisfying tit for tat, it's definitely not as intense as shuwangwen.***

I like this. If you like QTs without a CP, superior MC, dumb and cliche side characters, OOC and drama, this is totally for you! MC is staunch follower of no marriage. She doesn't want to be a relationship and doesn't want to give birth. But she likes kids, raises a... more>> lot of other people's kids in different worlds, even gives birth in one world cause og owner was already pregnant when she came. She doesn't think it's necessary to give birth or get a man to live well. It's also nice to see how her family in each world accepts that too. They might not feel the same at first but they love her and respect her decision. Also, people don't fall for her left and right. She has good friends, is loved by her friends and family, is very laid back.

It might be too boring for some people but it's not like she does nothing. Her job is to guide or influence the side characters so they don't clash with the og MCs in each world and live a good life. She doesn't need to actively change others or take revenge. As long as she prevents them from going against the og MCs, they're not her business anymore. Even if they are all a*sholes, it's not her problem. Not all bad people will get a face slapping, some will still go around ruining other people's life, but it's really not MC's job to take care of that. And most characters are still reasonable people who were desperate after being pushed off of the cliff. She just needs to stop that from happening. Her goal in each arc is to get her job done and live happily. She doesn't even learn any skills actively cause of laziness. It's more of a funny and laid back slice of life story than a face slapping revenge novel.

There's a so called system that gives her the plot of each world but it never shows up. Her og world is an interstellar world and her job is to live broadcast her missions. We only get to know this in the last chapter. So there's no serious purpose for her travelling to these worlds so don't expect her to work more than she needs to. She's lazy, laid back and never works more than needed. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
April 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I think this is enjoyable novel for QT. There is no romance for MC, there are no bumpy plot, just ordinary smooth sailing plots for every arc but for me it’s good on its own way.

The MC has a minor role to change the fate of every miserable character, but her small role could change the ending of many others.

If you want relax and fun QT with smooth plot but no romance for MC, this is a good story for you.
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Sheddy rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Finished the first arc and I don't understand what the other bad reviews are about. I enjoyed it just fine. The MC is in a role of a side character, so she is not directly involved with the main characters, only doing some small tricks which is hardly noticeable but without her small tricks, thing wouldn't work out this way, so saying that she does nothing would be wrong. I quite enjoy this method of counterattacking since the MC doesn't have to wrong herself for it. Although not every arc... more>> have counter attacks, in some arcs the MC get along with the leads. Which is a bit unsatisfactory since I feel that some leads deserve to suffer but didn't because the MC didn't get involved. But at least she gets kinder and would sometimes help others from being cannon fodders as well.

My opinion on 1st arc :


As for the ML and the FL, the MC simply torn their faces and revealed their true nature, they are alike, petty and narrow minded. The ML is a scum through and through, didn't even know his mother was allergic to seafood, once maybe fine but twice, that is obvious neglect. The ML's parents maybe seemed biased, but who wouldn't be with a son like that? I like how decisive they were in selling the company, they're not fixated in having their offsprings inherit their business unlike other novel's ML's parents. To be fair, it's Gao Lang's fault for abandoning his parents and the company causing his father to be admitted to the hospital because of fatigue.

I always knew that behind every overbearing arrogant ML there's an insecure self righteous narcissistic egoistic piece of shit. Which is why there are novels where when the cannon fodders/villainess was reborn and stop loving the ML, the ML started to chase them back. But it's not love, it's ego, they can't handle the fact that those cannon fodders/villainess doesn't love them anymore. Gao Lang is exactly that type of ML.

As for the guy MC matched her sister with, some people may feel unsatisfied by it since she seem to force them to be together, but I can understand it since the MC is simply doing task, there's no real feelings between them.

The ending was fitting imo, Gao Lang didn't abandon the FL and stayed with her till the end, didn't blame her for giving birth prematurely, though their feelings weren't as good as in the original plot. I guess it was true love between them.


It was a decent read, not the best but still enjoyable. Will continue to read more.

2nd arc was very disappointing. I could give 1st arc 3.5-4 stars but I give a solid 2 for the 2nd arc.


It feels like she have no purpose in this arc except for getting the original owner's sister out of the palace. I know the novel description said that she would just enjoy the show, but I can't believe that she just watched so many innocent people suffered and die, including a 7 year old girl. I truly despise the MC in this arc, she basically just eat all day while behaving unruly and enjoys watching other people suffer while she criticize their actions. It is truly disgusting. I felt sorry for the FL, she was a tool used by Prince Qi as well but she wasn't saved, the MC only saved the original owner's sister, she didn't care about other people. FL lost pretty much everything, nothing changed for her compared to the original plot, eventhough she won in the end, she lost so many..


I'm gonna try to read the 3rd arc, if the MC continues to be unbearable like in the 2nd arc, I'm gonna just drop it with a 3 star review.

I guess the 2nd arc was a fluke, the rest afterwards was pretty decent. It's nice that the arcs are shorter after the 2nd arc, so it's not too boring to read.

Finished reading. Some arcs are boring, some are great, but the author made the arcs shorter after the 2nd arc which is good because you won't feel too bored reading it. The MC didn't actively seek revenge on those who wronged the original owners, instead she just abandoned the main plot line and continue her own life, often those people usually destroyed themselves without MC's intervention. Some people may not like this novel due to this, but it really suits my taste, would definitely read it again soon, but maybe would skip some arcs. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: c21
Novel not recommended to read.
The opening premise is that MC is to help the fodder character avoid being fodder. The title to the novel is not particularly well fitting either.

Novel is badly written, and is basically 50/50 beating a dead horse (The original ML guy is a scumbag? Who would have known!) while the other half is MC distracting the fodder character (and maybe setting them up with a new romance? Anything's possible).

Arc 1 is a pitiful excuse for a story with MC the younger sister of a scumbag... more>> older sister who goes mad over the original male lead. Mystifyingly MC merely has her sister move out with her and then everything is solved. It's pretty silly how the rest of the story goes as the author throws random incidents where the readers can nod their heads to how bad the ML is. The scummy parents of the ML aren't chastised at all and there's a complete lack of intelligence as to how the story got to this point. There's literally no ending to the story, plus the author has no brain and just keeps on piling hate onto the dumb original ML guy. Additionally the weird MC has a grudge against the original heroine which feels absolutely tasteless. There's so much wrong here, and the author makes sure to even make the original heroine and ML sexist in the final chapters for the finishing touch. Really cements the novel as garbage.

Next chapters look as equally unpromising.

No real value to any of the story or the writing. Stories here have been done way better in the typical ultimate male protagonist romances like Scum Male's Whitewashing or even The Best Male God. The unique perspective of MC being a supporting character is utterly wasted as MC doesn't live their own life and instead just messes around in the background. Author just takes the cardboard cut-out flat trope filled worlds and has MC cause the fodder to act extremely OOC and then succeed at all things. It's like writing bad Fanfiction about your OC arriving and solving all issues. -500tril/10 Bland and Meanspirited. <<less
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yugmodnar rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: c108
Not great but not bad. Most of the novel is the protagonist being lazy and eating food. This works for some arcs but is annoying on others. This rises above most females protagonist QT novels due to the lack of casual accept of misogyny. The protagonist loves herself, sticks to her goals, and doesn't change for anyone. Male approval does nothing for her.
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Hana1001 rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c81
I'm around ch.80 and I quite like it so far. Only thing throws me off a bit is that there's no backstory on the MC so far, and we're not sure who the MC actually is and why she's doing what she's doing. Also the switch between arcs are so sudden without any bridge/space like most QT have and just throws you into the new world which was bit baffling.
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Vakkerbela rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: c60
Boring. Absolutely boring.

As usual I commend the translators for excellent work but this story was just too boring.

MC does almost nothing.

... more>> Arc 1 she just gets her sister to move out of the house and get a new love interest. The antagonists get into trouble with no help from her.

Arc 2 was even worse. After sending her sister out of the palace she did... NOTHING. Just played around with Consort Dowager Hui but the scum man's plans still sent the way they did in the original novel.

It was implied that she did something to make his death more painful than it was supposed to be but the guy was still the ultimate winner and the female lead was kept forever in the dark about the true mastermind behind her family's demise.

MC was basically a decoration in both arcs.

Arc 3 was slightly better and she helped the male lead to see the light, but still boring.

Each world is a vacation. Recycled characters and tropes. <<less
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Eliza993 rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c70
This story is amazing.

I love the MC so so much. She is strong and smart but she would be lazy if she could.

She solved the problem very quickly and never dragged things out like other MC. I truly love it. I hate it when the author never solved the problem and just drags it out to make the story long.

This MC never hides the truth from her family and friends, she let them know when bad things happened.

There is no romance as far as I read.
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milka99 rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: c96
Absolutely delightful to read, once you understand waht it is about. The character are life-like and very interessing. If you want a quick read this is just perfect.
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annhsu0222 rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Are you sick of male leads falling for the MC left and right? MC that claim to not need a man but the author makes it seem like she just hasn't met the right person? Well look no further this MC has no romantic attachments in any of the worlds at all and actually just tries to intervene at the right moments while trying to live peacefully and leave the female and male protagonists to do whatever they want. Not that there's no romance at all but it just happens... more>> around the MC.

I truly recommend it if you're sick of MC who would die if they don't complete the mission or go to extreme ends with no regard of how the plot has changed to screw and original protagonists.

she's often not the main focus and we do see what happens to the original main characters, it's just sometimes she's not really involved or just briefly mentioned.



    • the MC truly only cares about the mission (saving the second female leads or cannon fodders) and doesn't really go out of her way to antagonize the female and male protagonists
    • its a very fluffy story and you don't need a lot of brain to read it, the plots are straightforward and they don't leave you with a bad taste in your mouth
    • MC does what she needs to do and doesn't suddenly can hack into the government or something she has her flaws but obviously, through various experiences, she's not with her own skills though sometimes they do come as kind of surprisingly since we weren't told how she ends up transmigration to different world I'm willing to forgive it
    • I like how the women aren't actually all brain dead and try to trip up the MC or fight against her for some silly reason, some of the female characters really I wouldn't mind a sidestory of them (like the one where the dude literally kicked out his harem and half of his harem was secretly totally happy lol)
    • people are shocked that MC doesn't want to marry. There were many times in different worlds that she physically couldn't have children and other people would feel bad. But MC didn't care and continues to live happily and I'm glad to see that the people around her don't base her worth on her ability to have children
    • loving her various interactions with other female characters and children, super funny and cute
    • the bad people's ends aren't always jail, death, or violence and sometimes is what they deserve IMO not too much or too little so it's pretty satisfying
    • NO SUPERIORITY COMPLEX I am very sick of that lol like MC acting like they're better than everyone else and how everyone should know better and mocking others


    • sometimes the scummy people do be super vicious but the MC does prevent bad things from happening if she can but sometimes the plot changes in ways she can't predict but that mostly occurs to people around her, her main concern is just taking control of her own situation and the purpose of her mission I guess you could say
    • there's this one arc where the directors forcefully kissed an actress without consent even though it's light hearted I do still dislike it no matter if the actress comes to accept it or not
    • she actually doesn't have a lot of male friends or I just don't remember any and I would've liked to see more of that relationship
    • the beginning couple of worlds do make it seems like MC has it easy but after a while, she does involve herself more and sometimes you can see the plot scenes still inevitably happen just with different characters and how she goes around it but I like her, prevent what you can prevent and others just meet head on kind of attitude, she doesn't let her guard down too easily?
    • i wish some of the arcs were longer, I want to see what happens to the children after they grew up like I want some closure lol but it's not a big deal
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