Boy’s Love Online is a Wreck


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For the purpose of his live broadcast, Ji Xingchen pretended to be a cute girl to tease his team’s wild king gege in a game.

In line with his principle that as long as he slipped away fast enough he could not be deemed Aquaman, Ji Xingchen tossed the wild king gege to the back of his mind immediately after the game ended.

Who would have thought, when he returned back from the toilet, that there would be a big boss in his broadcast room fiercely brushing hundreds of thousands of gifts.

Ji Xingchen became dumbfounded: Big boss, you. . .did you get the wrong person?

The big boss: No mistake.

The big boss: I was the Li Bai from last game.

Ji Xingchen: Holy shit.

This was the wild king gege he had just teased!

When asked about his ideal type, peak-popularity Ran Feng always remained silent.

But one day, his fans discovered that their idol had actually admitted his type was someone who could play games well.

The fans: I’m here! Load faster, King of Glory!

At King of Glory’s Professional League finals, Ji Xingchen agreed to meet offline with a big boss from his list.

Ji Xingchen waited a long time for the big boss at their agreed-on location, only to meet not the boss but an old acquaintance.

The man was leaning against the corner of two walls, a cigarette indolently dangling from his lips. His slightly raised peach blossom eyes contained deep emotions.

Ran Feng pressed out the cigarette with his hand, and trapped Ji Xingchen between his arms.

In the lingering smoke, he softly kissed the corner of Ji Xingchen’s lips.

“Don’t you remember who I am? Will you disappear this time, too?”

Extremely beautiful anchor shou X deeply in love and dedicated celebrity gong.

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Boy’s love online are doomed to fail
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Rutabaga rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly, on some parts I do agree with Justalittlechesspiece. The MC is contradictory, but it gets explained with a reasoning that mostly makes sense. It's weird that he ran after meeting with the ML, but if I met with my crush in an unexpected place, my first instinct would probably be to run, so I don't think it's that terrible. Though, I agree the meet-up could have been done better, especially with all the blushing and the "like a trapped bunny" part.

There is some drama (not just some) and it... more>> feels like a mix between a showbiz and live-streaming novel. The repetitiveness that happens a lot in live-streaming novels doesn't happen here a lot, but you can tell it does follow a certain format. The format itself repeats (MC livestreams, drama happens, MC is amazing at the game, everyone is awestruck, anti-fans that get face-slapped, ML shows up and supports MC, MC and ML have a lot of CP fans), but the plot filling the format is different each time, so it didn't feel overly repetitive while I was reading it.

It has unrealistic parts (yes, it's a novel), and parts that feel a bit off and don't fit in, but overall it's not a bad novel to pass your time with. Don't think too deep into this. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YellowNoodle rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is cute and fluffy. Good to pass time and not think too much.

The story mainly focused on the games, the lead's relationship, and reconnection. Last 30 chapters is essentially clearing up the misunderstandings and the honeymoon period.

The two things that irked me, however, is the dragged out meeting and the MC's mother.

I felt that xingchen wanting to run away when they finally met was a bit redundant. Yes I understood his reason for it but I felt that the only reason the author put it in was to... more>> create unnecessary drama. And the way Xingchen was written was just... like a damsel in distress of a c-drama.

As for the mother... she's not the best. And I'm putting it very nicely. Plus, I may have misunderstood the mtl but Xingchen's mother

became paranoid about the him loving the Ran Feng (ML). By paranoid I mean by stopping it.

I have to note that the Xingchen's father died and the MC's mother has stomach cancer. Then she read Xingchen's dairy and confronted Xingchen about it, to which, Xingchen admitted his love for Ran Feng.

Xingchen's mother told him that he was still young and his mind may change. It felt like she was supporting him, but then she hounded him about who he was calling, what he was doing (even if he left to cook for a while), and asking all the nitty gritty details of his life while not allowing Xingchen to go out and work so he could pay off her medical bills and his father's debt.

It got so bad to the point where he deleted everything about Ran Feng and was literally crying in his sleep and calling out the ML's name.

Like what the heck?

You'd think she'd have the decency to let her child be happy after what happened to her husband and the responsibilities he now has to carry, but no, she really pushed him down mentally.


That bit irked me a lot. Especially, after it ended with her agreeing with a letter after 3 years.

Granted it is mtl and the sentences may string weirdly but reading that made my mood sour.

Overall, it's a nice story with a few tidbits that didn't fit well imo.


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Justalittlechesspiece rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c78
3/5. NU doesn't let me change the rating.

I think the MC is very contradictory. I only managed to get through it by skipping large chunks of his thought process. Essentially all his flashback memory scenes/ wondering why he wants to be close but wants to run away from the ML - I skipped ALL of that. Annoying and useless filler that just detracted from the story progression. Story is perfectly understandable even without all that since the author keeps making summaries/ references over and over.

I hated so many supporting characters.... more>> Like I'm not sure whether that is what friends do in the real world and I'm just that unlucky kid that have friends that actually respect my opinion, but I HATED how some people (mo yuzhe) just kept intruding on people. Like the author writes it like they're good friends and he treats them as brothers but like. I'd hate it if I told a friend "no, I don't want to do this" or that I told them to leave my house and they just take it as oh since they're my friend I get to decide for me. Like I get that the author essentially designed such a spineless damsel in distress who can't do anything for himself and has to create such 1 sided characters that he literally only pulls into the story whenever he needs someone to drive the plot forward (and then explains his disappearance from the entire story for the past 10 chapters as he went somewhere filming but hey he's back now) but it just ruins the story for me.

Ranting but I really hated that guy. He would even say "I feel like I'm being a lightbulb" and then proceeds to continue being a light bulb with 0 awareness.

Like fk. I'm at the part where he finds out about their relationship and I got so mad I had to make this review. Note, they didn't even choose to inform him. He just self invited himself to their place cause he feels like he's entitled to it. Fk man. Leave them alone.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Neollle rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This one is actually the same on the other anchor BLs that I’ve read but the difference is that the ML is an actor. The story is actually okay and read this to pass time.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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