Boyfriends Always Turned out to Be a Horror Movie Boss


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Zhou Yu is just an ordinary person. After his heart attack, he was born again. He thought he could enjoy life well, but he did not realize that this world was a supernatural world. He always bumps into ghosts and a group of reincarnators who would use him as an NPC. His lover always turns into a horror movie BOSS.

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Bạn Trai Luôn Biến Thành BOSS Phim Kinh Dị
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40 Reviews

Jul 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I just finished reading this. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a tension filled, action packed horror novel, you'll be disappointed. I can be a bit of a scardycat when it comes to horror but I didn't find this novel scary at all.

Most of the novel consists of either MC trying to find ML or ML courting MC, and the only people getting scared are the reincarnaters (the players) who keep getting killed for messing with MC.

There's only one arc where they get smart enough to follow MC instead of trying to use him as cannon fodder

Even the Lord God (who I'm pretty sure is supposed to be the main "boss" of the novel but just comes off as pathetic) never manages to do much harm.

ML is kind of yandere but more in the will-never-hurt-mc-but-if-you-touch-him-I'll-kill-you sort of way and if MC said go left he'd never go right. The love is also kind of insta-love, but the end of the novel gives an explanation for that.

All in all, it's not a bad novel if you want something quick to read and easy to mtl. There are only 6 arcs (8 if you include the ending arc and the extra), and I found most of them to be interesting.
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Jan 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Truthfully, for some reason, before reading this novel I was actually kinda skeptical if this was gonna be a story I would personally like. Oh, I'd read it for sure because at the time I first saw it, this was one of the few in this niche "genre" being translated. I just didn't really have that high of an expectation for this particular story. Maybe its the title? Haha, well to the past me who made that decision to read it, great job!

This story quickly became one of my top... more>> favorites. It's also the only story I have mtl'ed fully without skipping parts. I've reread it multiple times and I'm sure I would again.

Its been a long time since I last reread this story but I'll try to be as accurate as possible in this review. :)))) First of all, and I'll definitely return to this point later, I adored the relationship between the MC and the ML. There's none of the forceful, Stockholm syndrome-esque, approach from the ML's side common in BL stories and though you can see some yandere traits in the earlier parts--well, who am I kidding he has those qualities all throughout the story, however, the ML never really made decisions that would harm MC in any way, shape or form. It's kind of hard to explain, and you'll understand it a 100x better if you read the novel but I really adored the way the ML handled his affection for the MC. (Except for the extra arc, which well, is another topic entirely. But I digress.) Also, let's talk about Zhou Yu (MC) 's part in their relationship. He's proactive! And while not dark, he is also firmly in ML's side. :))))))) Another aspect that I really loved about their relationship. They support each other and feel for the other just as much. There's also the co-dependency aspect that I'll admit is one of my guilty pleasures. You may feel that that ML's love for the MC in the first world was cheaply obtained because ML's character's affection was for the MC's body's orighost, however, that's not true at all. And there's also the matter of their real backstory.

This story has 7 arcs that are included the main story+ 1 extra arc.

Most chapters will start off with excerpts from the horror movie the world takes place in, so it may be confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it soon.

There's also the incarnations, basically "players" that enter the world to either clear certain tasks or exterminate the villain boss (?). They have a certain number of lives so even if they die in a world, their souls aren't going to be destroyed as long as they still have a life. I've forgotten most info about them but from what I remember supposedly the only people that raid the horror worlds should be criminals punished for heinous crimes however lord god has been adding innocents more and more lately. Most of these people are nasty buggers though.


Note: ZY=MC, ML is always the Villain Boss

Arc 1- Strange She (???)

ZY is the Senior that ML (There's backstory here, but yes, the girl from the start is ML) likes. ML is Feng Xin

Arc 2- The Wrath of Cthulhu

ZY is basically like Dr. Victor Frankenstain in this one. It's an interesting setting that's for sure. ML is both Dr. Frankenstein's monster with fragments of Cthulhu (well sometimes he is?) AND Cthulhu.

Arc 3- Fatal Infection

Its raining MLs in this one?? ML doesn't want to share though. So every one of them is also gunning down for each other.

Arc 4- Nightmare

Okay, this might be my favorite one. In this one, ZY lost all his memories. He believes that he's actually the character that he is playing however he also has moments where he thinks that the him in the past is different from the him of the present. This world is from a horror movie series so there are many twist and turns to ML's identity. But on the most basic level, he was a student who was burned at a cross by this cult and returns as a resentful ghost.

Arc 5- Hell Bus

ZY is a non-mainstream (?) youth who has dyed gray hair who looks punkish (?). ML is the King of Hell (?) who dresses like a clown and is the one who organized the Hell Bus. ZY's character's unique ignorance in this one is hilarious. Another one I really liked, though ZY feels less like himself in this one.

Arc 6- Top Secret 4050

Yo for a hot second I actually thought this was the original world. Thank goodness it ain't. Iirc the setting is a mental hospital. ZY is a general (?) who was betrayed by a comrade and framed and was set to go to prison? This I'm really not sure anymore, but goes to the mental hospital because of something. He basically has no impulse control in this one and is very unrestricted??. ML is a test subject.

Arc 7- Lord God's "Domain" (End)


Their backstory gave me whiplash but after some time I eventually came around


Extra- Fanwai "In the Mist"

P.S. None of the worlds are conventionally normal or modern by the way. Yay to interesting settings.


Yes, MC did lose his memories seemingly without explanation after the 3rd arc however, to be honest, I actually really approve of this decision by the author. The clean slate made the story all the more refreshing again and was only the reason I decided to really push forward in mtl'ing this novel.

MC always chooses to be with ML, and that's one of the things I like about this novel the most


I was actually surprised that they didn't get together immediately in the first arc after moving away and it took them years. I think it was that moment and their prior interaction that from very early on made this one of my favorite novels.


Before I forget, there's also the small theatre at the end of chapters which I think starts mostly after the first or second world (?) Haha, its basically chaotic interactions of the anthropomorphized worlds in the novel, but there are times that MC and ML are also there. It can be hilarious. <<less
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Jan 19, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is very good but if you wanted something completely centered around horror and tension like The Earth is Online or Escape the Infinite chamber then you probably will skip put on this. BUT this novel has its own good points so I implore you to give it a try.

In the beginning, you can definitely see that the author was just creating a QT just for fun. The author uses a simple template of horror and a reincarnated hacker who's an orphan that's either super f*cking op or has... more>> a weak body. In this case, it's the latter.

As the story progresses, you can tell the author is putting more thought into the story and cleaning up the messy details that don't make sense.

And then in the end, it makes you wonder if that's what the author intended all along #mindblown

As a someone downstairs said, the arcs mainly consist of the MC and ML courting each other with the sub plot of the interstellar/ Lord god/rencarnators



However, when you read the ending, the interstellar bit made sense including the reason why most of the arcs consisted of the MC and ML being lovey dovey.

The reason why I gave this novel 5 stars is because I absolutely adore the freshness of the arcs. You can tell the author was inspired by a lot of horror movies/games and when the author hit me with that Outlast whistleblower inspired arc, there was no turning back.

It's a fun read and it definitely stands out in creativity compared to the usual horror QT's of zombies, crazy villagers, and ghosts in some rich duke's mansion.

Should you read it? Yes, if not for the plot then for the creativity in the arcs.


Adieu and Enjoi

P.s. By far the outlast inspired arc was my favorite. It was so good. <<less
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May 09, 2020
Status: Completed
Overall a very good read! As many others have stated this is not a tension filled novel and not really scary, in fact there is a lot more fluff. I really enjoyed the chapters they had translated it so I MTLed it lol. Basically the MC and ML transmigrate to different worlds where the ML is always the horror boss and MC is cannon fodder. There are (for the most part bad) people who are "players" and reincarnate into the world under the lord god to kill the ml, most... more>> of them dont care for the "cannon fodder natives" and abuse the MC often making the ML angery.

i like the interactions between the MC and ML its very cute how the ML tries to woo the MC and keep's the MC emotions at heart. Of course the ML is a yandere (Hurt-him-i-kill-you type though) I loved the relationship between the two, the MC always chose the ML and stayed by his side and the ML is always protecting the MC. They are a co-dependent relationship and its very cute. Sometimes they have past memories and try to find each other, sometimes only one has they're memories, and sometimes neither have it, but they always manage to find and fall in love with each other. There are multiple arc's each in they're own world and characters. Some are better then other my personal favorites was 1 and 4

The MC is pretty smart at least for the most part, though I wouldn't say he's cunning or super intelligent at least he isn't a dumbass like most "naive+cute" mc's he is always very understanding towards the ML actions (even if its mu*der) and helps him. The ML is pretty similar to most yandere's of the type and just loves only the mc

i had a few problems however. Some times the POV changes abruptly and its like huh? Especially when its changes to the "players" pov, One of the things I hate the most it that the arc ends when both of them admit that they love each other. Then there is an epilogue of sorts about how everything went on. I would've loved to see scenes from after the both admit they love each other instead of the text saying "they lived happily ever after" of sorts. Also there is many parts that are confusing that will make you go "wait whats happening" or "wait what happened??" it was sometimes hard to follow. Also a lot of plot holes up until the end will be solved with the ending, the ending/explanation was okay.. I kinda saw it coming but kinda didn't <<less
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Jan 21, 2021
Status: c65
Don’t believe the hype, this book isn’t all that great. The overall romance portion is meh as well as the mystery side considering the author tries to explain things sometimes and first of all it’s not explained well and the translation isn’t that great. The translation feels like a step above mtl so you’re constantly wondering what’s going on. There’s a lot of violence but it honestly left confused on how many people were in each instance and who all died. Everything blurs together and by the third? Instance you... more>> can see how they gloss over every ending and don’t even really let you feel the romance. It goes from big misunderstandings to they lived forever and MC is a super boss, the end next instance. (Just realized I’ve been saying instance and this isn’t a horror world hopping😯i’ll leave it in) The quality visibly goes down in the world about the virus. You have no idea what’s happening, everything is slightly frustrating and before anything can really be explained you’re in the next world. I wouldn’t recommend reading but if you do then be warned <<less
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Dec 11, 2020
Status: c63 part2
Really puts the quick in quick transmigration, the first three stories start getting more and more rushed feel, especially towards the end. The MC's character fluctuates so much he seems like different people, so maybe the author couldn't quite lock in on what they want him to be like.

Aside from the supposed "horror" genre (but truly not scary in the least), doesn't really have much to set it apart. Including a cthulhu story was somewhat novel, but once again it was rushed so much the story failed to make any... more>> use of it.

In summary, too rushed, fairly basic, but at least readable QUICK quick transmigration novel. <<less
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Jul 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I read the MTL for this about two months ago and it was pretty good, though not actually very scary, and it had a nice ending. certainly worth the read and I'm excited it's being translated; maybe some of the confusing things will be straitened out. here are my actual notes as I read the story. warning, it's kind of soc.

... more>>

The first world is confusing as scenes change with no warning and added to it are excerpts from the original story, which would be interesting if it wasn't so confusing (MTL is irritating). The second world makes more sense to me. It's different, I've not seen a world with an Outer Abomination as a theme, though so far it seems more like a sea god than a Cthulu. The bullying in the third story is hard to relate to; no one in my culture is bullied for not having parents, though I vaguely remember kids making fun of others because they were poor.... the rest is removed to prevent late story spoilers but there were 7 worlds in all plus a bunch of trials.

Other thoughts: I don't understand why he could remember his lover in the second world and look for him, but in the worlds after that he couldn't even remember who he was, let alone the lover. The sudden amnesia wasn't explained (that I could tell).....I really liked his crazy personality in the last world..... Confusing start but one of the more satisfying endings I've read in the quick-wear genre.

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Jul 04, 2022
Status: c114
I was going to give this three or four stars but I can't after reading the "Hell Bus" arc. It got bad, like really bad. It's bad enough that I'm dropping it. I'm wondering if two stars are appropriate.

If you want to read this go ahead, it's fine. But stop reading at the end of the "Nightmare" arc. Do not read the "Hell Bus" arc. It will ruin the story.

So this is an infinite flow novel where a super AI called "The Lord God" rules a higher dimension (called worlds)... more>> and captures smaller dimensions to use them as fuel. They capture them by reprogramming them into following the plot of horror movies, then forcing players (called reincarnators) to go into the well known plots and disrupt them. Like most horror movies the world's have a boss, for example Jason Voorhees, but for this story the bosses are the ML who's reborn without memories in each new world. Eventually if the plot is disrupted enough and not allowed to complete the small world's boss will fall and be converted to energy.

The MC is transmigrated into one of these small worlds (from regular earth? Maybe) slightly before the point where the reincarnators enter. His becomes a sort of stabilizer/booster for the boss, allowing them to become powerful enough to kill the reincarnators and free the small world from The Lord God's system. He does this through the power of his bussy. I guess. It's not explained.

The bosses (ML) fall in obsessive love at first sight with the MC and somehow unlock powers they wouldn't have at that point in the plot. The original movie plot ends with the ML destroying the world so the world can be reset but the MC always convinced him to save humanity which is why the world is able to break free.

The story starts a little weak, the first arc isn't good and the author spoils their own gender bender twist. A lot of other reviewers mention this and how unsatisfying it is.

The next couple of arcs are fine. There's some cute and funny moments, but they aren't anything special. The "Nightmare" arc is my favorite. The MC also lost his memories in this one and that caused him to have to do some detective work instead of sitting pretty and waiting on the ML to show up like the past.

But then the very next arc, the "Hell Bus", completely jumps the shark. The original body is just a normal man, but the second the MC takes over without his memories he's a complete psychopathic mu*derer. Why? Who knows! I feel like the author wanted to make him seem more badass but is 12 so they think mu*der is cool.


The plot of the "Hell Bus" is a gorey slaughterfest, which is a complete waste. In the original movie there's a buss where everyone dies in an accident and are taken to hell on the bus. At each buss stop they have to identify which one of them committed the sin at the stop and leave that person behind. This could be a great set up for psychological horror, exploring human nature, crime, betrayal, etc as people realize they have to pick someone to die. Instead everyone is just killed by ghosts. There's no horror, it's just gore and jump scares while the MC randomly stabs his family members because they are mean to him.


It sucks. It's just insufferably bad. <<less
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Jul 27, 2021
Status: --
This just wasn't for me. The gender thing in the beginning of the novel just, bothered me. A lot. I could care less if the ML was a girl by s*x before but that is if he was trans. There wasn't even any severe reaction to their (I feel uncomfortable using the two other gender spectrum) gender changes. Like, they called themselves "her" "she" before and now suddenly fine with "him" "her". I would understand if they were gender fluid too but it seems they're not.

The MC too, wasn't much... more>> special. He was cold and disinterested in a way that he only truly cares for the ML and that's not healthy.

Overall, the writing was just really 'meh' and seemed immature in many ways.

1.0/5.0 <<less
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Jul 23, 2021
Status: --
incredibly plain, boring and a total waste of time. It was somewhat interesting in the beginning with the tone it was going for (mysterious and hushed) , but after few chapters that was completely ruined. in addition to unnecessary characters, plot twists, and weird Tech. No plot, Mtl translation (after ch 18 or so) and a boring yandre who is obsessed with the mc's beauty?. It's inadequate, way to unembellished and not the least bit enticing, like a 10 year old wrote it. I have seen better stories on fan... more>> fiction honestly, don't waste your time...

I don't know how it got 4.3 good stories like Estranged got the same ratings somehow... (the voting's are bugged istg) <<less
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Dec 06, 2021
Status: --
Its really not good. Too random, author is too new to writing to have an acceptable grasp of plot and world building.
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Oct 04, 2020
Status: c63
Actually the plot is good and I like the world. But I don't like the MC character, it's not like he gets better it gets worse. At first he was independent but after meeting ML, he became dependent and whiny to be honest it made me sick of him. I mean even though the MC is spoiled by ML but he is used to relying on himself, why does that change so quickly? I will read this story later if I'm confused about reading another story.
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Feb 13, 2020
Status: c163
Currently mtl-ing, but I decided to create an account to talk a little bit about this novel. ?

It is definitely a fun read. If you like horror, but not the scary aspect of it, this is definitely for you. Sure there's gore and blood and some VERY brutal violence inside, but none of it is actually scary. At least not from what I've seen just yet.

The romance of our main couple is adorable and our MC gradually becomes even cuter to me as the story progresses. ML is your usual... more>> obsessive, possessive Gong - but he never hurts the MC. He only wants MC to be happy together with him and will kill any potential third party he thinks might be interested in MC, or that the MC might be interested in. Lmao it's weirdly adorable, even though I would usually cringe at this. ??


In the ML's defense, he is always the villain in these worlds, which usually means he's a bloodthirsty ghost or hideous sea monster or God desperate for revenge.


First several arks are unique and interesting - though there's no smut, unfortunately. ?

The only issue I have is in the story arc around c.128.


the lunatic jail story arc. Its amazing, I love it, but there was a scene that made me a little uncomfortable.

MC leaves the table to get some food for him and ML. Then another inmate comes up to start trouble with our delicate ML. This itself isn't weird or bad. But then the writer starts to specifically mention his race - black. When describing the others, if the writer ever mentions the skin then it's never mentioned ever again. But in this scene the man's only defining characteristic was a big black man. He placed his black hands on the table... Etc, etc. ML was pissed because he just washed the table and now the black man's dirty hands have dirtied it, etc etc... I wasn't sure if ML was just being overly obsessive for MC again, or if this was a slight against Dark skinned people in general and being 'dirty.' I dunno, left a bad taste in my mouth. :/ Maybe once fully translated, it'll turn out a little differently.


But yeah, so far so good. I'll come back to finish reviewing soon.


Well, I finished MTL-ing. All in all, great story and their relationships is adorable.

Because of how hard MTL- ing can be to understand, I found it a little difficult to understand what happened in the end. I


I'm pretty sure the reincarnated are just people who are sinful in nature. (or at least some of them) They treated the people living in each world with contempt and, based on what they would sometimes say amongst each other, some of them even r*ped some of these poor people. They don't hesitate to kill them, especially plot characters, and care nothing for these people's feelings. They consider themselves superior and act in the worst way possible to these people because 'they aren't real' or 'their just characters in a story. They don't matter.' I think their forced servitude, constantly dying and dying, is their punishment made by the Lord God.

I dunno though. I'm not sure if the Lord God is bad or not, either. I'm also not sure if the lord God is actually our MC. The ending was a little confusing, but just know that the ML and MC have known each other for a loooooooooong time. Old geezers in love ??


This is a great read! Easy to mtl and adorable. <<less
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Aug 13, 2019
Status: c4
Note!! The first arch starts off with the ML as a girl. Just so you aren't confused, this is BL, so she is a boy.

This is an amazing story, although it has some quirks to it that I can imagine would trip someone up. It's mostly about MC and ML, two souls who go through horror worlds. MC isn't particularly fazed by the dark acts of the ML, and the ML, though cautious, eventually begins to show his true self. It's quite fluffy if you skip around.

There is plenty of... more>> other people included in the story that actually make the world quite big. Reincarnators are big part of why we can understand why the original story was supposed to be like, instead of just a written down plot given by a system. Which is also a staple of why I say it's hard to read. Most chapters start with a couple paragraphs of the original story line, written like it was taken out of book. There's also the fact that the Reincarnators keep saying these horror worlds are based of movies.

My tip is to, the best of your ability, read the things that seem out of place. It'll help you understand the world in each arch, rather then just focusing on MC and ML.

Another helpful tip:

Lord God, as introduced by the Reincarnators, is not actually a god but an AI. That basically puts into perspective a large part of the strife of the Reincarnators, as well the few moments where Lord God is in perspective.


Besides this, the story is pretty sweet and not all that scary. It's genuinely heartwarming to see the two fall for each, even if sometimes it's a bit confusing. As the story goes on, and the MC gets progressly colder to mu*der, it can also spark interest. I found myself wondering if the ML was influencing MC's soul, or if the MC was original like this. And how insane did the MC have to be to fall in love with a mu*derer and not be bothered? <<less
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Feb 23, 2020
Status: --
The cutest bl I've read since a long time. MC is such a cute silly little bean and ML is a yandere but a really good one. He'll never hurt MC and is super possessive and protective over him.
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Apr 30, 2022
Status: c64 part2
Seriously? It has a unique plot. I was really close to not reading this because of the title because the title is very common in horror novels.👀 Anyway, it's good that I read this. A great read!
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Apr 14, 2022
Status: c162
My hands are itching, this is so good. I am still looking at the MTL with tears in my eyes as I write this. Before I tell you why (it's not a spoiler, don't worry), let me just say, if you've been hesitating like me to read this. Go, go, go, go!

Read it!!

You've undeniably dried up your coffers of yandere novels and are now desperately looking for your fill. Here, read this and enjoy it. It's such a wonderful story. Not scary, so don't worry about the horror in the... more>> title, nothing befalls our wonderful MC.

A few spoilers >>> MC ends up in a transmigration loop going through different horror instances, the same ones that are considered popular movies in another world. However, our MC is not from that world and actually doesn't even realize he is a character in the film until reincarnators from that world enter and make a mess of things. Also you won't feel sorry for those reincarnators, they are all tr*sh people who deserve what's coming for them.

I highly recommend this not just for the yandere, but also because MC is adorable and must be protected. Love him!

Also: Thank you for the translators hard work!

Now for the reason I have tears in my eyes >>> Literally MTL'd the rest and the chapters stop abruptly? Does anyone know where I could access the rest of the chapters? There are only 162 on the site I MTL'd it from but it just cut off and now I'm left severely frustrated. <<less
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Jan 27, 2022
Status: Dropped
Only read till the end of Arc 1.

This is a very subjective reason to give 1 star + drop so take it with a grain of salt.

... more>>

Dropped because of the MC still getting together with ML despite believing hes stuck at age 15.

I was honestly expecting the first Arc to have unrequited love, considering up until the timeskip our mentally 30 yr old MC still regarded the ML as a kid.

Later we find out that ML is actually technically an 18~ yr old (still too young for our MC mind you) but he lies to MC saying hes 15 to not seem like hes too old as a potential love interest.

It was never stated after the timeskip if they cleared this up or not, but regardless, having a now mentally 40 something year old MC fall in love with what he belives to a dead 15 year old is both yucky and unrealistic


At the end of the day though, ML was yandere, MC was just kinda there and the Unlimited Flow side characters popped up once every few chapters to give ML a reason to save MC. <<less
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Oleander DF21
Oleander DF2
Jul 03, 2021
Status: c64
At first it looked interesting. But the longer I read, the more disappointed I became. I feel there is a slight discrepancy with the MC character. And the plot feels a little boring. This doesn't mean it's a bad story, just that I don't like it.
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Nov 20, 2020
Status: c26
Although it started out fairly interesting, after awhile I started becoming somewhat miffed by the switching of POV between the main characters and the others, especially when the story began to focus more on the other characters with little screen time given to our MC. To be fair, I didn't read very far in, but unfortunately I decided to give up because it wasn't as engaging for me. It's just my personal opinion, so perhaps with more patience (which I did not have), the read might be more rewarding.
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