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This is a typical story of love and betrayal between a mafia boss and an undercover cop.

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Shu Fu
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Nov 28, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel synopsis sounds like typical cliche yaoi story, but it is 10xs better than most of the BL I've read.


MC (Han XuanFei) is an undercover policeman who specializes in infiltrating and bringing down illegal arms dealers. We can already see in the opening chapters that he has had quite a few successes within the short span of his career. He has a stubborn personality.

ML (Qi Yi) a homos*xual arms dealer who kidnaps MC for his looks but very quickly falls in love with him. He is initially... more>> unaware of HXF's true identity as a policeman.

As you can see, ML and MC are actually direct enemies, forcing them to choose between loyalty to each other or their own values. Their choices drive the storyline, leading to love, betrayal, hatred, revenge, abuse, repentance and eventually forgiveness.


This sounds like a typical BL plotline, but the richness and 3 dimensional personalities of the characters are what make it better than your typical yaoi tropes. The MC in particular is my favourite. Instead of the weak "oh, he kidnapped and abused me and breaks the law all the time, but I'll forgive him because I love him" mindset, HXF really sticks to what he believes in. It takes him a long time to fall in love with QY, but his love doesn't stop him from doing what is right, even if it harms QY.

**Warning: major spoilers in this paragraph and below. QY is also extremely well written. He's had a rough upbringing and some very poor moral values, making him a character that is hard to like but easy to understand. His personality, background and HXF's decisions later cause him to make terrible decisions, such his initial kidnapping of HXF and later torturing and sexually abusing HXF for his betrayal. However, he realizes his mistakes, deeply regrets his actions and undergoes a massive redemption arch to fix what he has done. He is willing to do anything to make HXF happy, even if it means stepping out of HXF's life forever.

And if a strong MC and truly repentant ML is not enough, the novel even shows the steps the MC takes to forgiving the ML. This was perhaps my favourite part of the novel and what made HXF my favourite MC to date. As someone who is stubborn in nature, forgiving QY is a very painful, long process for HXF. He doesn't forget QY's actions after a good night's sleep. It takes him months to forgive QY for kidnapping him in the 1st few chapters, it takes him years to forgive QY for torturing and abusing him.

The side characters are also incredibly written. You have QY's brother + gang members and HXF's supportive family. They are extremely diverse and unique to each other.


This story is not for readers who hate gore, violence, torture, abuse, etc. (Including descriptions of r*pe). The novel was surprisingly realistic and dark. <<less
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