Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy


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For the large sum of money to help her husband, she chose to be a surrogate mother covertly. Her sweetheart was out of trouble, but she became the woman of loose morals in his eyes. Misunderstanding, disappointment and sadness forced her to divorce the man she loved from the childhood.

When she was determined to start new life, another man burst into her life. “You are my baby’s mommy and you are my wife!” A big surprise hit her that her baby’s Daddy, the man she surrogated for, fell in love with her at his first sight.

His deep love convinced her to believe the affection of love again. Unexpectedly, her ex-husband returned to beg her recombination. One was her childhood sweetheart, and the other was the man who loved her and gave her hope for a new life……Facing the two men, what is her choice?

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Nelle rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: c94
"For the large sum of money to help her husband, she chose to be a surrogate mother covertly. Her sweetheart was out of trouble, but she became the woman of loose morals in his eyes." well, duh. He doesn't know about the surrogacy. His company is in the brink of bankruptcy. Then, he finds out that his wife, who he hasn't had s3x with yet, is suddenly pregnant - all while he is in the worst period of his life. I would be furious too. It is justified to assume... more>> that the wife has no morals. When her husband will most likely become poor, she suddenly got pregnant and the kid is not her husband's. The husband thinks she betrayed her marriage and anyone would also think the same. She acts as if he should treat her like a goddess when she did not even think what would her husband assume when she suddenly becomes pregnant. Her logic is so messed up.

Of course, her (ex) husband did some disgusting deeds as well. His actions are worth condemnation. I would not expound on those, but the point is the root of all her (ex) husband's actions were that he thinks she betrayed their marriage.

(ex) husband's perspective: There was a huge crisis when Wen Yunfeng took over the company two years ago. He was too busy to take care of Gu Yan and he believed that she could handle everything. Gu Yan told him that her grandmother was ill and she needed to take care of her grandmother.

Finally, the company did well and Wen Yunfeng breathed a sigh of relief. But Gu Yan was not at home and he thought she still stayed with her grandmother. He was about to pick her up but got an unacceptable message from her sister.

Wen Yunfeng was so angry and wanted to roar, "Why did you do that! Why!" When Gu Yan came back, he inquired about it but Gu Yan kept silent without any explanation.

After that, Wen Yunfeng was disheartened and no longer cared about Gu Yan. Being in a lot of pain, Wen Yunfeng began a debauched life. When he saw Gu Yan's innocent eyes, he was angrier, "It was you who betrayed me but you pretend to be innocent." Then, he wanted to revenge against her.


Furthermore, there are no likeable characters in the story - even MC and ML are irritating af. Every character is given a 2D setting. They just act the same way all throughout, with no character development and just full of plain idiotic thoughts. After reading 94 chapters, all I gained from this was that I got annoyed so much. Honestly, with how bad the dialogue and the scenes are it almost looks like a parody story, except that this is makes you annoyed more than happy. <<less
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