Born as the Daughter of the Enemy Emperor


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I finally thought I had died… but for some reason, I was reborn. Moreover, as the baby Imperial Princess of the enemy nation, Elonia!

“I only came to check if you were dead or alive, so don’t be a nuisance. There won’t be a second chance for forgiveness.”

On top of that, the Emperor of the enemy nation, who had promised to fulfill my Last Will before I died, was breaking my Last Will in real time.

Not only was it unfair that I was reborn, but I was also being treated like a good-for-nothing again. How could this be?

Elonia vowed.

‘This time, I’ll definitely kill you.’

Just you wait, Emperor. As soon as I’m old enough to wield a sword, your neck will be the first thing I take!


…First, let me learn to speak properly.

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