Bokura wa Mahou Shoujo no Naka


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We have been imprisoned in the magical girl’s cage. In this confined world, we have to offer one student as a sacrifice once a week. And the one who was chosen is the person I love the most…

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Bokura wa Mahou Shoujo no Naka - in a magic girl's garden
僕らは魔法少女の中―in a magic girl's garden―
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Date Group Release
07/30/17 Nanodesu v2c2
02/06/17 Nanodesu v2c1
02/06/17 Nanodesu v2c0
06/28/16 Nanodesu v1c5
04/01/16 Nanodesu v1c4
03/22/16 Nanodesu v1c3
02/16/16 Nanodesu v1c2
01/10/16 Nanodesu v1c1
01/10/16 Nanodesu v1c0
01/10/16 Nanodesu v1 illustrations
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