Boku wa Chiisana Maou-sama


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The 5-year-old little Maou-sama has still a lot to learn. Many firsts in the castle, while everything outside the castle is a first. Various things to see, hear and touch. Just what kind of Maou will the little Maou-sama become after growing a little by little?

Associated Names
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I'm a Little Demon King
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Date Group Release
06/04/17 Shinsori Translations c121
06/02/17 Shinsori Translations c120
05/27/17 Shinsori Translations c119
05/23/17 Shinsori Translations c118
05/23/17 Shinsori Translations c117
05/21/17 Shinsori Translations c116
05/19/17 Shinsori Translations c115
05/11/17 Shinsori Translations c114
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05/04/17 Shinsori Translations c111
05/01/17 Shinsori Translations c110
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04/27/17 Shinsori Translations c108
04/27/17 Shinsori Translations c107
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Helly rated it
October 31, 2016
Status: c4
So far, so good. The story is heartwarming and the all the characters are likeable. Though it isn't a very deep story to the extent of saying what year it currently is or what not, this story is very cute. Hope the translators update this fast. Since the cuteness is very easy to miss. Thank you translators! This story is very "Kawaii nee~"
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JetonS rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: c16
The story is kinda slow and nothing really happens. The character's interactions are cute and heartwarming, as expected of an EverydayLife novel. But the pace is pretty slow and some people could easily get bored. If you're expecting some great fights at each chapter, maybe this is not for you
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HnM_Pete rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c73
This is an odd one. The chapters are short. Very, VERY, short in fact. Therefore, not much happens and the pacing seems very slow. Story makes for a quirky twist on usual fantasy slice of life stuff and is executed competently. The characters are okay if a bit limited by the chapter size constraints. You will find some humour and fluffy cuteness here, but again limited by chapter length. All this makes for a decent, 4 out of 5 slice of life story.

Sadly the whole thing is let down by... more>> the writing, which reads as something out of a grade school student's attempts at storytelling. This is not the translating team fault, the editing is competent and it looks like they've done all they could with the raw text. Sadly some things just can't be salvaged.

3/5 - something to read when your up to date with all the decent novels on your list. <<less
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