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An unemployed, 29-years-old virgin male loner who has a very deep distrust towards humans tries to save a woman who was almost raped. Long story short, he is stabbed in the chest by the assaulter and left to die alone while cursing humanity.

When he comes to, he finds that he was reincarnated in another world as the second son of a lower noble family. A world where magic and spirit exist.

As a human baby named Ash Hawkwood. without talent for [True Magic] or [Swordmanship] this is the story about how he built his own empire from scratch by using his own power.

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razgallo rated it
March 13, 2016
Status: --
I have a really close connection to the MC as this kind of story is very much similar to mine own... the prologue anyway.

The setting is a bit weak and the characters are meh... typical Characters from other novels especially the elf. The magic used by the main character is also not explained very well, we do know that he is helped by the spirits but it just lacks in some ways. Are spirits so obedient that if you can see them they will just help? Are unicorns okay with... more>> you domesticating them? These are just some of the questionable aspects the story needs to straighten out.

So far the story looks pretty much on a decline 11 chapters in.

I know that the translation is free but please make it sensible, it doesn’t help me understand if you leave your translation comments within the story and it is totally irrelevant to the story to make matters worse. Make a proper footnotes for the love of Thoth. Also in the subject of translation the dialogue looks very sloppy, there are better ways to translate stutters in dialogue than this [Bu, bu, butbut!].

You would think why I would include the translation in this review, it is because the translation is all we get if you can’t read the Japanese story and it will greatly affect your enjoyment if the translation is good or not. I certainly value good translation in stories as it helps me enjoy it but if you can get passed that then go ahead.

Scratch that, further in the story sentences aren't acceptable too many mistakes and to make it worse they even put red colors on their translation notes (a big glaring red font), what on earth happened to the footnotes a few chapters back.

However I would advise to steer clear as this story seem a bit stale, and translation is getting worse. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
The story is ok at best. The main character is op without explanation or working for it, all spirits worship him for some reason and do whatever he wants. Instead of exploring himself or the world he just lives a boring daily life with a few harem members he accumulated by living his boring op life.
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slay_mithos rated it
July 10, 2016
Status: c1
I only read the prologue and the first chapter, and I already question if I'm going to continue reading this.

Aside from the very generic start (killed for a reason that is not consistent with what was known of the character, reincarnated in a middle ages world with magic, and gifted with a fairly rare power), the characters are shallow and time skips for the first 10 years (do you seriously have nothing to bring from those first years? that's where you can develop the main character, his family and close... more>> ones...).

While it's not bad, it has become fairly average over the years, so it gets a grand 3 stars from me for that very reason (I might reassess it later if I manage to read further on and it gets better).

An other big problem for me is the translation. I don't demand perfect translations, because I understand that it's usually people taking from their leisure time for little to no reward (the good and lucky ones can sometimes earn close to minimum wage for a full time translation), but I do expect at least a minimum on the quality of the grammar and syntax. For starters many phrases don't even have the first letter in cap, and it might sound s*upid if you didn't experience this yourself, but this "detail" really does impact your ability to read fluidly.

Then, we have the usual gripes of plurals not being applied correctly, along with weirdly put together phrases, like "furthermore, that womans, all of them is naked.". Aside from a real insistence on pushing "those women" into the highlight by constructing this weird phrase (which I assume comes from the original text), "womans" is just not english at all, and gets highlighted even by navigator checkers, and "is" instead of "are"... All of this seems to point towards either a machine translation that is barely checked and edited (usually the case), or a translator/editor that doesn't have a good grasp on basic english rules.

If all of this seem like tiny details to you and they don't usually impair your reading, then I envy you, because it does make me pause way too often and ruins the flow of the story telling for me. Still, there are so many stories out there and only so many good translators, so I won't give 1 star rating because of those, but I sincerely hope it gets better down the line, at least in the translation side of things (because the other reviews seem to point at the story not getting much love, sadly). <<less
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Somneleda rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c19
Just another cookie cutter crap story by an author with a persecution complex.

The author wrote about his own back history calling it the MC's earth life. The story then migrated to what he would do in a fantasy world where he is OP. Typical story of women wanting to be in his harem for no real reason and MC easily kills or ens*aves other people he meets. Author totally forgot most of the time that MC is only ten years old but mentions it only for a reason not to... more>> do anything adult, yet for some reason wants attractive female s*aves. Author has MC abandon family as author forgets them when MC gets his second s*ave. Also timeline is ridiculous as there must be 100 hours in a day for him to accomplish what he does. Has obligatory onsen chapter where MC takes the girls. Author never has the MC find it, just the MC somehow magically knows about it even though its far away in this land he's hardly explored. Not worth a read in any case <<less
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
January 14, 2016
Status: --
This is something for when bored. At the start it seems... MEH enough with some cliches here and there and how easily being a POS as*hole comes to the MC. The entire spirit magic thing one might think would add promise to the story, being something of a good foundation for elaboration upon... it’s not and to what’s translated up to now, it’s not sh*t to this story and seems forgotten practically. It sorta implies or foreshadows some possible argument or altercation with people... that doesn’t happen. Some comedy can... more>> be found with the unicorns and that’s pretty much the best part to this story. Nothing really else just a fast turn into the pure garbage domain of stories with s*upid s*ave harem shit. It has a hot spring part could you get anymore f*cking cliche.

Characters are barely (if even) built on in anyway outside their comments. Course there is also the misogynist undertone that builds up, the typical sh*t in harems, as well as where for lack of reasons outside oh he save me I love him bullshit. Girls come off as pathetic (particularly angela who can surprisingly at least wipe her own ass without him). Sure she was in a bad situation yada yada and now treated way better..... but her annoying weak mental state is only there for her to like the MC more and present a use for his strength to show off saving her as the leading role for damsel in distress. Could be more then inane blushes and cheek kisses and I don't mean sexually... there could be something made from that.... but will never happen, ever. Deep is not what one should expect from puddles. This story by no means has sinkhole hidden in that puddle... it is nothing more then just a shallow puddle of a story.

Sadly cant think of anything positive really to say about this. Sure it could be worse like way worse (eg. close combat mage looking at you) but the story is 1.5 at best. Nothing new, no good draw, bunch of cliches. Story is just meh with a selfish ass of an MC who is not deep enough in anyway to overcome that being a loser dick, into... well an interesting character. Not dickish enough to despise him and hope the story ends quickly with his death either. Meh..... <<less
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