Blue Sky


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A Virtual Reality game had swept up the world unexpectedly. In that game’s Korean server, one ranker died.

But as they opened their eyes again, they find themselves in a hospital in England!

He had become an England Duke’s heiress, as well as number 1 ranker in an England server. Her name, Artoria.

Thus her new adventure begins.

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[T.S]Blue Sky..
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Zelgadis rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: c16
So far, the premise is mildly interesting but the execution is just as half-assed as most of the novels on this site.

On the most recent chapter, the author literally left a note explaining why he decided to cop out on character/relationship development. I don't know why he felt compelled to give the main character a love interest, if the author has no intention of writing any romance. I notice this in so, so many stories. The author obviously couldn't care less about the romantic plot thread but creates one or... more>> more anyways because, that's what all stories need, right? I don't get it. There's plenty of perfectly good stories out there with absolutely zero romance and zero romantic pairings in them. This, by far, isn't the worst part of the novel but it sticks out a serious wtf.

I don't know why I bother reading anything written in the past 50 years or so, most of it is straight up garbage. At best, you get some mildly intriguing premise with a followup that somehow feels like it might be slightly better than what a 12 year old could write. This is a blanket statement about writing in general. I'm just that frustrated with the piss poor quality of writing these days.

Since this wasn't originally written in English, I'm not even going to bother criticizing language based errors.

This just feels like a tweaked retread of a number of anime, manga and novels I've read/seen recently. It's not even that great of a retread.

I'll probably read it a little longer to see if it improves any but I have no hopes and dreams. <<less
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May 16, 2020
Status: c1
It's only ch1 so no rating yet. It is a good start. The opening has left things wide open and the story could go anywhere.

Downside, the opening has at least three cliff hangers and half a dozen plot threads put in place. Have to give it a few chapters to see if that happens everytime

Another downside is the raws are behind a flash viewer so no mtl if you get frustrated and want to read ahead
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Keerith rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c61
Not entirely sure where to start my review. I am rather enjoying this story, though it's definitely not a deep one or one you want to think too hard about. XD The real life situation of the MC is kinda dumb but serves as a justification to hand wave her ridiculous wealth and the freedom to practically game all the time, but it's pretty neat that it is set in London instead of the usual Eastern countries.

Katalina is also pretty adorable and the interaction between the two characters is cute,... more>> and the stuff in game has been pretty well written (if you don't look too hard at the MC's lucksack blessing, but having awesome toys to play with means you get to do awesome things.)

So overall I gave it 4/5; the translation and editing is great and the story is fun. <<less
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MinRan rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: c18
I stopped reading after 18 chapters. The story was just too bland for me.

The protagonist is so lethargic and lifeless that he manages to kill any excitement the reader could have for the story.

"I'm dying? Okay, I guess."

... more>> "I've been reincarnated? Alright."

"I'm a girl and a millionaire now, I guess."

"I'm the #1 player in the world at a game I used to play. Woa, incredible *monotone voice*"

"I just got a legendary item that is so rare people kill for it. Nice but what do you want me to do with that?"

"I have a betrothed and a girl at that? Huh, look at that."

The protagonist is handed things after things but doesn't react or emote at all. Nothing interests him, nothing motivates him, he doesn't have any wants or any agency of his own. He just is.

"Well maybe that's his character arc, he'll learn to enjoy life again ?" Yeah right, if you expect character development here, I got bad news for you budy.

And the story can't even be appreciated as a Slice of Life because the main character is so f* bland.

When the new overpowered character of the MC finally meet a challenge and it looks like things are getting interesting, the author manage to f* it up. To win against his first boss, the MC decides the only solution is to combine 4 skill books from his inventory (how he know that will save him is never explained). But the chance of success is less than 1%.

Of course the thing works and allows the MC to instantly win. Because who doesn't like Deus ex Machina and having what could have been a win due to skills turn into a win due to luck ! Even the protagonists in other isekai manage to fail their crafting attemps enough time for it to be believable !

And then, after all of that, if you still had hope that something interesting may happen, it's the author that DIRECTLY tell you "nope".

I'm not even kidding, there is literally a note from the author that says that he doesn't like writting / can't write love stories so he just gonna skip it. He. Just. Gonna. Skip. It.

And just after introducing the main love interest! Why even put it in if you don't intent to write about it??

TL;DR : This story isn't bad like many you can find on this website, it's just bland.

Edit : Concerning the Game aspect of the story, it's the same thing you already read before. You just KNOW the author never played video games before and that if you think for even a moment about the logic and system behind the Game, everything will fall apart (remember y'all, it's normal for donjons to not be instanced and for basic potion to cost 50 real dollars, that's how you get millions of players). <<less
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