Blue Outline


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Eye-catching. Stunning. Addictive. Mesmerizing.

Those were the impressions left upon those who had seen her paintings.

It was what I aspire to be, as a high school student who wishes to pursue art.

No matter what she created, they were all named as the works of “Genius”. An artist with unparalleled talent, Kashiwazaki Yuri.

 “I came here just to see you. I only paint what I desire.” 

The one closest to me, yet also the furthest away; my childhood friend.

One day she suddenly stopped painting. But I continued to stroke my paintbrush as I chased after her shadows. 

“I’ll paint again and again. I won’t give up. Talent doesn’t matter.”

I’m going to make her enjoy painting again. And I’d show her that my creations are superior.

This is a story of an ordinary person who devoted his youth to painting, challenging the “Genius”—.

Winner of the 34th Fantasia Award 《Tachibana Koushi Special Award》

Associated Names
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Ao no Outline
青のアウトライン 天才の描く世界を凡人が塗りかえる方法
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05/21/22 Travis Translations v1c4 part2
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05/13/22 Travis Translations v1c5 part4
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05/10/22 Travis Translations v1c5 part1
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04/28/22 Travis Translations v1c3 part2
04/28/22 Travis Translations v1c3 part1
04/21/22 Travis Translations v1c2 part9
04/21/22 Travis Translations v1c2 part10
04/21/22 Travis Translations v1c2 part9
04/15/22 Travis Translations v1c2 part8
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