Blood Princess, Kill Them All


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Mary is a princess who lacks the ability to use magic.

Her arranged political marriage was set in stone, and she hoped to finally serve a purpose as a member of the royal family. However, during the engagement party, her engagement was abruptly broken off, and she was falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to execution.

Betrayed by her own parents and brother, Mary manages to escape with her only ally, her older sister. Their attempt to flee is thwarted, and both Mary and her sister are killed by the most powerful mage known as the arcanist.

But on the brink of death, Mary’s powers awaken. She possesses the arcana of the Death God, allowing her to devour corpses and augment her strength. With this newfound ability, Mary becomes determined to exact revenge on all those responsible for her sister’s death.

Associated Names
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Senketsu oujo, mina korosu
The Young Princess Kills Everyone
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New Empathatic rated it
June 17, 2024
Status: --
There are certain authors that tend to get overrated in the LN community, and this is one of them.

Their stories are often disjointed, lack focus, and do a poor job of balancing relationships and plot.

This one is no exception. Too much Im14andthisisedgy, too little depth, not enough character development. Aside from violence there's a lot of cliche and really forced intimacy, much of which will be ambiguous at first.

I don't recommend picking this up. Or any of this author's works really. Unless you enjoy violence for the sake of violence,... more>> 2d characters, cliches, and a plot with no depth.

That's just my opinion though. <<less
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DoomCalibur rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: --
I am a simple man... I saw Kiki's name in the author section, I dove in, then found a manga version, then got hooked... Anyway, another dark, depressing combo flavored series by Kiki, though this one is not free (It wasn't found on Narou Syosetu but on Novelism, a paid to read platform). I mainly frequent on Narou so this escaped my radar for a while, as I have followed Kiki-sensei ever since 2015 LOL.

If you are a fan of ab*sed-to-death-then-revenge Female MC then you should check most of Kiki's... more>> works (on a side note, most of his works are Yuri genre as well, something I have grown to love so much). This one gets a manga adaption as well in case you want to check it out. <<less
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