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Jin Zhou was not someone to mess with. He had strong fists and understood the law. The local thugs in his area had to address him as Brother Jin. But no one knew that Jin Zhou, who feared neither heaven nor earth, had actually stumbled under someone’s influence before.

Jin Zhou thought that his encounters with Yang Shi Yu were limited to passing each other in the court. Unexpectedly, one day, Yang Shi Yu would condescend to come to his territory and say to him while he was fixing a car, “Don’t get involved in this case.” Jin Zhou laughed and slid out from under the car, saying, “Sure, Your Honor, give me a kiss, and I won’t get involved.” In Jin Zhou’s expectation, Yang Shi Yu would leave indifferently just like he did in the past. But things didn’t unfold quite as he had predicted…

Judge × Lawyer Hoodlum Neatly dressed × Suited thug ※ Judge top, lawyer bottom, neither of them are easy to handle ※ The top received family education during university, with a three-year age difference. The bottom’s surname is Jin (pronounced “jin”). 1V1, Happily Ever After, Strong-Strong, Deduction, Solving Cases, Courtroom Debates. The bottom doesn’t know he’s a bottom.

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12 Reviews

Inn Auni
New Inn Auni
Nov 27, 2023
Status: Completed
... more>>

MC was 18 years old when his parents passed away in an accident. After their death, he was highly dependent on his tutor (ML) who was 3 years older than him and the one he had confessed to. ML decided to draw the line between them and MC took it as abandonment. MC started hanging out with delinquents and with their 'big brother' help, he managed to pass the bar exam to be a lawyer. It was far from being a judge as his dream but, it was close enough to the ML. Yes, the ML was now a judge and they both worked at the same courthouse. MC took it upon himself to be some sort of a stalker. He was there when ML preceded a case and he even knew where ML lived. When MC found out that his parent's death wasn't just a simple accident, he decided to pursue the matter. That was when he 'collided' with ML. It turned out that ML was investigating the case from way before. And the reason he was cold was because he did not want MC to be in danger. Their relationship blossomed and even though ML was as cold as ever, MC knew he cared. Cold on the outside, hot on the inside. I did not mind MC acting spoiled at the age of 27 because when you're in love and psychologically the sub in the relationship, you want to be dependent on your partner. But, power bottom all the way. MC like to test ML's bottom line. He was 'abandoned' once. That meant it was likely to happen again. So, I see his annoying behavior as testing ML. Fortunately, ML learned from the past. He knew forcing MC wouldn't result in anything. Their relationship is heartwarming in my opinion. MC is annoying and stubborn while ML is cold and distant.

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New KshinT
Nov 26, 2023
Status: c41
The MC's weird obsession with being the "husband" ticks me off. Like is that really important? Also he has the ML up on a pedestal like he's holy which is a definite ick for me. The ML on the other hand is very and overly possessive, he has no right to control the actions of the MC or what he wears but he does. He doesn't even give the MC a proper explanation of his actions. The romantic plot is predictable and the mystery plot is average but not gripping... more>> enough to compel the reader to continue reading the novel. It's meh, not bad but not good either. <<less
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Jul 18, 2023
Status: c66
Finished the main story... and it was Really Good!!!

I love the consistency of the characters' personalities. Love the dynamic between MC and ML. Also Enjoyable Supporting Characters!

No unnecessary drama going on. But there IS drama that make the Mystery. Don't fear the scary tag, it wasn't about the ML and MC.

... more>> The bantering between MC and ML was Non-toxic. Consistent, Playful, and Steamy!

All the Smut are HOT AF and Absolutely Enjoyable!!!

The Mystery in the story was well written. Sure it's not Perfect, but it was still Intriguing and Great!

For this kind of plot it wasn't too long nor too short, so it was truly Enjoyable! Not too Heavy nor Light. So do try~

Now just left the Extras...

No extra??? <<less
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Aug 22, 2023
Status: --
I hate it. But it's so well written and translated that I have to give it 2 stars.

It's basically a book with a law plot. One is a judge and the other a lawyer, by the time I dropped the novel I wasn't sure but I think the lawyer is the MC??

Anyways I love that it's obviously researched. However I don't like the ML at all. Maybe in further chapters what he did of leaving the MC after his parents had just died will be justified, but as of now... more>> ML is just disgusting to me.

First chapters describe MC as a tough guy who's also a lawyer. A really impressive image, really. But the more he kisses ML's a** even after being rejected again and again, the more pathetic his image becomes in my mind.

Therefore, despite the good plot, it's come down to me hating both the main characters/ protagonists.

So I'ma just drop it here. <<less
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Aug 21, 2023
Status: c66
I'm a bit conflicted to this. In one side, I love the plot. I love the story.

On another side, despite the possessiveness of the ML, I find his overprotectiveness is a bit too much. MC is a 27 male who has clearly been doing fine during the time when they separated. It's not like he's a kid who needs to be protected and hidden from the world. I just find this part is a bit annoying in a way.

Otherwise, everything is perfect and a nice short read
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought this was a good story with just the right amount of romance between the two. There’s always something to solve so it’s never boring. Eventhough the ML shouldn’t have used the approach of alienating the MC to protect him which led to years being apart and the MC having a tough time, it is was good that the issues were solved later.
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Aug 25, 2023
Status: --
The translation is really good and the plot is really interesting but I really can't seem to like the MC, he really appears pathetic to me. If someone abandoned me when I was most vulnerable, when I was young and when I had lost my whole family, I would never accept them back, no matter how holy their reasons were. It looks like you don't respect yourself enough. He is also needlessly aggressive and forceful with his flirting.

ML went from pretending to not care to being overly possessive, something that... more>> doesn't look good considering he was not there during MC's constructive years, so what right does he have now when MC is a full fledged adult of 27 years??

On the other hand the smut is good. <<less
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Jul 20, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a very satisfying read where the pacing, characterization, mystery, world building and romance were all engaging. Our hilarious MC and serious ML have a deep connection delayed by a painful past.

I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys mysteries and romance with a large helping of shameless bickering.
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Jul 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Thought I would be focused mostly on the romance but was really interested in the mystery of the cases. Towards the end the story isn’t as polished but considering how entertaining the series was I still think it was a good read.
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Sep 21, 2023
Status: --
The cases are interesting but tbh the trope of the MC/bottom have to one-sidedly give in all the time because of the ML "acting cold" when he's upset (over little things!) Because "wives" have to give in to their husbands/please them is..... not my thing or something I encourage. Esp when they gave the MC a strongly manly personality but suddenly he's got a svelte figure and is a shivering M??

Idk idk maybe the ML is really for the MC and that's why they enjoy each other but I'm really... more>> not feeling it.

In conculsion, maybe give it a go? It wasn't my cup of tea but could be yours <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 19, 2023
Status: completo
That was very good! No one would regret reading it! Don't pay attention to negative comments and just read
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 01, 2023
Status: Completed
MC is a mischievous puppy & ML is the typical silent gong. Enjoyed the dynamics between the two especially in bed.

Other than that, was quite lacking in terms of character growth/progression. Till the end they were still both obstinately doing their own thing thinking they know best. Could have been richer and better.

Law cases plot-wise is relatively mid. Somewhat engaging but a bit all over the place. Wasn’t beautifully under woven or connected to form some great picture or contribute to character/plot progress. Some attempt but just eh. Side characters... more>> & world could have been fleshed out more to make it richer.

Pseudo-smut and somewhat smut scenes were best part and tastefully woven in.

Wouldn’t re-read. <<less
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