Black Iron Magician


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It has been more than ten years since he was transported to another world. The protagonist Deris Fahrenheit, who has became a magician with special circumstances, was freely enjoying his life in this world. However, a girl appeared before him and asked him to make her his disciple. That girl seems to be a transported person――

It’s a story of him who becomes the girl’s teacher and trains her to achieve her revenge (?) in otherworld.

Associated Names
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Black Iron Magician and Ferrous Disciple
Black Iron Wizard
Kurogane no Mahoutsukai
黒鉄の魔法使い ~無才な弟子の修行譚~
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gamekidcap rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c82
A nice otherworld slice of life story. This story has a nice twist of the typical "Otherworld" archetype as the MC was transported here before the heroes are summoned. It is particularly nice that he is more grounded than the typical Japanese MC as he is not a coward who refuses to kill and isn't denser than a diamond and actually makes some decent sense with his decisions.

The FMC Is also a nice variation of the typical "summoned hero" cliché as she is removed and instead put under the tutelage... more>> of the MC. She also is distinct from normal MC's as she is outside common sense but still has sensibility comparable to normal people, if only a bit eccentric (Kinda like a fan made OC). <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c260
Just a relaxing isekai that involves fights, demon lords, heroes, etc. Don't be mistaken to treat this as revenge story as it's more like a friendly revenge and is more like used as an introduction and their initial goal here.

I love the characters here like the disciple FMC who is always positive, bright, and literally always do her best. The shishou MC who is strong, proactive and always move behind the scenes.

This might not be a new kind of story but this is still refreshing among the isekai nowadays. One... more>> of the reason is there is no romantic relationship between the disciple and her master (MC), afterall the MC already have someone and is married in the middle of the story. The MC acts more like a father to the FMC. The leveling system is also easier to understand as it depends on the overall level of the skills related to your job and not in XP from monsters, so there's barely a grinding part here. There's is also a rivalry here among friends which is one of the things I like. The MC and her lover are adventurers in the past, and they did a lot of big things, so expect this to contribute in the plot as it involves the Great Demon Kings.

If there's a bad part here it's what's our FMC thoughts about going back to their world. There's only one group of her classmates that I know and is actively searching for a way. Speaking of her classmates, not all are idiots, few are her rival, and one group who acts like a mob have a capable person there. To be honest, these things don't bother me that much, as the current development is already good.

When I first read the synopsis of this I've decided to read it and expect this will be good, and I'm right. The current rating 3.9 don't do justice on this novel as there's a number of novels here that has above 4 rating but not as good as this. I will surely recommend this for those who likes to read a good isekai once more after the circulation of low quality ones nowadays. This can't be a masterpiece but the story is good especially the characters. <<less
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pandamonius rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: c118
I'm really enjoying this one so far. My favorite part of this story is that it breaks from the all-too-common betrayal trope, where the MC was abused/betrayed by their classmates and exiled or sentenced to death by the summoning kingdom due to having poor skills.

Instead, we get a MC who has confidence in herself, and loves nothing more than being an underdog who rises up to surpass those at the top. Instead of trying to kill her, the kingdom asks a certain person to train her. And her "revenge" isn't... more>> a desire to murder her classmates, but rather a wish to fight them head-on and prove she's surpassed them (though she's not above killing them if they act like criminal scum) <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: c282
An interesting isekai story that puts a spin on various tropes.

The first is that it's told as a "second round" of a regular isekai MC that completed various adventures already, and parts of that story are filled in as part of the backstory setting for this novel. However, this isn't a case of either "finished isekai MC has to save the world again" or "finished isekai refuses to save the world again and lives a slow life instead", but the more active protagonist is actually a girl from the second... more>> trope, which is "being cast out after having weak stats from a class summoning".

There are a few similar characters to her in other novels, but I haven't come across any that are quite like her. Simply put, she does her best at everything, including combat, to the point of having the resolve to kill or be killed. Under the tutelage of the second round MC, she gets a growth cheat and goes through some lighthearted and partially brutal adventures. The story mainly focuses on the slice-of-life however, and only the important battles are actually depicted directly.

And rather than a world in crisis, the main driving force of the story is her desire for growth and to become stronger.

In terms of pace, you could consider it rather slow, since about one and a half months have passed in these ~280 chapters, but actually quite a lot happened in that time. It's just that her training is very efficient, and they're constantly progressing to ever stronger opponents to fight. The world's strongest are still in a relatively distant future though.

Overall it's quite well-written, and scratches the itch for protagonists without common sense without actually leading to a black-hole harem MC. Well, the male MC is somewhat surrounded by girls, but he's pretty clear in not making it a harem and he's not unaware of their feelings either.

There isn't as much of it translated yet, but I can also recommend the manga, which tells the story more from the girl's perspective. <<less
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Boogle rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: c28
A well written SOL with good character interactions, but no serious story lines.

So far it's an interesting take on the isekai genre. We have 2 protagonist despite the tags. The MC who is around 25~, he is a 10 year veteran and is teaching the FMC who is a 16~ athletic girl, who was kicked out of the newly transferred group.

So far there isn't a main plotline, it's more just about how quickly the FMC can learn and level up. There are some really obvious plot holes if you think... more>> about the overall premise but maybe the author will fix them at later chapters. <<less
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Kiritsuna rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c270
At the moment I like it, but it seems more like a SoL you can use as a refresher. There's still not an objective apart from the FMC wanting "revenge", but it isn't boring.

What's good about this is that both MC's have a working brain, and do what NEEDS to be done, nothing of saving everyone or letting "x" person live, which is a rare thing in Japanese novels.

It's a refreshing take on an Isekai world, and for what it seems, it won't be a harem, which is another +

Okay, now that I caught up with the translation, I have to say I really like this. Most of the... more>> story is still the same. But now I know that the story is about the disciples of two of the most powerful humans fighting against the Demon Lords. But don't worry, it's not like they are out for blood. One of the disciples only wants to fight them because she just likes to fight against strong opponents, and the other is just dragged together with her.

I've started reading this WN because I wanted a fantasy world romance without a harem, and THANK ALL THE LORDS, I don't think we'll get one. The bad thing is that if you are mainly for romance, there's not too much development. Other than that, I think it's an entertaining read. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c288
I started this story thinking it had an interesting premise... But as things were through, well, it wasn't what I thought it would be, in fact, there are some negatives.

So if you are looking for a story with a good plot, this is not for you. If you are in for a simple mindless power leveling story with no plot, then you may like it.


So, the story starts with a whole class of students summoned to another world, and Haruna, the simple minded girl, who is actually a bit of... more>> a monster in matters of effort and actually a famous one in the class, ironically came up as the sole Level 1 of the class, labeling her as "Village Girl" compared to the rest of the class averaging Lv3, with the strongest ones being Lv5, including Haruna's Rival.

But Haruna is not the main character of the story, instead, it's the self-insert Deris, a random Japanese guy who found himself in this world out of nowhere many years ago, and has been living like that ever since, a bit isolated just living a slow life, and Haruna is sent to him for training, thus, Deris, who has a Unique Skill that he has never used, and can only be used once, ends up accepting Haruna, and becomes her master, and with his Unique Skill, she becomes a cheat, since now, every time she levels up, instead of 1 extra Skill Slot, she gains 2... How convenient that she was Lv1, right?

Anyway, Haruna has a strange psyque, she is simple minded, but she is also hot blooded, so she gains experience fast, and her desire is revenge against the classmates who ignored her... Not that she wants to kill them, rather, she just wants to beat them up and teach them a lesson, that's the sort of girl she is, and on the other side, she likes challenges, and fights, so if anyone is willing to fight, count on her.

And then, we have the character that, in my opinion, is the one to first destroy the story: The Knight Leader Nell, and she is, maturely young (in comparison with Self-Insert Deris), beautiful, gorgeous, and a bit (too much) of a TsunYandere, also, she virtually invincible... Yes, she is strong, a literal one man army, she is a super human who could defeat another Kingdom's army and massacre it entirely if she so wanted.

So you may ask, so if Nell is virtually invincible, why were people kidnapped to another world? Yeah... Let's ignore it for now. So, there are 8 Great Demon Kings, but you don't need to mind them now either...

To give an example of the level system, I think you can take it as similar to Danmachi (Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?), so Lv3 is the minimum necessary to be recognized as being capable of fighting, Lv5 are treated as Masters, Lv6 is basically a Hero Candidate or a Hero, and Lv7 is unimaginable for common sense, and above that is basically like a legendary entity or something.

Anyway, back to worst character, she also decides to take a disciple, as Tsunyandere that can't be honest with the man she likes, she ends up taking Haruna's best friend (a Priest Lv4), so while the best friends connect with each other, they have to witness the flirting between the poor self-insert MC and his yandere one man army girlfriend who doesn't know how to hold back... Do you get what I mean? Have I said she is a jealous woman? Should have been implied in the Yandere trope though. How about fights where explosions can be heard from far away where he did nothing to deserve it? Or maybe she holds him by the neck with her Fiery but peaceful hand leaving a lot of burns (that can be healed with magic in an instant)...

Yeah, it's like that...

So here, there will be a bit of spoilers dealing with the parts that were interesting, and that were ignored before:

About the Revenge against the classmates:

Besides the best friend Chinatsu, with whom Haruna trains together, we also have the Rival character Touko (Fighter lv5), and they make peace after a friendly fight (Both are battle junkies), she explains her circumstances at the time of the summoning and how she did things she regretted, so she too is now part of the main party, training under one of the Great Demon Kings who is related to Deris, and she yearns for MC (Haruna and Chinatsu are not romantically interested in anyone).

If you read the manga, you should have seen, but 4 of them are killed quite early in the story, initially defeated by Haruna, but then killed by Deris as he tells Haruna that the one who looked like a good guy just left before saying good bye, although his corpse is in Deris' Item Box

Then there is the usual Otaku Trio who did nothing, but ended up as targets too, they apologized for not helping, they had a fight, recognized Haruna's new strength, and they too became friendly, and they got support from MC Master in regards to his influence in the Kingdom, so that they could leave the place to research a way to leave to another world.

And the remaining revolved around the playboy Hero, a rare job that is exceptionally easy to level up compared to others due to how the world level system works, but after being humiliated by Haruna much later in the story, the Hero leaves along with the others who relied on him, and as the classmates told him to stop, and to give up, the Hero ended up killing all of them. He is then found and killed by Touko by her Master and MC's orders.

So the only classmates that remain are 6, who are relevant to the plot. What a convenient clearing.

About the reason to summon people:

The Prime Minister was wary of Nell and Deris, the strongest humans, who couldn't be controlled, so he did a secret ceremony to summon people that could defeat them from another world. The problem started when the weakest of them was sent to one of the problems, becoming his pupil and growing very strong, and another of the potential heroes being taken in by Nell, and both become the strongest. So that backfired.

But he is ok with it later, why? Because Haruna and Chinatsu become friends with his Granddaughter, who is then selected as National Hero, with the 2 as supporters, thus, all the wariness is basically gone, although he still has a bad relationship with Nell and Deris.

So the reason to summon people could be said to be: Grandpa wanted to use nepotism for his granddaughter's sake, but worried with people he could not control, he kidnapped isekai people to grow stronger to defeat the 2 he couldn't control... That backfired, but now the 2 annoying entities are related to 2 (+Touko) of these summoned ones, and they became friends with his granddaughter, so in the end, he got what he wanted, and the rest doesn't matter.

Typical corrupted politician, but he moves from "villain side" to "hero side" now that he is using his corruption abilities for his granddaughter's sake, and indirectly, for Haruna and Chinatsu.

About the Great Demon Kings:

Some really strong entities (The weaker ones being Lv7), there are 8 of them, and they are not a group trying to dominate the world, rather, it seems they are more into it for the sake of creating a "necessary evil" to unite humanity, and also as a form of entertainment for themselves, so Deris and Nell were strong Hero potentials to defeat or even join them, but they refused, so now, it may be Haruna, Chinatsu and Touko who they may be looking forward the most.

All of them, with no exception, have eccentric personalities, and are friendly to the main characters for the most part.


So yeah, plot becomes a dumbed down "Gotta defeat'em all" after the interesting parts either are resolved, or become ridiculous.

So Here is a general ideal of the main characters:

Haruna: Simple minded hot blooded battle junkie girl. Basically no character growth.

Deris: Self-insert snarky grumpy old man, likes to complain, likes to laze around, but knows a lot about things, and is extra thankful for Haruna doing his lunch and so on. Since he the master, there is basically no Character Growth.

Chinatsu: Haruna's best friend, the common sense character, truly pitiable. Will she grow as a character? (She may be the one with the most potential, but... Considering those around, that may not be directed to a good path.)

Nell: Tsundere, Yandere, gorgeous, jealous, long time relationship with Deris, violent, can't hold back, some could say she is a bit abusive. Although a normal native human, she is basically Fire incarnate, in every meaning.

Touko: Rival Character, hot blooded, battle junkie/Berserk, simple minded, very similar to Haruna. She actually does have some character growth due to her training.

Lilyvia: Succubus Great Demon King, lazy, maid outfit, but does nothing maid like since she is lazy, strong but lazy, likes Deris, has a cat/dog relationship with Nell. Likes Haruna because Haruna takes care of her and is good at cooking, so she can be more lazy. Doesn't care if she is the mistress. <<less
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GreenRiver rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: c45
This is a story of a girl who is amazingly talented at everything (sports, kendo, etc.), who's summoned to another world and overcomes her low starting stats by still being SUPER TALENTED AT EVERYTHING!

She puts in a decent effort, and becomes a super-human in practically no time at all.

I can't blame her class for hating her...
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