Black Butterfly, Where Does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water


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Jude Green caught a serial killer who put New York into a big panic. The serial killer’s name was Alvin Johns. Alvin looked normal like a regular salary man, but underneath his basement, there were many bodies tortured and killed. It became a big issue because the killer looked totally normal and nice looking young man. Jude was the guy who put cuff on his wrist.

During the interrogation, Alvin told the detectives and the profilers that he won’t talk unless he gets interrogated by Detective Jude. Jude was annoyed, but he didn’t have any choice but to interrogate Alvin. They were in the room, and Alvin asked Jude how he was able to figure out where he was. Alvin tells Jude they are very similar, and they will meet again. Jude thought it was a little weird how Alvin said they will meet again, but he didn’t care that much. Later he hears Alvin ran away, killing one guard. He left a small note saying, ‘See you again. I’ll write you, Detective J. I wasn’t joking.’

After Alvin escaped, he constantly wrote Jude letters, and Jude kept that a secret. During those time, Jude solves some murder cases, but Alvis pops out and helps Jude whenever Jude needs help….

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Black Butterfly
검은나비, 검은나비는 어디가서 물을 마실까
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Welp! This is my first time to give a review!

Truthfully, I want to review once this is finish but can't..

So 1-21



Well, the novel is currently in HIATUS since the translator wants to finish Kill the Lights first (which is one of my favorite)

But for now, I'm giving it 5 since it's freakin amazing!

The MC, Jude is LOVE!

... more>>

He's totally not an ordinary person! I just love his attitude and like how he doesn't give a care about the murders.

I love when he said that he doesn't have a strong stomach, it's just that he's partner has an weak one.

This is where I thought :this guy is not normal...

Any normal person would at least puke a little when they see a murder or worse, a tortured person.

And when he caught Alvin, as alvin said, when he saw jude, there's no fear even though he's chocking a women.

And that Jude's eyes says that he's totally bored and lazy!

He's even constantly angry since there's so many work to do since killers keep popping out of nowhere! And of course! The killers, I love their styles in killing!!


Then alvin!


Well, I love serial killers! This guy is totally nuts! Just love when jude (MC) meets the first killer (the guy who killed his mom?) Cause the killer said that he wanna be like Alvin then...

MC said that no one can be like him cause he is totally a serial killer (no feelings and constantly smiling (like innocent) :CRAZY!

And Alvin, for my opinion is a Psychopath!

This guy kills with no reason! He just wanna see or rather 'experiment 'with humans

He have no specigic reason! He'll torture cause he wants to.

This guy smiles even though he's facing police LOL

And as jude says, this guy totally have a normal life in the past.

He doesn't kill animals when he was young, no crazy doing.

Like when he became an adult, he just casually thought 'Let's kill! '

I swear, if he's a true human being

This world is gonna be in chaos


Ah well, it's just 21 chaps in, so there's nothing interesting so far.

I still want to wait for the other chaps.

But it's interesting! Totally worth reading! <<less
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remy911 rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
Basically like Silence of the Lambs but with a dude Clarisse.

I like it so far, but the MC always seems so on-edge about everything. The way he reacts to things always seem either angry or impatient.
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B2j rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c21
To balance the ratings since I felt the novel deserved more based on the current translated chapters. Although the translation can be improved, the story is very refreshing and interesting. I think the translator dropped it, so I am hoping someone can pick it up because I’m certainly waiting for more.
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