Black Butterfly, Where Does the Black Butterfly Go Drink Water


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Jude caught a serial killer who puts New York in a big panic. The name is Alvin Jones. Alvin is outwardly normal like any office worker. His demeanour and attitude make people highly unlikely to associate him with serial killings. However, his crime was discovered and he was caught.

For some reason, he finds that Detective Jude is an interesting person. Hence, he only talks when being interrogated by Detective Jude inside the interrogation room. This leaves all the crime profilers and psychologists in a quandary as he refuses to cooperate with them. Unsurprisingly, Alvin later escapes leaving a letter for Detective Jude. After his escape, his letters consistently reached Jude, and he seems to always help Jude whenever Jude is in trouble. Is there more to it than what it is on the surface?

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Black Butterfly
검은나비, 검은나비는 어디가서 물을 마실까
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Welp! This is my first time to give a review!

Truthfully, I want to review once this is finish but can't..

So 1-21



Well, the novel is currently in HIATUS since the translator wants to finish Kill the Lights first (which is one of my favorite)

But for now, I'm giving it 5 since it's freakin amazing!

The MC, Jude is LOVE!

... more>>

He's totally not an ordinary person! I just love his attitude and like how he doesn't give a care about the murders.

I love when he said that he doesn't have a strong stomach, it's just that he's partner has an weak one.

This is where I thought :this guy is not normal...

Any normal person would at least puke a little when they see a murder or worse, a tortured person.

And when he caught Alvin, as alvin said, when he saw jude, there's no fear even though he's chocking a women.

And that Jude's eyes says that he's totally bored and lazy!

He's even constantly angry since there's so many work to do since killers keep popping out of nowhere! And of course! The killers, I love their styles in killing!!


Then alvin!


Well, I love serial killers! This guy is totally nuts! Just love when jude (MC) meets the first killer (the guy who killed his mom?) Cause the killer said that he wanna be like Alvin then...

MC said that no one can be like him cause he is totally a serial killer (no feelings and constantly smiling (like innocent) :CRAZY!

And Alvin, for my opinion is a Psychopath!

This guy kills with no reason! He just wanna see or rather 'experiment 'with humans

He have no specigic reason! He'll torture cause he wants to.

This guy smiles even though he's facing police LOL

And as jude says, this guy totally have a normal life in the past.

He doesn't kill animals when he was young, no crazy doing.

Like when he became an adult, he just casually thought 'Let's kill! '

I swear, if he's a true human being

This world is gonna be in chaos


Ah well, it's just 21 chaps in, so there's nothing interesting so far.

I still want to wait for the other chaps.

But it's interesting! Totally worth reading! <<less
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1Sami rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c21
This book is about a serial killer and a detective/policeman and while I ship them very much, I understand if no one else does. The ideas about the different cases are really good and they aren't stereotypical like some. The way the detective and killer get along is good as well. The killer (I call him that but he wasn't the culprit behind any of the arcs) helps the detective solve the cases and leaves him notes in return for not being turned in. It's a really interesting story, I... more>> recommend it. <<less
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remy911 rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
Basically like Silence of the Lambs but with a dude Clarisse.

I like it so far, but the MC always seems so on-edge about everything. The way he reacts to things always seem either angry or impatient.
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MrsPoPo rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c80
I love Jude & Alvin... Their characters are fresh & grounded (just wish Author give me more candy and dog food for my lil heart)... in comparison to other MC & ML. And love reading into the dark side of life and the realism (still think it's rather tone down somehow). Anyway Thank you Author and Thank you Translator-sama for your hard work! ❤️😘

Sorry not good in reviewing but give the novel a try...u might like 👻
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B2j rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c80
To balance the ratings since I felt the novel deserved more based on the current translated chapters. Although the translation can be improved, the story is very refreshing and interesting. I think the translator dropped it, so I am hoping someone can pick it up because I'm certainly waiting for more.

I've finished reading. Overall, still a great novel. I especially love the background story of Jude. With that said, I wanted more background or development for Alvin as well. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The novel focuses mainly on... more>> Jude and his self-discovery/healing with Alvin as a supporter the whole way. Which is fine, but I expected there to be 2 main characters and only got 1 so a tad bit disappointed. However, definitely an enjoyable and intriguing read.

Thank you for the translations. I will keep the 5 stars. <<less
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BabyByul rated it
February 10, 2021
Status: c54
3rd edit (Ch78) ... more>>

Ahhhhhhh hhnnghhh @[email protected]^*!# and more screaming. Although I put this spoiler tag I don't wanna say anything. I'm sure this is everyone's favorite chapter.


2nd edit (The translator said on ch77 that there are 3 updates left, yayyy but me so sad already.)

Edit (The translator said it doesn't end with tragedy. Safe to read but not for the faint of heart. The tags don't lie. Pssst... the fluff exists.)

This novel is recommended to those who have lost their tingles when reading suspense and thrillers added with some slice of life. I read at Nevereverland from c1 coz it's easier.

The MC is Jude, ML is Alvin and there's also Tim. I dunno where to put Tim honestly because Tim is just.... Tim

(aside from being Jude's partner at work, always treats Jude to food and beer, handles interrogation that Jude considers troublesome, being a worrywart at Jude because Jude is bad at taking care of himself, being a bit naive at times although he's a cop but it's okay because Tim wouldn't be Tim if he changes). Tim is the mom if the 3 of them are families.



laziness reminds me of Oreki Houtarou if you watch Hyouka except that he's totally unfeeling. You can feel that from the way he solves cases. And he's lowkey a foodie. And looking at the plot so far, there's still a lot that we don't know about Jude. But the plot at the moment seems to be picking up on that.


ML is the psychopath. He somehow can always read the heart of fellow psychopath. I'm not kidding. He just knows that there's something wrong somewhere and he...

depending on how fun it will turn out, he either get involved, just watch or do nothing. Despite his psycho title, he's the sweetest thing here in this novel. Trust me.


The cases are interesting so far because they're always varied. BUT I STAYED FOR THE PLOT, THE CUTE MOMENT BETWEEN JUDE AND ALVIN. It is fun to guess who's the culprit in each cases as I read since sometimes I get it right and most of the times I get it wrong. The cases have their own message/moral of the story that the author tried to convey and we can kind of relate to them. Well, give it a try and you won't regret reading this. And as you can see there are lots of 1 ratings but none of them gave a review on why they gave it a 1, so that's when you know they're brainless raters. Don't let them stop you. <<less
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Solarsaur rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I can't write a good review right now, but I just wanted to say this novel is great.

The moments between Jude and Alvin weren't all that common, but when they did interact it was amazing. There's no weird non-con stuff and the relationship between the 2 is oddly calming.

The cases were cool, however there is stuff mentioned about r*pe, child abuse/exploitation, etc. If your uncomfortable with those stuff I'd say steer clear. I loved the side characters as well, especially Tim, and even the Chief for the moments we see... more>> his concern for Jude. It felt real and authentic.

However my favourite part wasn't actually the cases or characters, or even the couple. It was Jude's, or I guess


, backstory.


The way we are lead to believe he was with 2 other kids in that house was amazing. Jenny and Toby come up frequently, and you wouldn't really suspect their existence seeing as how they seem to pop up everywhere. The fact it was actually Hender's making them real as a coping mechanism was so emotional for me. When he mentions he killed apart of himself that night I cried because, like he mentioned, those 2 may have not been tangibly real but they were to him. I liked the way the author dealt with it, like how Jude sort of regressed into Hender's at night, Alvin was so supportive too. Chapter 78 has got to be my favourite because of the pure emotion in it. The goodbye to Tim and Jude accepting what happened made me really sad but also bitter sweetly happy. I actually thought he was going to kill himself to be honest, but in the end it was just arson haha. This is one of those cases where I really wish MC had a good life after all this, I got so attached to him.


All in all, I really do recommend this if your looking for something more mature compared to the more silly novels you might read, it's a emotional roller coaster towards the end. It's a HE technically, but it was pretty bittersweet. Alvin and Jude are happy together though. Now I'll be off to cry about finishing this. :') <<less
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December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed reading this book. My favourite genre is psychological mystery so this fits my likes to a T. The characters are so so easy to empathise with bc they're portrayed as very 'real'. They're someone who could end up being your neighbour, your childhood friend, that one child you used to play with, your co-worker etc. The way the author built the characters made them very real.

I have to mention that I felt uncomfortable with having a romance with a serial killer. Especially since he was one who... more>> killed for no reason whatsoever. The one who could be considered the ML, Alvin Jones, can become a very unstable factor bc he could just snap and kill anyone at any time. Which intensifies his danger level.

I have to admit I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I've read plenty historical novels where the ML kills people with the same nonchalance one would cut their grass, but wasn't bothered as much as this specific modern scenario. I'm thinking it might be bc of the overall feeling the authors help build in those historical novels - there is no morality at that time, killing your enemies is normal, killing people in your way is normal. But killing for no reason is still frowned upon.

So maybe that's why I'm still uncomfortable with this scenario. It's set in the modern tie where our morals have been built around not killing our own kind. Even the law might take it easy on someone who has a very high motive for killing, like self defence or revenge, but not killing for no reason.

Even though their romance is uncomfortable, Jude and Alvin's relationship adds to how wonderful this book is. Alvin finds a part of himself in Jude, whilst Jude also feels more comfortable entrusting his childhood memories to him rather than his detective friend (Tim). Their dynamic adds to the overall beauty of the story.

I highly recommend you read the book. I'm not going to go in any further details bc, for me personally, reading anything more than a small intro or summary ruins the mood of reading the book and unravelling the mystery. Whilst the translated chapters are mostly unedited, even I, with my brain fog, was able to understand what's going on. So do persevere and you won't be disappointed. The translator worked hard for us to have access to such wonderful writing. <<less
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nomius rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: Completed
wow this was good, reallu enjoyed it and really surprising!


MC is detective and ML is serial killer, tho the cases that are the body of the novel aren’t really because of ML... I was ?? bc the cases came up so constantly but meh, in the end it’s okay~


(sigh) I really would have loved more chapters with more looove uwu

but it’s okay~ it shows their relationship as it is :’3

really recommended!
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Nashi00 rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: c45
The best.

The cases are well-thought out and it included a lot of the culprits' feelings and reasoning so you are able to understand why they did what they did. And sometimes, you just pity them.

What I'm more fond of, however, is the chemistry between Jude and Alvin, despite being on the opposite sides. It's calm and natural, is what I'd like to describe in two words. I'm happy that Jude isn't like other typical MCs with honesty sense of justice. He's doing his job because it's his job, if that... more>> makes sense.

In fact, Jude doesn't have any enmity towards Alvin.


He caught him because that was his job at the time. So he doesn't put all his efforts and determination to try and catch him again. Instead, he seems to not mind Alvin as a company whenever Alvin contacts him. They interact with each other as if they were old friends. I love that so much.


I can't wait for more updates and finish reading this precious novel that got fantastic thriller. <<less
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springwinter rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: c80
It left me with so much feels, I don't even know what to think. The interactions between the characters are lovely and subtle, and it overall left me devastated in a nice way how everything wraps up nicely. Really has you thinking about human nature.
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Anissia rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: Completed
this story is really good, the plot is decently written, the twists though they can be sometimes seen through beforehand, the ride is still enjoyable and the thrill is real. Defenitly worth reading.
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Zhi Yin
Zhi Yin
August 15, 2021
Status: --
Well... the plot line and character setting are unique enough. The chemistry between the MC and ML is definitely convincing!

Not your typical fluffy read though... on the otherhand, tbh the novel. doesnt allow the relationship to be overtly fluffy.

There's a strange sort of an understanding between the two characters. Both are extreme cases who together are in perfect sync.

At the end of the story though I'm not too sure what to make of it. You feel a tad hollow. But its certainly not disappointing... you just feel soggy of sorts,... more>> and you are OK with it cuz thats how it is meant to be. <<less
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Jespiga rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't usually write reviews, but this novel is just too amazing.

If you guys love solving cases like Sherlock Holmes and with a touch of psychology like Hannibal or Silence of the Lamb, then I highly recommend this one.

MC and ML's interaction is too pure and precious! Really! I'm not joking. Specially ML, he is so sweet and charming.

The case is also fun to read, just ignore the gore part. Ahaha.

The translation is easily to understand as well.

So, if you're curious then try to check it out.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sun1234 rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c45
I love this novel, the main characters a lot more interesting than other BL series. The mysterious are fun and the ML is not a simple person. Our main character isn't the naive soft boy that they normally are and his IQ doesn't drop for the sake of plot like others. The ML might be a serial killer, but he's quite sweet so far, enough to help our MC whenever he's in trouble and usually does it even though the MC would be fine without his help.
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sonnemund rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c1
It was pretty good. There isn't much romance as it actually focuses more on the MC and his backstory but it was interesting enough to keep you hooked. Didn't care much for the cases since they were pretty predictable and were solved quickly. Overall it had a really melancholic feel which I really liked.
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