Black-bellied Movie Emperor’s Clever Wife


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The female lead is an expert in criminal psychology, and also martial arts instructor in special division. With high IQ, high physical fitness, but low EQ and slow reaction.

The male lead is in the entertainment circle “The big shot”, king of superstar, film emperor (People: Your Majesty!). At the age of 5 he began to love the female lead secretly, the secret love lasts for 22 years without any changing in affection, and in the end he becomes a love-sick person with kind and proud attributes of a loyal dog.

In the first round, she pushed him until he was bleeding.

In the second round, he was thrown of by her until he sees the star.

But he knew from the beginning that she was his wife.

She used a professional perspective on criminal psychology to evaluate him: deceitful, good-looking, arrogant, self-perceived, and highly manipulated, and can be diagnosed as clinical psychopathy.

Finally she asked: Do you really want to sleep with me now?

He answered: Wrong! I’ve been wanting to sleep with you from a long time ago.

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New shouahang58 rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c19

I don't really like the main characters.

I don't like the main guy he's a two face.

... more>> The main girl is boring, no fun to her personality.

Story overall isn't as good as I thought it would be.

Hate how the ML just uninvited himself into MC's house then called his buddy who MC don't know, in to her house uninvited too. Like WTF is his problem? Rude asf.

And then When the MC called her police friend to her house to arrest ML the friend didn't do it instead they all of a sudden started eating the food ML made, like are you forgetting that he intruded her house without her permission and bought strangers to her house? Your job is the popo so why you not doing yo job? <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New CrazyNovelLover rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I have read thousands of novels.. But this is the first time I have logged in to write a review..

I love this novel very much... It has one of the coolest FL.. Very lovable Ml.. Who respects and loves FL very much..

FL is somewhat similar to " National prince is a girl" FL
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