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The player named Pei Sen of the holographic game Bix Magic Cube traveled to the time before the game opens service. He found that the place he lived in was not a game, but a real world. He had to be a valet to take care of the young master of Golden Rose Manor called Igel. However, after more and more game players was breaking into the game, a lot of strange and interesting things happened and Pei Sen fell in love with Igel gradually…

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New Morfzine rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm gonna be honest, at first I kinda drop this novel cuz it's really hard to see what the author aiming/premise for this story. But boy am I wrong, anyway this is not infrastructure and the game element sort of abandoned in later chapters, there's no dungeon exploring, skill learning, nor item explanation anymore : (. And then after that is world hopping ish.... more>>

the system told MC to go to different servers AKA new world so that he can prepare the world to accept the players better

And here's the thing, it's not like I have any prejudice with the change of genre but man... there just to many plot point left untold and potential to be unearthen ??? like holy sh*t there just too many I can't even remember all of them for a 100~ chapters novel even though 1500 chapters novels is my usual dish.

  • MC being an architect is just used once, which before leads me to believe there will be a decent amount of infrastructure element
  • Hello ? tell us more about the first world abyss ? Or at least yknow, ML family that full of rotten secret especially as that plot point is the center of half of the story. Jeez, this is one of worse one, we don't even know what will be the ending of the king and his kingdom even with all of that thing that lead us to this point
  • I don't even need to say about the second and third world, a lot of premise and world building but end up unused
  • It's especially disappointing with no dungeon nor level/skill raising with how much it is hyped up. I don't even see the purpose with MC having a lot of item and classes except for certain scene. Adding MC second identity that only used to comment 1 thread and clear 1 dungeon is just a torture to look at overally. Here I am thinking MC will team up with other players in the near future after he has that changing appearance mask. But nope, never mentioned again of course
  • With that, I don't even have any hope for the 'back to earth' chapter, but I'm still immensely let down. Really the epitome of 'that's it ?'
  • The f*cking 5 skills cat, all he did is being a comedic break with how rare he is in the game ? it's even said 3 skill pets are almost non existent
  • More evidence of author rushing lol. The ML got banished to a world inside of an artifact that has a faster time difference as to make the ML quickly become an adult so that he can legally date MC that is 25-ish years old I think ?. The best condition to grow *insert power* my a**, the author even acknowledge that being 20 years old is just it's just a bullsh*it reason
The first like, 70 chapters ? of the novels is amazing. Like wow, it's one of the best characterization/character handling and plot handling I have read. Most of the characters is grey, even with how annoying piece of sh*t said character are, you just can't hate them.

Basically all of the main side characters of the first world haha. Like for real tho, sometimes the most guilty characters are the one that survived, even joined MC's camp although no trust yet. It's fun playing who will die in this novel lol. Shout out to everyone involved in ML's family tree if you know what I mean ;)

There's no excessive nationalism, useless comparison, nor self justified moral speech which really makes this novel a plus for me. For real, in my opinion, just keep the writing tone as neutral as possible for this kind of international setting with many cultures involved, and your novel is 50% success already. Anyway the rest of arc/world is already said in the spoiler section, a lot of potential, you can even see the pillars that the author erected are epic, with at least 100 chapters per world to solve decently. This author has all the skills and worldbuilding needed to make an awesome novel, except time. I don't know if the author has a real life problems or bad publisher while writing this but yeah, I think they did want to write a more thorough story with all of that bases and foreshadowing but other won't let them. 5 rating still cuz how much in love I am with the first arc. Reading this novel is like seeing that extremely talented kid that won countless achievement but are forced to get a job after finishing high school, the next time you meet him again, he got a job as a tutor with decent salary. Not really a disaster, but you can't help but think 'sigh what a waste of talent'

Some thought about MC and ML

MC is a chill guy but has certain high emotional moment too. He is I think just a bit used to close himself up with anything related to feeling cuz of his divorced parents, thus his denial or even not understanding ML's moves on him. ML is a certified yandere lol. Well not exactly but heck, his family are historically has a tons of ups and down all because of love. No matter how much they tried to be rational, no matter how talented they are, all can't escape but to be committed and loyal to the person they considered love. Even if they realized how much of an a**hole said person are, many choose suicide than letting their loved person died (there will be some cases later hehe). But tbh ML is said to be more similar to his uncle, which is the king that are assumed to be madly in love with his (ML's) father (one of the well written villain btw). The reason why I like the first world, the scandal and conspiracies is just too good and chaotic lol, you really can't comprehend how their brains works anymore, soo many double spies too

But with all of those short coming, it's still a good novel, I mean this 'real life game but players doesn't realize it' itself are very interesting, other example like this is 'The Virtual Character I Personally Raised Wants to Marry Me' (another great novel btw). Adding the 'different server different world' and NPC MC with player panel is just muachh. Sighh, if only you can erase disappointment.... This will be a good world hopping novel setting tho especially the 'characters can hop to previous world whenever they can if their businness in the current world is done for now', with the premise that the author wont rush things up and just take their time like 'soul of negary' (also a great novel, haven't finish it yet but they said it will be a bit slow in the middle) <<less
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jtrichard rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: Completed
A very interesting concept.

... more>>

The MC is a randomly choosed player that was choosen by Bix Magic Cube because it failed to integrate the neighboring world that was based on the real world (the game world), and so the neighboring world assimilate itself into the real world, and thus could cause chaos and indirectly destroying the real world itself. Bix Magic Cube is the sort of Will of the real world and it doesn't want the real world to be destroyed by the neighboring world, so it decided to send back one random player for this.


There are unfortunately some rushed part, but overall it's really enjoyable because the ML is a Tsundere with a bit of Yandere thrown in.

The interaction of the Player and NPC became really really interesting as the time goes, and there's good humor when the Player is involved as their undead characteristic scared the smug NPC when they fought.


The MC managed to comeback to the real world for a while after he stabilized three world/server, and he took Igor/Eigor (forget the ML name) to see the world. And there he also saw himself in the past where he's only a worker and is playing in his mage account.

Well, he decided to leave with Eigor too later.


Honestly recommended for those who wanted a different sort of reading from usual BL novel stereotypes.

The translation could do a bit of editing but hey, it's not bad. The MTL is also readable so if you wanted to, go read it. <<less
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jadelin rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: --
The world building in this story is really cool; it reminds me a lot of a hyrid between 'Game Loading' and 'Sword Art Online'. As far as the romantic relationship goes, the ML is complete tsundere as he's experienced many betrayals in his young life, but the MC dedicates his life to ML and makes him eventually melt and be very sticky with the MC.

... more>>

As it's spoiled in the summary that the 'NPCs' in the game world are actually real lives, the MC is very careful and thoughtful with his interactions with them. MC ends up being like the NPC in a video game that gives out the quests due to his special status of entering the 'game world' earlier than the other players. He essentially is the person who calms the tensions of the players and the people native to the game world.

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YellowNoodle rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved the idea and the premise of the story. I've always wanted to find a vr game danmei novel with a calm MC and no crazy af ML, especially in a western setting.

I really enjoyed the story because it has a lot elements I was looking for but the story does have some flaws.

The writing is immaculate but the author adds unnecessary details for new items the MC acquired or magic the MC learns. They're always a paragraph long that I just skip it because I want to read... more>> the main story.

... But thats the thing, what was the main story of the game? I felt the main task/plot for the game was a bit vague and messy. I don't know how to explain it but so many things were going on that everything became disjointed and too wordy.

I mean, yes, the game is a "free to explore" world but so is Genshin Impact and they have a main story line.

Another thing I want to add, the author does switch from the main characters POV to side characters POV. I felt this unnecessary because In the end, the characterization for the side characters wasn't done well and it felt like filler.

However, I did enjoy the MC and ML's relationship though I wished there was more romance. The novel mainly focused on the MC working in the game world and trying to go home.

I also enjoyed the interaction with the players. The NPC's reactions to their craziness and the players CP fest towards the MC and ML made me laugh.

I laughed so much when the players saw a new task. Mind you, it was difficult to LVL up and the only way for players to travel back to the city where the task was is offing themselves.

So here you are, a normal but very intelligent NPC, walking about and enjoying your day.

all of the sudden, the weird foreigners stop moving and with a bright smile, they all collectively slit their throats.

what a psychological trauma! I laughed so much.

Everyone, suicide is bad but the NPC's don't know or understand why the Players do that. Especially with a bright smile. Thats what made me laugh, not the suicide.


Overall, I enjoyed the novel but it felt a bit unsatisfactory for me because of the unnecessary detail and vagueness.


Enjoi and Adieu. <<less
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Dudduls rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c13
Very similar to Gamers of the Underworld.

Shounen ai is a plus but I don t know how much it will affect the story.

Seeing the gamers doing dumb stuff can be fun but its reakly redundant with GotU.

Still have to see more to judge..
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