Bisco the Rust-eater


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Akaboshi Bisco is a hotheaded “Mushroom Guardian” who runs through the Rusting Winds, which rusts all it touch and brings death to humans. In order to save his master, he embarks on a journey to find the “Rust-eater”, a mushroom that is a cure-all to the rust. Together with the beautiful young man, Milo as his partner, Bisco goes on an adventure filled with ups and down. His path brings him through the desolate Saitama ironsand desert, a town constructed around the remains of a weapon used to defend civilization and an abandoned underground railway crawling with octopi—. With the insight of Milo’s wisdom and Bisco’s sure-hit mushroom arrows, they pierce through the various threats standing in the way of their arduous journey. However, what will they do against the evil designs of the maleficent prefectural governor​—. This is an adventure fantasy where they break through all odds with their bows to save the ones they love!

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Sabikui Bisco
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05/16/19 Teaser Translations v1 prologue
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