Binding the Dragon for the Empress


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In order to save the empress, the emperor goes deep into the thousand-year-old pond without regard for safety, tricks a dragon abandoned by his clan out of the pond and back to the palace, coaxes people to pull out its scales and dig out its heart, and finally discovers… that it is the lover he has been looking for for ten thousand years.

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New FrostyDragon rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c162
Meh - not too bad, but not what I'd call really good. The plot becomes illogical towards the end, and the HE seems to be plastered instead of being developed step by step. Didn't make sense to me.

The 100 chapters of abusing the MC is the best part, dogblood but the heartbreak is good, the shou isn't s*upid (he does try to get away instead of just suffering because he's so in love like some shous do in these types of novels). My problem was that the emperor's scumminess seemed... more>> exaggerated - if the author had spent more time developing his character, it would maybe had made more sense why he was a nice guy in his original life and a total scumbag in his second life - abusing and lying to the shou from day 1 to a degree that can't just be excused with the fact that he wanted to save the empress or that he subconsciously has lingering attraction for the shou because they were lovers in a previous life.

I thought the chasing part in the second half was the weakest part - the author skipped moments that could have been interesting like big battle scenes and the gong's dangerous quest, and side characters when in and out without getting enough 'screen time'. The shou's change of heart was illogical - one moment he hates the gong (for obvious reasons), the next he loves him and forgives him because.... the gong suffers a lot?

The side characters were the most interesting ones - like Hu Le (best character in the story!), and the dogblood love-hate relationship between


Mo Zun and Zhiyu - seriously, I was actually a bit sad when Mo Zun sacrificed himself for his dumb, one-sided love and Zhiyu realized how much the other person loved him. It would have been great with a reincarnation plot where MZ came back and Zhiyu decided to take a second chance and go back to him, realizing that MZ was the only one who ever loved him wholeheartedly, and that he was better off with the demon lord than the emperor who never would or could love him.

But no, all Zhiyu's character development from MZ's death scene, to humiliating himself for his child (poor kid, losing both parents in one day!) that he only at the last minute learned to care for, to committing suicide to reunite with MZ - all that went out the window the next moment when Zhiyu just returned to be an immortal and chose to wipe his own memory because he was too much of a coward to face his past. An excuse me, not to diminish his suffering (being held imprisoned and force to have s*x with a demon who ruined the life of your love and your own previous life is horrible), but Xuanlong still had it way worse than him, and he was still able to come to terms with all the bad stuff that happened to him. And Zhiyu just disappeared from the story after attacking his own child (seriously, worst parent ever!)


I wanted Ah Lie to have a happy end - maybe a sequel where he gets together with


Ah Zhi? They were very cute together as children. But sadly Ah Zhi did a 180 and blamed Xuanlong for his dad's death, and no one in heaven thought to correct him and make sure he didn't lose both his parents at the same time? WTF is wrong with these people?!


And the half-brother who was also originally an immortal with a crush on Xuanlong - he just walked in and out of the story whenever the author thought it was convenient. He was never developed as a character, which was a waste.

Also it made zero sense that one minute he and Xuanlong


got together - despite the fact that the whole problem with Xuanlong and Yuan Yan's romance was that Xuanlong was destined to be alone and couldn't safely be with anyone - so why could he get together with the other guy? And why were they together one minute, and the next Xuanlong was still single?


Also I was one of the people who didn't find the chase compelling - while I was fine with Yuan Yan suffering as much as he made Xuanlong suffer, I never felt any connection to him, and his self-pity was not endearing nor as entertaining as when he was a scum (his early scum behavior did make me go 'wow you are such an a**hole!' many, many times). So I would have preferred a 'changing the gong' plot where Xuanlong realized that the love that he had shared with Yuan Yan had been destroyed beyond repair, that their entanglement in their second life showed that YY was inherently selfish and uncapable of selfless love, and that they were better off without each other. XL could have gotten together either with a reincarnated Hu Le or with the other immortal guy who truly loved him, moving on with his life.

Overall, it was a relatively entertaining read, but towards the end I kept feeling like the author made me lose braincells due to messy plot. It's a very dogblood emotional read, and the novel is definitely way better than it's current rating, but if you want a coherent, logical plot and characters who are psychologically realistic and side characters that aren't just thrown away for the sake of focusing on the CP, then this is probably not for you.

If you want a very emotional abuse story with xianxia setting and lots of dogblood drama and a HE, which may give you a good cry (I admit I got emotional at some parts, which is impressive since I'm not easily moved by a story), then it's worth trying. <<less
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New cutekittensmeow rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I've decided to do a different style of review for this novel because people feel so strongly about it and it's a bit of a wild ride. So here are my thoughts as I'm reading:

Chapter 35 - I don't even like the MC. What a milk toast wonder bread little blah.

Chapter 50 - Is the MC a compulsive liar? Is he supposed to be the bad guy? Because his only personality trait being a liar. I can't even blame the ML for a single thing he's done so far because... more>> the MC is lying to him.

The other reviews promised 100 chapters of abuse and dog blood but it's just been the MC lying about everything while the ML literally doesn't know he's done anything wrong. "He should know!" says the reviewers. Nah, the MC isn't even human so how could he know?


Chapter 65 - Ooooohhhh, I get it now. The man's crazy.

Chapter 100 - What's a pipa bone? Sometimes MTL is difficult. This novel has turned into torture p*rn and body horror. It's so extreme it's hard to take it seriously. Even with everything, I don't hate the MC, I feel sorry for him because he's been played so hard.

Chapter 110 - Ugh, I don't want to learn a bunch of new character's names and backstories plus a whole new culture. We're more than halfway through the novel!

Chapter 124 - And now I hate the MC.

Chapter 133 - Aaannnnddd now I hate the empress/villain. I really loved the way the author made the villain so sympathetic, even though they've done terrible things they aren't some unrealistic white lotus acting out of jealousy and hate. They seemed like a deeply damaged person with a tragic past who were worthy of love, but made some unforgivable mistakes. Until chapter 133.

There's nothing less forgivable than abusing children. It doesn't matter where the children come from or how they are made, children are blameless. What an absolutely unredeemable scumbag. (Also reinforced in 137, 138, & 139)


Chapter 147 - I'm so disappointed in the ML. For once I'd like to see these s*upid wife chasers actually do something, anything, for their man instead of torturing themselves. They are always obsessed with their own feelings, with how sad they are, with how much they want their wife back, ect. It's always me me me and never actually about what the wife needs. Plus that nonsense doesn't actually make up for what they did. Maybe they should show they are different by

not getting engaged to the villain again

and taking care of the MC instead of continuing to act like abusers by engaging in self destructive behavior to get sympathy attention.

Chapter 152 -

The ML suffering due to his own actions isn't endearing. This doesn't prove his feelings are unwavering or help the MC heal, it's just childish attention seeking behavior. And isn't the MC married to the brother now? What's even happening? Did the MTL just get me confused?


Chapter 156 -

Least impactful death ever. The ML did nothing to show he has changed, except getting engaged to the same villain again ofc, and killed himself for sympathy attention, now the MC blames themselves. Weak. The author really wasted a chance to show the ML actually stepping up and demonstrating value.


Chapter 164 - The ending.

Happily ever after.

But it's better than a lot novels.

Final thoughts:

At the end of the story the ML has nothing to offer but is accepted anyway. Every single thing the ML does hurts the MC, every single thing. I'm disappointed.

I like this genre of novel because I enjoy seeing these shitty men prove they have learned from their mistakes and get better. This novel didn't have that. The MC remained boring and the ML remained an oblivious idiot. <<less
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ylial rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c132
I suggest to read the raws and judge afterwards because different people have different opinions. This is a very abusive novel but I think this is better than the shallow ones. Protagonists' misfortunes wre bcoz they didn't have fate in heaven yet they forced it. However, all their major demise wre the consequences of their actions. ML has a choice but he chose desire over conscience (arrogant, kinda selfish, greedy personality of ML & MC blindly loves the ML). What I like are the arrangement of novel from suffering to... more>> relief & chara portrayal. But the too long chapters of MC's suffering brought the novel down. The ML doesn't suffer much for me (+1month of ML's suffering to get the pcs of soul vs +1yr of MC's torture while pregnant for ~8-9 months. I didn't compare the 5yrs of ML internal monologue suffering due to guilt after MC's death, bcoz this is just a self pitying and feeling of remorse. Imagine the MC suffered for several thousand yrs since birth in 2nd life due to the cause & effect of the 1st life while ML is living normally). The pov is both on shou and gong, but will use MC for shou in my review (rant).

I didn't know that the abusive chapters wre really too long. I thought the abuse is just 50ch but NO, it is 100+. The shou is mentally physically tortured (raped and battered and shou removes his scales, 30 or 100 in a row. Imagine ur nails are being peeled, what's more 30 or 100. The MC said to ML it didn't hurt so the ML wouldn't feel bad. The ML didn't notice that lie bcoz he didn't care to even observe carefully the MC. His focus was how to trick the dragon to save d empress). Again, The gong tortured the shou physically (forced in bed while pregnant while physically weak, whipped, broke his bones, left tied in cold prison in the entire winter, stabbed in flesh etc) but HEALED him later on, and TORTURE the shou AGAIN. ML deceived MC to get his scales at first but the latter abuse is due to influence of devil bcoz of the ML wants to get the MC's cultivation to save the empress. In the past and present, it is the ML who is the cause the MC's destruction 😅 how I wish it is the ML#2 and MC get together instead. I want the ML to suffer for eternity. I also dislike the gong's parent (male mother). The ML tried to make up his wrong doing by gathering the soul fragments of MC (but bear in mind that due ML's torture that the MC died w/o even a whole soul)

I thought that the ML (emperor) just wanted to trick and get the scales from the dragon so I don't mind reading it because the circumstance calls for it. BUT instead of only doing that he kept the dragon to f*ck without even loosening the back part so everytime they do it. The MC bleeds 😅 Really a great scum. And since the empress can't be cured immediately, the dragon scales were ripped several times. But the empress is not yet cured so he needs the dragon's cultivation (or the heart). But the MC doesn't want to give it because he is pregnant so the ML used the opportunity to let the MC go to battle with demons (monsters). What a really cruel and incompetent emperor!! Only the incompetent emperor knows how to take advantage of others because he isn't wise and strong enough to carry the burden. Take note that These were happened without the influence of the demon yet.

They met when the MC (dragon) saved the emperor. But the ML' repayed the MC's kindness with trickery. I fully understand it but I wished that the ML just killed the MC without making him underwent to physical and emotional torture. The ML's conscience is very rotten. I honestly feel bad for MC. No one loved him. He was beaten, his dragon horn was broken by his mother and just left him due to his disfigurement and when he encountered the emperor and heard his love (lies of emperor), he is moved (also due the soul). But eventually, entered a hellish torture of ML bcoz of a demon

Now I know why the rating is low 😅 eventho it is only ~30ch more before the end (excluding some on going fanwei. Last update c162 Dec30, 2021) but it is already predictable - another angst as the MC and ML go against heaven, so will probably drop. I even looked forward on chasing crematorium part I thought I could eat some dog food but more than half of the novel is just suffering and angst 😅 <<less
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DameSkyler rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This particular novel is a hit and miss for many readers. If you are here specifically for tears and scum gong regret, this is the book for you, but here are two steps to take to optimize a better reading experience if you don't want to experience the kind of rage that others are feeling:

    1. Read the first few chapters to get a feel of their background.
    2. Once you get to the abuse parts, SKIP until you're past chapter 100, or at least skim through. You will revisit bits and pieces of what the ML had put MC through in his flashbacks anyway, and it is no less agonizing.
The reason is because 100 chapters of MC abuse/torture is too much for readers to take, unless you're the type to embrace the dog blood and pain the MC goes through (not worth it). I would've rated it 5 stars if the author had shortened the story to 30-40 chapters of abuse balanced with the remaining 61 chapters of ML redemption. Nevertheless, it will be a shame if you miss this out simply because you saw the 2.7 rating.

On MC's abuse:


He goes through a lot of shit. I won't go into details because others already had. He was also abused partly because ML had demonic Gu planted in his body, but what I appreciated about this that I never did in 2HA (because I saw many comparisons to this) was that the novel never excused ML from the atrocities he committed just because of the Gu. Everything and I mean everything was his fault, and he knows.


On ML's redemption:


I will focus on ML because not much was said about him here hence why I decided to drop in my two cents: I came for scum gong regret, and I got it in droves. When Yan Yuan (ML) realized exactly who Xuan Long (MC) was, the partner who he had been searching for, and coupled with the sheer absurdity of pain XL went through because of him, absolutely destroyed him. You will see the start of his redemption arc kick in akin to 2HA'S where YY goes to collect XL's soul fragments, and YY willingly sacrificing parts of his 5 senses amongst other things just for a chance to bring XL back.

YY's anguish, remorse and desperation is shown plainly as you continue reading. By the end, YY was reduced to a near physical waste, consequences he welcomed of his own volition, and I f*cking loved every minute of it because where else can you find an ML who willingly sacrifices all his senses, embrace heaven's tribulations AND destroy his lifeforce to almost nothing just for a chance to earn XL's forgiveness and try to stand on par with him? (If you're a xianxia novel reader, you would instantly understand what YY was trying to do.)

NEVER ONCE did YY ever went 'I need him back, he is mine' bullsh*t like others, he knows he is not qualified to stand beside XL at all; he clearly states that he owes XL too much in two lifetimes. By the end, my anger at YY dissipates, and I felt he truly proved himself remorseful, and coming from me, this is not an easy thing to say.

To expound on the Love Gu part, I was afraid YY's wrongdoings would be whitewashed by this horrid cheap plot device. Have you been burned by this before in other novels? So have I. Thank goodness it was not so here. I would've dropped the novel if it had. YY knows he is fully 100% responsible for this even though he took revenge on the people that led them to this point. Perhaps this is the reason why he willingly lets himself die near the end, and even XL came out to give him some comfort before he does. You can see that XL does still care to an extent, but what REALLY matters here is that YY would never know as he is deaf and blind by then, nor did I, as a reader, felt it was necessary for him to know. At that point, I felt YY's redemption arc wraps up nicely, as it couldn't have ended any other way: XL died because of him, and so, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth in this lifetime.


On XL himself:


XL truly suffered in one of the worst ways imaginable. So much so that I had wondered whether the author could pull off YY's redemption WITHOUT any interference from XL. Have you ever read those stories where ML grovels back and the MC swings back and forth like a ping pong, not knowing whether they should hate or love and just annoy the hell out of you?

Not here. XL came back from the dead and the first thing he did was to accept the tragedy of their mortal lifetime, formally sever the bond between them AND made it clear to YY that XL hated him and wanted nothing more than to stay away from him. Almost all the way until the end, XL never gave in and maintained his dignity as one who was wronged but chose to move on (or try to, but we never get much of his POV during this time.) A shou quickly forgiving a gong after horrific abuse is a MAJOR deal breaker for all - here, there is no such nonsense, and one of the reasons why I'm able to accept YY's redemption arc.


On its ending:


This is a HE. After all that shit, this is a HE, you say? Yes it is. Didn't ML die? Yes he did... in his second life. But the xianxia tag is there for a reason. I personally had no issues with this after reading up to the end because by then, you can tell that even though things can never go back to the way they were, things are hopeful for both of them. XL's forgiveness came at the right time. I liked how someone phrased it at another series as it describes how I felt about the ending perfectly:

For me, a good wife chasing crematorium is when the shou forgives the gong exactly at the moment when I, the reader, is ready to forgive him. A little earlier - and I feel disappointed with the shou's weakness and think the gong hasn't suffered enough. A little later - and I feel the shou is too cruel. Here the author's timing is perfect.

In this case, it would've been entirely justified if XL stayed away from YY forever. But he didn't, and I'm actually fine that YY got a second chance as I would like to see how their tale of being literal star-crossed lovers will resolve in the next few chapters.


Read the novel bearing in mind that this is a regret wife chasing series so it WILL contain certain tropes you have to be prepared for. For me, this is one of the better ones amongst the ones here. You have an ML who put actions into his words and giving up as much as he humanly could, ALL for a chance to atone for his wrongdoings. He never pushes MC to go back to him, never manipulates, and that alone is enough to put him at least a level above all the other idiot gongs who STILL don't learn anything even after hurting their MCs.
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frozenlimabeans rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I cried my eyes out and finished this novel in one go. There's a reason why I rated it highly: you see the start of a love and see it crumble so beautifully. Which shouldn't come as a surprise when reading the summary. But it came in such a strangely cathartic way. I can't bring myself to hate any of the characters, only to curse their circumstances.

... more>>

well, except for when the ML abuses the MC. Its very reprehensible and the ML eventually realizes it. But, the way he repays for his sins is satisfying. It's also worth noting that the MC is shown hating the ML, unlike where some novels that have their characters "lovingly linger" as I like to say


The ending

is a HE. There's not many loose ends, the MC and ML reunite after many and I mean MANY years. Like 100, 000. This came, of course, after the ML fully repented and done everything in his power to right his wrongs.


But a warning to anyone wanting to read and its somewhat strange that it's not in the tags: there is non consensual sex/dub con. <<less
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Rida rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: c167
All the characters frustrate me so much. This made me bawl my eyes out and I feel sorry for the MC but he just angers me so much. He lets everybody walk all over him. The one I hate the most is the child.... more>>

He stops talking to the MC and leaves him alone for 100, 000 years because he thinks the MC killed the ML. I get that he might be angry but he doesn't even try to find out the truth. The child shows so much blatant favouritism towards the ML and it makes me wonder whether he would be so angry if the MC died instead. He doesn't even know how badly the ML trated the MC; he wanted the child aborted and thought it might not even be his. Afterwards, he visits the MC in the mortal world and the MC forgives him straight away.


I dropped the story at that point. I wish the MC got together with the other general instead. The only character I liked was the fox. <<less
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Little sapling
Little sapling rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This is exactly my cup of tea (・▽・) ❤. I don't really understand how some readers rated it so low since the first chapter isn't even up yet. The tags could use the Tragedy and Unrequited Love tag, and maybe also the First-time Interc**rse tag? since it can really help to decide if the story you want to read will be suited to your taste other than that I am really looking forward to this story so please don't be deterred by the reviews d (^^;) b.

Edit: although I really... more>> like this kind of novel but my goodness... after chapter 50 it got so boring and all the vibes I was getting was oh noooo look at how our ML hurts out MC so much so he can regret more later. At least in 2h there was still some fluff sprinkled throughout till the ML realizes what he did wrong, but nope! not in this novel where there is just hurt till chapter 100. Reading how much the MC was suffering each chapter kind of desensitized me to his pain since it's happening each chapter and so common that you can just skim through most of it without affecting the storyline. All in all, I am dropping this novel after reading till chapter 120 since I can't sympathize with the characters since it's all just hurt hurt hurt and more hurt that after reading all of that hurt I can't even imagine them actually being in love even if they did get their happily ever after ((´д`)). <<less
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rimirinrin rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
DameSkyler totally summarised what I truly felt for this book.
I'm quite upset that the rating was at 2.9 just because of the tags. The abuse and all didn't happen without proper reasons and the whole redemption was handled very well. The plot is very similar to cdrama Eternal Love and also 2ha.

The first 100 chapters were insanely painful for the MC and for me as a reader. So many times I just prayed for a BE and for MC to find peace and love for himself. The ML at... more>> first was just scummy, deceiving the MC but still had a heart. However after some events, he became so horrible that I doubt how the author could still do a HE after all these.

The author proved me wrong with ML's redemption arc. He didn't give any excuse for being the scum that he is and went through a lot to get back his wife. By a lot, it is A WHOLE BIG LOT. So much that I forgave all his wrongdoings and hoped for a HE then. I was worried the plot on

demon voodoo being implanted in him was too much like 2ha's flower plot - which ended up not being convincing enough for the scum's wrongdoings, but I'm glad things like usual xianxia plots heaven's tribulations and all came into play. It makes much more sense for such a novel.


Was glad I picked up this novel even though my eyes got so swollen from crying. The ending and extra was very well wrapped up as all important characters were accounted for. Except that two of the extras were still hanging there as the author hasn't written it yet. <<less
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Hi it's been so long since I write a review... (^^)

but this time I want to write it to appreciate the novel and also my willingness to read it till the end because I almost give up and don't care again about the Gong (Yan Yuan) (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

when they in the mortal world YY is so despicable and ruthless like a genuine bastard, I love a novel with a bastard who repent afterward (aka HE) but this novel is totally different that even if it was BE, I... more>> was relieved. But! I want to see how the ending is going (^_^) !

then after a gore death of Han Po or Xuan Long the unforgiven path of YY is begin... so painful so bloody and hopeless (._.)


but it's HE (after 180.000 years) 🎉❤️🌱

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